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Nov-Dec, Year of Our Lord, 1997
Number 976

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Changing out the locks

Changing Out The Locks

Dear Friends,

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

In our travels last month we saw something we had never seen before: People are starving for the Word. In the last couple months, we traveled over 8,000 miles in a Heaven motor home. We manned booths at Preparedness Shows in Denver, Colorado, Indianapolis, Indiana and St. Louis, Missouri. We also attended the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship National Conference in Indianapolis.

We weren't sure what to expect at the Unregistered Baptist Conference. Six years ago we sent representatives to a similar conference at the Baptist Temple and they were driven away. This time we brought in exactly the same material and the people were eager to hear more. We gave away 125 copies of "Would Jesus Register With Caesar?" (included in Midnight Rider Series 910700).

Pastor Dixon asked me to speak to the group, which included many pastors. I told them about the raid and said, "We never imagined that over the last ten years we would have made so much noise in our Father's Name. We stood firm with the County over property taxes and every step of the way we said, 'This Church is not under the State, nor does it pay tribute to Caesar. All our tribute goes to God.'

"Then without warning one cold and rainy day last January, we were stripped of all material possessions in a military raid. It was an attempt to genocide our ministry.

"Today we continue to preach the Word that Christ has revealed to us that the Kingdom of Heaven is God's government and we can live in it here and now."

The Unregistered Baptists also have an important message to preach about removing churches from the control of the State by unincorporating and unregistering them. But we urge them to go one more step. Not only unregister the church buildings and the lands, but unregister each member of the church.

Before we even returned from our trip, the phones were ringing with questions like, "Okay, I know I have to come out of Babylon, but how do you expect me to work without a social security number?"

There are no simple answers. This coming out involves a great shaking. Every aspect of our lives must be examined, holding fast only to that which is godly.

You probably can't labor at the same work. Your lifestyle and goals change. Material things lose their importance. In your quest for Truth, a sword may come between you and those you hold dear. But if you truly want to be Christ's disciple, you have to hate father, mother, wife, children, brethren and sisters and even your own life (Luke 14:26). And, yes, you will be persecuted by those within and those without.

Faced with these cold realities, what is the hope of a Christian? The hope is that we are going to be in favor with the heavenly Father. That is it. Under His care, there is a treasure far greater than all those things that are visible.

Reduced to a motorhomeSeparated unto the gospel,
Paul Revere, Pastor



What's the Status of the Embassy Land?

We are still running the ministry from our mobile facilities at a neighbor's farm. But we are moving forward in God's time and in God's way to reaffirm that the Embassy grounds belong to Jesus Christ and have been set aside for His purpose. We are not using their courts or lawyers. We broke the locks off the front gate, snapped on our locks and erected our signs. Several Church members have moved back onto the land. Knowing the nature of the enemy, we will walk one day at a time.

Illegitimate Government

They have set up kings, but not by me; they have made princes, and I knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.

Hosea 8:4

Unhappy about the Kingdom of HeavenYou better make sure you warn her to count the cost if she gets rid of her driver license! She'll be in disobedience to legitimate government authority," exclaimed an angry man at the St. Louis Expo. He had overheard us encouraging a woman to break her connections with Babylon. This man calls himself a Christian and believes that the United States and the several states, counties and cities are "legitimate government."

"Christians must submit to legitimate government," he said.

"How did you determine these entities are legitimate?" I asked.

"They are the government that God has ordained and put in power. Therefore they must be legitimate," he claims.

But is he right? If these states, counties and cities were legitimate government, then they would honor the Son. But they won't even acknowledge Him. The federal government, states, counties and cities have kicked our Savior out of their schools, courts and legislatures. They make their decisions and run their government outside of Biblical principles.

If the United States were a Christian nation, the sanctity of marriage and the family would be honored, the moral law would be upheld, evil would be punished and good rewarded. By examining their fruit, we know that the United States cannot possibly be a Christian nation.

We call ourselves "missionaries to America." The whole emphasis of sending a missionary to any nation is to show the people they are paying homage to an ungodly government. They need a Savior to bring them into Christ's government. His is the only true and legitimate government. Its foundation rests upon the Son's shoulders. (Isaiah 9:6,7)

All the nations of the world are illegitimate governments. They have rejected the Son and are under the power of the evil one. They promote ideas and concepts that only look like God. Unless these governments come from the Father in Heaven and profess Jesus Christ, they are illegitimate. Their father is the devil (John, Chapter 8).

