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Midnight Rider Newsletter

Nov-Dec, Year of Our Lord, 1993
Number 936

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  1. Identify the mission.
  2. Count the cost.
  3. Start it.
  4. Keep your hands to the plow.
  5. Stand until the end.
  6. Complete it.
  7. Take a Sabbath rest and rejoice.

Dear Friends,

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. August 4th, 1993, was the day U. S. Marshals invaded the sanctuary of the Embassy of Heaven with their automatic weapons drawn. In the weeks that followed, the media continued their focus on the Embassy with newspaper, radio and television coverage.

By September, media attention had subsided and we finally turned our attention to last minute preparation for the September retreat. A week before the retreat, an unidentified member of the Embassy of Heaven drove a Heaven vehicle into nearby Stayton. As he pulled up to the 4-way stop on First Street, he looked to the left and saw a Marion County Deputy pulling to a stop. He smiled and waved at the deputy as he traveled straight ahead. From the rear view mirror he could see the officer head North as he headed South into town.

As he expected, the deputy turned around and attempted to follow the white Subaru. As the Heaven citizen went over a hill, the Lord allowed him to disappear from sight.

The deputy apparently called for reinforcements who covered the roads leading back to the Embassy. One deputy sheriff spotted Michael Peter Stevens heading west from the Embassy in another Heaven vehicle and arrested him. Another Marion County Sheriff drove onto the Embassy, but found no white Subaru.

Three ambassadors arrested

A few hours later, Michael was released from jail. He signed nothing and agreed to nothing. The next day Abraham took Michael into town to pick up the Heaven vehicle which had been towed. Abraham was stopped, arrested, booked and released from jail that evening. The next day a newspaper article appeared in the Salem paper. I was quoted as saying, "We're stuck. We can't move in or out of here without being stopped or taken to jail." Marion County has declared war on the Embassy in hopes of preventing a retreat planned later in the week.

In the newspaper article, a Marion County Deputy denied any organized effort to target church members. "We don't have the manpower to sit and wait for them to come out or come in. We've got better things to do."

The next day, Caleb Israel took Michael and Abraham into Stayton to retrieve their vehicles and Caleb was arrested inside the Embassy by a Sheriff's deputy who had apparently been patrolling just outside the Embassy gates. Three arrests in three days! Yet the sheriff's office claimed we were not being targeted. Media attention again focused on the Embassy. Associated Press carried a story and a local television station did a 3-night news special.

With the retreat less than a week away, we wondered if the sheriff intended to set up patrols at all our gates and arrest anyone who was traveling in a Heaven vehicle. We wrote a letter to the sheriff and sent a copy to the ambassadors. The retreat was held as scheduled. If the sheriff had planned on doing a roundup, he changed his mind. There were no more arrests by Marion County before, during, or after the retreat.

Missionary journey to native American nation

With the retreats over, God called us to make another midnight ride to wake up the people. We made a missionary tour to Washington and to the Lummi Indian nation. The Indians have been fighting a similar struggle as ours. They are seeking status as an independent nation.

We arrived in our Heaven vehicle and drove down the main street looking for the Lummi nation. What we saw was a Headstart building and other facilities, plus a parking lot full of U. S. government vehicles. We found the United States of America, not the Lummi Indian nation.

The United States has declared that the Indians are a weak and dependent people and the Indians are regarded as wards under the guardianship of the federal government. That is the reason for the United States involvement in the Indian nations. We, as God's people, need to become strong and independent so that state governments will not have a cause to be our lords.

When we returned to the Embassy, the pipes of the hydroelectric system had been cracked and shattered by three days of temperatures in the teens. We depend on this system, which uses a pelton waterwheel to generate electricity, to provide power for the Embassy. We obtain no electricity from the utility companies. Even though it cost several hundred dollars to repair the hydroelectric system, generating our own electricity is one more way to remain independent.

No compromise

This newsletter contains road reports of our ambassadors going to jail and remaining in jail because they will not compromise. In this battle, there can be no compromise. We won't overcome the world by giving in and compromising. The victory is gained by standing our ground and bringing the world into submission to Christ.

A man is at peace when he knows what he needs to do, even though it means he will be persecuted. We are called to suffer. For without suffering, no man can be the son of God. (Romans 8:17)

Despite the continued persecution of our people, we are still standing in the strength of our glorious Lord who always gives us the victory.

Paul Revere, Pastor

Heavenly complaint

Church claims harassment

Associated Press

SUBLIMITY, Ore. - The leader of the Embassy of Heaven church claimed Monday that sheriff's deputies are harassing them, arresting three people in three days for driving with "heaven" license plates.

The license plate arrests are the first since the church settled in 1987 in this rural valley 20 miles southeast of Salem. The incidents have made it difficult for members to prepare for a gathering of about 50 church members this week, Pastor Paul Revere said.

"If they acknowledged the kingdom of heaven and its authority and the fact that we have all the proper paperwork, there would be no need for this harassment," Revere said.

Marion County Sheriff Robert J. Prinslow responded that the arrests were nothing more or less than anyone else could expect driving a car that wasn't properly licensed. He added there were no extra patrols in the area.

"We're not harassing anyone," he said.

The church, which claims about 200 members around the country, rejects the authority of government. It issues its own license plates, as well as driver's licenses and registrations. Members reject the authority of the government to tax them.

The church is located on 35 acres, including a cabin, an outdoor stage, a campground and a trampoline.

Church member Michael Peter Stevens was arrested on motor vehicle charges Thursday after a deputy spotted him driving into Stayton with "heaven" plates on the car. The car was impounded and the license plates confiscated.

The next day Stevens and a church member who goes only by the name Abraham were driving to town to pick up Stevens' impounded car, when a deputy stopped them, arrested Abraham and impounded the car, Revere said.

On Saturday, Caleb Israel drove Abraham and Stevens to pick up their two cars. On his way back to the Embassy of Heaven, a Marion County deputy waiting at the gate stopped Caleb and arrested him, Revere said.

"We do not use highways in the state of Oregon. We use highways in the kingdom of heaven," Revere said. "What they do to us as representatives of Jesus Christ, they also do it unto Jesus Christ."

Reprinted from Everett Herald, Monday, September 13, 1993

Roundup of Ambassadors

September 13, Year of our Lord, 1993

Sheriff Prinslow
P. O. Box 710
Salem, Oregon 97308-0710

(503) 588-5904

Re: Arrest of Ambassadors for the Kingdom of Heaven

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. This letter is to notify you that on Thursday, September 16th, our ambassadors will be arriving at the Embassy of Heaven for a retreat. Based on Marion County's arrest of three of our ambassadors last week, our people have been notified that your deputies may be lying in wait for them. Our people have decided to go ahead and come in their Heaven vehicles and are prepared to risk losing their property and going to jail for their allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Our people will be arriving in their Heaven-licensed vehicles from around the country starting Thursday afternoon. If you intend to continue your war against Heaven, this is your opportunity to make a mass round-up of those who represent the nation of Heaven.

If you decide to arrest us, we will not resist you. If you do violence against us, we will not retaliate. If you take us to jail, we intend to lay down our lives in prayer and fasting until the Lord releases us.

We will not pick up your weapons of violence. Our weapon is the sword of Truth. If anyone must suffer in this battle, let it be us. We pray that through our suffering, eyes will be opened to the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth with Jesus Christ as Head.

We love and forgive your officers, for they know not what they do. We pray that the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven come upon you and yours.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor

cc: Bill Guest
Duane Fletchall
State Attorney General
Friends of the Embassy of Heaven

DMV declares
Heaven is in Oregon

Oregon DMVSeptember 16, 1993

Mr. Paul Revere
Embassy of Heaven Church

Sublimity, Oregon

Dear Mr. Revere:

According to your address, Heaven is in Oregon. All people who live in Oregon are treated the same and all must abide by Oregon laws. Unfortunately, you are telling your people to be in violation of Oregon law. If you or your people are stopped by law enforcement and do not have a valid Oregon driver license or valid Oregon license plate on your or their vehicle, you or they will be in violation of the law and issued a citation.