People tell us not to throw away documents and licenses issued by these illegitimate children. But I say, "Let us not spend one moment obeying something that is illegitimate, especially when it claims to be the government." How many times have you heard the United States called "the government" or "our government" or "we the people." Every single bit of that government is illegitimate. It is the government of darkness, the blind leading the blind.

In the first three centuries, the Church was known as the nation of God. We were a peculiar people, a third race, separated from the world. Today the word "Church" has been corrupted. People no longer think of the Church as Christ's government. It is merely an assembly of people meeting under State authority.

When we think of "Church" or "Kingdom of Heaven," we should not be thinking of an organization of people who meet in a building. We should be thinking of the Church as a nation (1 Peter 2:9). When we think of the United States of America, we think of a nation of people bound by a system of beliefs or laws. We should also think of the Church at the nation level, not reduced to some level under the State.

One of the biggest tricks the devil has used to strip the Church of its power is to call us "religion." Religion is the biggest killer of the Kingdom of Heaven. An isolated group can hold certain "religious beliefs." But there is one catch. If they want protection from Satan's government, they must pay it homage and allegiance. They must bow down and worship it, obtain its licenses, secure its permission and pay its taxes. Only then, when the "church" is under Satan's government, will they be granted the privilege of "freedom of religion."

These false religions are thinking they are going to be protected because they are in league with the State. They think that if some terrible event occurs, they will be spared. But they have erred by hiding themselves under falsehood and rejecting the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

The understanding of this message will terrify those that are aligned with the illegitimates. When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, they will be beaten down by it. Their agreements with the children of hell will not stand. (Isaiah 28:14-22).

Freedom a Thought Away

We need to wake up to the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven encompasses far more than religion. If we choose to give our allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, we forsake the governments of the world. We are translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son where we are redeemed and our sins forgiven (Colossians 1:13). Satan loses his hold on us and we are no longer slaves to his world system. Our freedom is merely a thought away.

Yes, freedom is only a thought away because it is our thoughts that bring us under the yoke of unbelievers and illegitimate sons (2 Corinthians 6:14, Galatians 5:1). Scripture says, "Cast out the bondswoman and her son" (Galatians 4:30). They are illegitimate. Receive the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, born of the Father in Heaven, born of legitimate parents. Anything other than that is not legitimate. We neither have duties nor responsibilities to obey anything that is illegitimate.

Jesus calls these illegitimate governments "strangers" because they are not of the True Shepherd. "Flee the stranger" (John 10:5). "Everyone who came before me were thieves and robbers," Jesus says (John 10:8). These illegitimate sons are here today masquerading as "government." They hold no Christian faith. They have erected a system that seems right in their own eyes, but following them leads to bondage and death. They deceive us into thinking we can still worship the Son under their "freedom of religion." But Jesus Christ did not bring us another "religion." He brought us the only legitimate government. And His government requires our undivided allegiance.

What we need to do when confronted with these governments of the world is to tell them they are illegitimate. Explain that the only Authority comes from the Father. "Thine is the Kingdom and the Power" (Matthew 6:13). "All authority has been given unto me (Jesus Christ) in heaven and on earth" (Matthew 28:18). There is no authority but that which comes from God (Romans 13:1). Unless these governments come from the Father, they are illegitimate or bastards.

These illegitimates are so clever that they deceive even the very elect, if that be possible. People are brought away from Christ and deceived into serving these illegitimate sons. Jesus did not say, "Rally around the Caesars!" No, he wants us to rally around Him, for He Himself is King.

When we realize the kingdoms of this world are illegitimate, and without the Father, we know why they hate us so. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, began telling the people that their fathers persecuted the prophets and that they were stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, always resisting the Holy Spirit, as their fathers did (Acts 7:51). The people responded by gnashing on him with their teeth and then stoning him. This did not deter the rest of the disciples who continued preaching the Kingdom message and were also martyred.

Hey! Go back to sleepMany people do not want to arise out of sleep and put on the armor of light. They are slumbering under the myth that the United States is a Christian nation and is, therefore, legitimate.

One of the biggest things that keeps people from coming out of the governments of the world and into the Kingdom of Heaven is fear. "If I don't have a license, I'll go to jail." "If I don't have a social security number, how will I provide for my family?"