All roads in Oregon are public. The Sublimity streets and the Oregon highways are built and maintained, paid for by the taxes which you and all residents pay when you buy gas. People of all religions drive on the roads and are free to preach whatever gospel they wish at no charge for this free speech and free religious belief.

Under Oregon and U.S. law, no nations exist within this state except the tribal nations of native Americans.

All of us here at DMV appreciate your love and good wishes. We need all the help we can get because it's a lot of work licensing millions of cars and drivers.

If you are in Salem sometime, do visit us.

Jane Hardy Cease

cc: Barbara Roberts, Governor of Oregon
Superintendent LeRon Howland, Oregon State Police
Jim Hunter, DMV Program Administration Manager

Police State

November 30, Year of our Lord, 1993

Jane Hardy Cease
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Thank you for your letter of September 16th wherein you preached the gospel of the state of Oregon. Your office requires that you preach that gospel. My office requires that I preach another gospel - the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you travel in your official capacity to a meeting in California, or even across the seas to Europe, you are the state of Oregon DMV. Wherever you are present, the state of Oregon DMV is present. You carry the state of Oregon with you because the state of Oregon is not a physical location or piece of earth. The state of Oregon is a spirit that dwells in the hearts of the people. The state of Oregon is within, just as the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

You are correct, Heaven is in Oregon. But Heaven is not in the state of Oregon. There is a difference. Heaven is also in California and Washington and across the seas in Europe. And anybody who is of the several states can separate and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

You claim, "People of all religions drive on the roads and are free to preach whatever gospel they wish at no charge." This is not true. When our citizens use the roads, they are stopped and sometimes jailed for preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe what you are saying is that we are free to preach the gospel of the Kingdom if we first bow down to the demands of DMV. If we did that, we would have no gospel to preach because we would be acknowledging the sovereignty of the state of Oregon over Heaven. And that would be blasphemy.

You stated, "You are telling your people to be in violation of Oregon law." Would you please clarify your legal foundations and position for declaring that I am a seditionary?

Again, you have threatened us with violence if we do not obtain state of Oregon licensing documents. We already have all the authority we need to travel upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you would only acknowledge the Kingdom of Heaven as Jesus Christ's government upon the earth, you would see we violate no law. But because you do not acknowledge the Kingdom of Heaven, we appear to be lawbreakers.

Thank you for writing. We thank God for men and women like you who serve the state as vigorously as we try to serve Jesus Christ. It is good to know where you stand. May God use you for His good purpose.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor

Heaven is not a location

Many of us are suffering persecution because people believe that a government or Kingdom is a specific location. As an example, they believe that the State of Oregon is a physical location. They do not realize that the State of Oregon is a spirit that dwells in the hearts of the people. The State of Oregon is not a location. The land is only a resource for the State of Oregon, just as the same land is a resource for the Kingdom of Heaven. And both governments can make a demand or claim on the same physical territory.

When we enter into a particular physical location, such as an area known as Oregon, the people in that locality automatically assume that we are subject to the major government known as the State of Oregon. If we come into an area to settle, not just visit, the residents assume we are part of their government. They believe we have no claim to any other government, except the one that is prominent in that location.

These people don't realize the Kingdom of Heaven is a government and that it is just as real as their government. It exists, but it does not come with observance. It is not a place. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. The Kingdom of Heaven is spiritual. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a specific place upon the earth's surface. (Luke 17:20-21)

The problem is that when we give our allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, the people in the local area cannot see that we are from the Kingdom of Heaven. All they know is that we are physically present within the locality of their government. Therefore, they expect us to abide by their government's laws.

To a certain degree they understand that someone might be from another kingdom of the world, maybe from an adjoining state or from a nation across the seas. But they assume that a foreigner will be in their territory only temporarily, as a visitor. If that person stays longer than a few months, they are expected to change their allegiance to the local government.

For ourselves, we have been instructed to separate from the kingdoms of this world and to join, or be translated, into the Kingdom of our Christ, known as the Kingdom of Heaven. But these weaker brethren cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven as a present reality. They do not understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, just as their government is within them. They reject the government of the Kingdom of Heaven. And so they persecute us.