These fears can be alleviated by knowing that those who have held you captive are illegitimate sons. Put your faith and trust in the true Son of God, not in bastards. No matter how much the illegitimate sons persecute you, it is nothing compared to what the Father in Heaven can do (Matthew 10:28).

Jesus knew from the beginning there would be those who would not believe and would turn back. Jesus asked the twelve, "Will you also go away?" Peter replied, "Where else can we go Lord?" There was no other place to go because if they left the Son of God, they would have to rejoin the illegitimates (John 6:67-69).

The only sure foundation is Jesus Christ. He will teach you the right way. Those who trust in Him will never be dismayed. When you hear Christ calling you to come out, the walk is bittersweet. It is sweet because you are walking with the Lord, but bitter because you are being persecuted by the illegitimate children.

God builds his temple in the heart, on the ruins of churches and religions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can avoid the persecution by making yourself a friend of the world, but then you are an enemy of God.

James 4:4

Handcuffed ChristiansHandcuffed ChristiansHandcuffed Christians

The plight of a Christian is that he must only do good. He must suffer wrongs and cannot sue in their courts. That is his cross (Matthew 5:38-48).

Even though we are handcuffed in this way, we can be creative about dealing with wrongs done to us. The Embassy land located a few miles up the creek from here is ours. We have been wronged by the County. We have been ordered not to go back, but we are going to continue to do right. Men tell us, "Don't go." God tells us, "Go."

We are doing right by going back to the Embassy because God has told us to be there. If God said it, that settles it. (Psalm 119.89) When we questioned Marion County about the way they wronged us they said, "If you don't like what we've done, sue us." They would love to have us initiate an action in their courts and allow their buddies to make the decision.

But the Christian has a dilemma. If we sue, and even if we win, we lose because then we are not true Christians. A Christian does not appeal to unbelievers for a decision. In the very act of starting a lawsuit, we are giving tacit recognition of the court's authority to judge us. And it is understood that we will abide by the decisions of the court. We are entering into their arena and asking for their judgment. By doing so, we surrender our status as a separate nation and deny our Judge, Lawgiver and King (Isaiah 33:22).

What are our alternatives? We send our people back on the Embassy grounds in obedience to God rather than men. If they try to sue us, we challenge their ability to render decisions in matters pertaining to God. And we continue to stand until the end. They serve money. We serve God. When it is no longer profitable to keep throwing us off the land, perhaps they will leave us alone to do God's work.

Thanks for not Killing Them

My view

(Reprinted from "Backwoods Home Magazine," P O Box 40, Montague, CA 96064; November/December 1997)


We're entering the season when traditionally we express our thanks to someone, often the Almighty, for something we feel fortunate in having, such as our fine family, our health, or perhaps just our turkey dinner. I've broadened my thankfulness this year to include the federal government, the Oregon National Guard, the Oregon State Police, the Salem (Oregon) SWAT team, and the Marion County (Oregon) Sheriff's Department.

I'm thankful to them for not killing some friends of mine, namely Paul Revere, founder of Embassy of Heaven Church, located in Marion County, Oregon, his lovely wife, Rachel, and their two charming daughters, Brooke, age 17, and Skye, age 14. The stage was certainly set for these police agencies to do so earlier this year. Just after dawn one January morning, dark-clad members of these agencies, equipped with an armored vehicle and carrying an assortment of automatic weapons, raided the church, breaking down doors, smashing windows, ordering the family and several other members of the church out of bed, and carrying Revere and other church members off to jail. After some desperate pleading from Rachel, they allowed the petrified daughters to stay in her care. At the jail, one of Revere's fingers was broken as he was forcibly fingerprinted.

The Revere family's crime was that they had failed to pay their property taxes, and Marion County officials, backed up by the law (the county had denied the church's request for tax-exempt status) and urged on by county officials who had demonized the church and its members as dangerous extremists, had orchestrated the raid to seize and confiscate the 34-acre church property for nonpayment of $16,000 in taxes. The property had been valued at $119,000.

When I read of the raid I was deeply troubled, and reminded of the bungled police raids at Ruby Ridge in Idaho during which the FBI managed to kill Randy Weaver's wife and son, and at Waco, Texas, during which 80 people, many of them children, were incinerated in a fire. I was troubled but grateful that the police had acted with enough restraint not to cause the death of any member of the Revere family or their church.

It struck me as absurd, but a sign of our tragic times, that I had to worry about friends of mine being killed by their own government. And I found it equally tragic that most of the newspaper and media accounts of the raid were sympathetic to the government agencies, not the Revere family. The Revere family and its church were, according to news accounts, extremists - and that modern day buzz word made them eligible for persecution, even death, at the hands of the government. What a disturbing world we live in when the United States of America, of all countries, could so easily justify such a view.

I had come to know the Revere family at the various Preparedness Expos they had attended to spread their interpretation of the Bible. Revere, with wild beard and hair, certainly looked different from the clean-cut TV evangelist, or the well-groomed priest or minister. But rather than the hand-waving, impassioned preacher, he was a calm, considerate man who talked to whoever came up to his vendor's booth. Put simply, he believed in the Kingdom of Heaven and thought mankind owed allegiance only to that kingdom, and that we had no obligation to abide by the rules of any kingdom or government of this earth. His Embassy of Heaven Church had its own government. Revere refused to pay taxes of any kind, or even to apply to the government for a driver's license. Instead his church issued its own driver's licenses. Many of us at the Preparedness Shows thought Revere's beliefs peculiar, but not dangerous. He did not believe in violence and saw no use for firearms.

His daughters added a touch of refinement and elegance to the shows. Meticulously clad in long, flowing dresses, the beautiful and always smiling young ladies sold pencil-shaped packets of honey for a dollar as part of their effort to help their father's church. My daughter, Annie, whose age falls between that of the two girls, often joined them in tours of the aisles. The other vendors were always glad to see them; they brought gaiety and charm to the sometimes somber political mood of the shows.

When I saw Revere and his family at our most recent Preparedness Show, I greeted them with a much bigger than usual smile, because I knew I was lucky to have had the chance to greet them at all after their encounter with one of today's most dangerous entities - government. During the three-day show they did as they had done at previous shows: shared their homemade stews and cookies with me, tended my booth while I went off to conduct business with other show vendors, and generally made my stay at the show more pleasant. They have never tried to convert me to their beliefs, perhaps realizing I was beyond conversion to anything. And as at previous shows, they never asked for anything in return.

The Revere family has been homeless since that January raid. They have lived in a couple of trailers donated to them, on some land owned by a man they had ministered to while he was in prison. For this show, they were camped out at a friend's property. They are trying to get their former property back, but I am not hopeful for them. Revere still has that calm and composed defiance against worldly governments; if the governments who raided his church and took his property thought they broke Revere's spirit, they are wrong.

But the government has had the last say, in a worldly way, and these "extremists" have been put in their place. But at least, this time, the government didn't kill them. And for that, I guess I should say thanks.

Dave Duffy, Backwoods Home Editor

Fingerprints of God

By Brooke Celeste Revere

Brooke navigating with GlenHey, Glen!" Skye exclaimed. "Isn't that a Heaven plate?"

"No, Nebraska plates look a lot like ours," Glen Stoll replied as he maneuvered the little Toyota motor home into another lane and searched the roadside for a gas station.

Skye squinted her eyes, trying to get a better look at the cream colored car and its glossy white plates, but it was going much faster than the motor home and soon sped out of sight.

"There's a gas station," Glen pointed out. He was slowing down when he noticed a police car parked on the meridian.

"On second thought," he exclaimed. "We'll try the next one."

They were just a few miles outside of York, Nebraska. They had been traveling all night, and Glen had been at the wheel since one-thirty that afternoon. He, Skye, and the rest of the crew, Paul Revere, Abraham, Christian Livingstone and Brooke Celeste, were returning from a long, hard road trip.

The Heaven-plated motor home had been office, storage, shelter and kitchen to the group for the past two weeks, and quarters were cramped. Pastor Revere was sleeping in a bed over the cab among boxes of books and newsletters.

Abe and Christian were sleeping at the table while Brooke was curled up in the corner. Everyone was resting, even though it was only six in the afternoon.

Only ten days ago they had worked a booth at a Preparedness Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. After three days there, they had spent four days at an unregistered Baptist church convention, where they handed out free copies of "Would Jesus Register with Caesar?". Then another three days were spent at an expo in St. Louis, Missouri.

There had been no breaks between these events, and everyone was tired. But as soon as the expo in St. Louis was over, they were on the road again. They were scheduled to be at a gathering in Eastern Oregon in two days.

"Look!" Skye exclaimed suddenly. "There is that car again. Maybe we can read the plates this time."