What needs to be preached to reduce this persecution is that kingdoms are not locations. Kingdoms are not a particular place. Kingdoms are governments. And they are invisible. They exist in the hearts and minds of men.

Kingdom is His people

Generally, every man should have the freedom to choose the kingdom or government that they are going to serve. And they should not be persecuted for the choice they make. But there are those who are of the kingdoms of the world who are jealous of our liberty. They don't want us to belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. They want us to be part of their kingdom. They try to hold us to the terms and obligations of their government.

Once we have separated, we have no obligation to their government. The only obligation that everyone has is to love God and to love one another. All of us make the decision whether or not to be yoked with the government of unbelievers. If we choose to be yoked with Christ and His government, why should we be compelled to serve the governments of the world?

We are not going to win this battle by establishing that a particular piece of land is the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place. As soon as we make the Kingdom of Heaven a place, we have lost. Wherever we go, we are in the Kingdom of Heaven. We can only step out of the Kingdom of Heaven by not loving God or our neighbor, or by binding ourselves to the government of unbelievers.

The whole earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. We are like the geese that go where they are called. There are no physical borders for the Kingdom of Heaven. Wherever His people are located, the Kingdom of Heaven is present. (Matthew 18:20)

Residency is spiritual, not physical

Most people think that they become a resident merely by "remaining in this state" for six months. But residency is not a physical attribute. Residency is a spiritual attribute. It is loyalty and allegiance to a particular governmental body that determines residency.

The state may try to claim someone is a state resident merely because he is in their territory. But residency in a state is not determined by lines on a map. Someone does not become a state resident merely by stepping inside the physical boundaries of a place called Oregon. Someone becomes a resident by declaration or by his actions. If he participates in driver licensing or vehicle registration programs, puts his children in state-funded schools, or votes in state elections, he is considered a resident.

There is no intrinsic grant of state jurisdiction over an individual merely because he is within the physical borders of the state. The state is just one more body that conveniently uses the physical borders called "Oregon" to promote their goals. Insurance companies, service clubs, businesses and churches might all use the physical borders of Oregon to designate divisions or territories in their organization. Physical presence within the borders of Oregon does not make someone subject to these organizations. Being within the boundaries of a Catholic parish does not make one subject to the Canon Laws. Nor does mere presence within the borders of the political State of Oregon make one an Oregon resident. Residency is spiritual, not physical. It is based on giving allegiance either to the governments of this world or to the Kingdom of our Christ.

Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, That all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed. . . . But the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever.

Daniel 7:14,18

Heaven license plates taken

This letter was sent a few days prior to the three arrests near the Embassy. Michael Peter Stevens' Heaven plates were confiscated, but after they received the following letter, they did not confiscate Abraham or Caleb Israel's Heaven license plates. One officer told Abraham that they would return the Heaven plates they had seized. (We are still waiting.)

September 7, Year of our Lord, 1993

Sheriff Prinslow
P. O. Box 710
Salem, Oregon 97308-0710

(503) 588-5094

Re: Heaven registration plate seized during raid

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Enclosed is the matching registration plate to the one seized from a Church vehicle by your Marion County deputies when they violated the sanctuary of the Embassy of Heaven on August 4th. Even though we have a witness who can identify your deputy who took Church property, we forgive the trespass and do not want your sins to stack up to Heaven. Therefore, the Heaven plates are a gift to you from the Church.

Prior to this event, Duane Fletchall acted honorably when he asked us for a Heaven plate. He gave us an opportunity to give him a Heaven plate that was not in use. But now, your other deputies took a Heaven plate off a Heaven vehicle that is in service, without asking for our permission. Jesus commands us to ask why an act was done before judging another. We hereby ask, why? Would you like someone to take one of your state license plates off a vehicle? We know you would not like it. Nor would you have much respect for that individual, because he would be taking something that does not belong to him. Without a reasonable explanation, it appears that your deputies, who were hired to enforce the law, are now above the law and above God.