"Where?" Glen asked.

"Over there on the side of the road." Skye replied.

The cream colored Chevy Caprice had pulled off onto the shoulder. As the Toyota motor home rattled past, Skye read the plates aloud.

"Kingdom of God, Ambassador."

"Well I'll be! It's one of us!" Glen exclaimed, stunned. As he looked in his rearview mirror, he saw the cream colored car pull out behind them.

"And they've seen us, too," Skye said.

"We'll stop at the next gas station," Glen grinned. "I wonder who they are?"

By this time the rest of the group was awake and talking excitedly.

It wasn't far to the next gas station, and a minute later the motor home, followed by the Caprice, pulled into the parking lot.

The people in the other car turned out to be John and Arlene Wesley, a wonderful Christian couple who had attended several Embassy of Heaven Harvest retreats. They had been persecuted heavily in their local area for the license plates. They were equally excited at seeing another Heaven plate, and after many hugs and greetings, invited the little group to dinner.

At the Wesley's apartment everyone talked excitedly while Mr. Wesley ordered pizza and Mrs. Wesley served homemade cookies.

"Look at the way God works," Pastor Revere laughed. "Every time we've come through Nebraska we tried to visit you, but I couldn't get through on the phone. And now look, God has arranged this!"

Half an hour later the pizza was delivered. As Mr. Wesley accepted the boxes, he noticed that there was an extra pizza.

Yum, Yum, Pizza

"I only ordered two," he commented to the delivery man.

"I know," the man replied. "But we had an extra one in the kitchen, and we thought you could use it."

Too soon, three hours had passed and it was time to go. It was not easy to pull away from the warm fellowship and the comfortable room.

"Are you people tired?" Mr. Wesley asked. "We have a spare bedroom."

"Thanks, but we were wonderfully refreshed at Mary and John Steward of Jesus' earlier today when we passed through Kansas," Brooke replied cheerfully.

"Yes," Pastor Revere smiled. "We need to get back on the road."

Everyone hugged again before leaving. Then the travelers hurried through the cool evening air to the crowded motor home. With many farewells filling the air, they rattled out of the parking lot and headed for the freeway. It had been a wonderful day, one that would not be forgotten.

The next few hundred miles were uneventful . . . until Idaho. There was a quirk about that motor home that Glen had tried to fix many times, but it just wouldn't go away. When there was any kind of weight in the motor home, one of the tires would scrape and grind against the floor while going around corners.

They were in southern Idaho and Christian was driving when suddenly Bang! Thump! Thump! Thump!

"What's going on?" Glen cried, waking from a sound sleep.

"I think the tread is coming off," Christian replied, glancing back at the rear left tire.

Smoke and sawdust began to pour out of the cupboard that was situated over the tire. Someone opened the cupboard and was astonished to see the road. The tire had sanded a hole right through the cupboard floor.

"Where are we?" Glen shouted over the thumping and banging. "Are there any tire places around?"

"There's a town in about twelve miles," Christian shouted in return.

"Take'er slow!" Glen cried as he watched rubber fly in all directions out the back window.

Several miles later the tire blew. Fortunately there were two tires on each side, so they were still able to drive. But the shredded tire continued to beat mercilessly against the bottom of the motor home.

It seemed like forever before the exit was reached. Christian pulled into a gas station to inquire about a place to have the tire fixed. Everyone turned to stare at the tire, which looked dreadful by this time.

"Yah," the gas attendant replied when asked if there was a place nearby that dealt with tires. "Les Schwab Tires is just around the corner, over the train tracks."

"Thanks." Christian smiled as he drove the motor home back out to the street. The tire had become especially loud, and the smoke and sawdust were nearly unbearable.

As the motor home pulled into Les Schwab Tire Center, there was a deafening POP!

"There goes the other tire!" Glen cried.

An attendant, standing at the entrance to the garage, laughed and shook his head. But his eyes nearly popped out when he saw the Heaven plates. The first thing he asked was, "Where's the Kingdom of Heaven?"

This was the beginning of the repairman's lengthy conversation with Pastor Revere. He was curious about these peculiar people from Heaven and had many questions.

Opps. A flat tire.The motor home was a sorry sight. One tire was shredded and both were blown. All four of the back tires had to be replaced. While the little group waited, the air was filled with talk of the Kingdom and eyes were opened. Glen left some literature for the men who worked at Les Schwab Tire Center as the group headed west. Perhaps it was for their benefit that the tires had blown.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He arranges events that we could never have brought about on our own. As a friend of mine likes to say: "Watch for His fingerprints. He leaves them everywhere."

Reader's Respond

Reader's RespondDear Ones,

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My sister did the Kidney/Gallbladder Cleanse and purged herself of a half cup of stones - black, green and a few red - much to her surprise.

I hope to do likewise soon. Will let you know.

Thank you for such a good book. Barbara M.; Citrus heights, California

Cleanse Normalizes High Blood Pressure

Lemonade Diet works greatEthel called to say she felt super during the Lemonade Diet. "I didn't feel hungry at all during the 10 days. It felt like heaven on earth."

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A Usual Day In Court

One day after a heated discussion with the Judge, Paul deliberately turned his back on the dignified jurist and started to walk off.

"Are you trying, sir, to show your contempt for this Court?"

"No," was the reply. "I am trying my best to conceal it."

A day in the Kingdom of Heaven . . .

By Bruce Craig

I was at Egghead Software's checkout counter showing identification to the clerk. When the clerk saw my Heaven Driver License he asked, "What's this?"

"That's Church I.D.," I said.

"I have to have State I.D."

"I don't have State I.D. because of separation of Church and State."

"Well, what Church do you belong to?"

At this point a lady I did not know who was in line behind me joined in, "That's none of your business, you don't have the right to ask that question."

The clerk turned as red as a beet.

"That's okay," I said. "I belong to the Embassy of Heaven Church."

And she said, "You don't mind telling him that?"

"No, my Church is my life, my King is my life. I don't have any problem telling people that," I said.

At this point the clerk accepted the Heaven driver license and we completed the transaction.

At the Check Out Stand

Social Security Numbers for Children?

Kingdom Living
Questions and Answers

Should we obtain Social Security Numbers for our children? If so, when?

No. Neither our children nor ourselves are eligible to receive a Social Security number (SSN) from the United States.

When does a child become eligible? Does it happen when they start working? Does it happen when they start school? Or does it happen when they are born? None of the above are valid reasons.

Eligibility requirements do not depend on age. The requirement to secure a Social Security Number is dependent upon one's status.

For instance, if you plan on being in the United States, you might want to acquire a Social Security Number for many aspects of life. Schooling, employment, military service, retirement, banking and credit applications are just a small example of the necessity of SSNs.

However, since we are in the Kingdom of Heaven, rather than in the United States, we do not need a SSN to conduct our affairs. Remember, as citizens of Heaven, we are members of the government that Jesus Christ established on earth 2,000 years ago (Luke 22:29). We are called to be separate from the world system and its privileges and benefits (2 Corinthians 6:17). "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people" (1 Peter 2:9).

The United States is an idea which men have invented. These men are very aggressive in promoting and defending such an idea. They even claim territory for their idea. If you believe in the United States, then you are in the United States.

On the other hand, by believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ our King, we are in the Kingdom of Heaven and its territory is anywhere we are located. For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof (1 Corinthians 10:26).

As long as we remain in the Kingdom of Heaven, we do not need a Social Security Number from the United States. At any age, everything we do is in the Kingdom of Heaven and does not require the use of SSNs. Our help is the Lord God Almighty and we look to Him to provide for our every need.

Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

One of life's simple pleasures is playing music on the organ. During the raid last January, the organ and all the music books were removed from the sanctuary and hauled off to storage. Then the music stopped.

The organ was finally rescued from storage and Rachel was especially delighted when we made room for it in the bus. But, alas, she is still unable to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. She cannot find her music books. We spent many hours lifting boxes and examining their contents. For now, we have abandoned our search. The music books are hidden amid hundreds of boxes.

Rachel is not a quitter. She is now busy learning new songs from new music books. It would have been easier to play the old songs. But for now, it will just take a little bit longer.

Truth on the March

Queen Marion

Queen Marion

A lie on the throne is a lie, still,
     And truth in a dungeon is truth, still,
And a lie on the throne is on the way to defeat,
     And truth in a dungeon is on the way to victory.

Support Our Soldiers

Soldiers for Christ are peacefully occupying the Embassy of Heaven grounds. They have put aside other things of this life to be on the front line. Please remember them in your prayers. If you'd like to give them a word of encouragement, call them at (503) 769-xxxx. [Grounds destroyed. Telephone is disconnected]