If you have any conscience at all, please talk with your deputies about their sticky fingers. Hands that are quick to take small things that do not belong to them will soon be tempted with bigger things. Such a person cannot be counted trustworthy or faithful in performing his duties.

We pray daily for you and your deputies that God may use you for His good purpose.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Paul Revere, Pastor

cc: Duane Fletchall
State Attorney General

Enclosure: Heaven plate


Seattle returns Heaven plates

In July, Seattle Police Captain John Moffat ordered his officers to seize Heaven plates. (See reprint of news article on page 2 of Issue 935). Now it appears that the police have changed their minds. Our ambassadors have received notice that they have 60 days to come in and retrieve the seized Heaven plates.

Healthy alternative to surgery

Cleansing or Surgery In October, we took a much needed rest and went on a 14-day cleansing fast. We combined three different cleanses - one to cleanse the kidneys, one for the gallbladder, and one for the liver.

The gallbladder cleanse took four days and was probably the most rewarding because we saw immediate results. All of the adults who took the cleanse passed at least 50 gallstones. Previously, we had never been too interested in doing the gallstone cleanse because we had never been troubled by gallstones. We have now learned that almost all adults in America have gallstones. Hydrogenated fats and oils are a common cause of gallstones because they are difficult to digest. Other common causes are processed foods, coffee, and red meat.

When various organs in our body malfunction, conventional medicine's answer is to do surgery. This approach is expensive and involves many months of rehabilitation as scar tissue heals. Worst of all, the initial surgery does not always solve the problem and more cutting is required. Natural health practitioners have found a painless alternative to surgery. They say that if an organ is flushed out and cleaned, it will often start functioning properly again. They recommend going on a fast of juices and distilled water to effectively cleanse and flush out various organs in the body.

We have prepared a booklet that explains four cleanses we have used. The information has been compiled from various sources and all of the cleanses have been tested by us. None of them is painful. We have included a cleanse for the kidneys, gallbladder, liver and an overall cleanse to dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion in any part of the body. The booklet explains what causes problems, how to do each cleanse, the supplies needed, and what to expect. The booklet, B3006, CLEANSING OR SURGERY is available from us. Click here for more information.

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

Citizen of Heaven escorted to border

Jail Report
Date of Incident: August and September, 1993
Ambassador: Thomas Horn
Mission field: Georgia

I was pulled over by the Georgia State patrol near Dalton on August 22, 1993. I gave the officer my Heaven driver license and registration. He looked at the papers and asked for my birthdate. I told him I did not give it out. He asked if I was refusing and I said, "Yes." He gave me back the registration and told me to follow him to the Whitfield County Jail.

When I got inside, they took everything I had on me and wanted me to sign papers. They kept asking for my birthdate. It was important for them to have my birthdate.

I refused to sign anything and after I was fingerprinted, they put me in a holding cell. I was taken to court once and eventually put in general population where I sat until September 7th when my brother sent me a Supreme Court Case, RIVERSIDE v. MCLAUGHLIN, 111 S.Ct. 1661 (1991).

I read the case and did not understand it, but on the front page there was a note that said: "Person cannot be held in jail for more than 48 hours without Cause of Action Hearing. This requires your VOLUNTARY signature requesting such hearing." The case addressed individuals who had been arrested without a warrant and had not received a prompt probable cause hearing and were still in custody. On page 1664 of the Syllabus, it says:

"Where an arrested individual does not receive a probable cause determination within 48 hours, the burden of proof shifts to the government to demonstrate the existence of a bona fide emergency or other extraordinary circumstance, which cannot include intervening weekends or the fact that in a particular case it may take longer to consolidate pretrial proceedings."

I decided to request a Cause of Action hearing in writing. The next day an officer of the court visited me and wanted to know what I wanted. I told him I wanted a hearing. I also said I was God's ambassador and was jailed unjustly. I requested the phone number and address of the jail so that my Embassy could contact them. He said a hearing was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. that day.

There was no hearing that morning and at 2:00 p.m. the guards took me to the booking area and a sergeant told me if I would sign for my property and leave the state, they would turn me loose. I signed my name, without prejudice UCC 1-207, on a 3 x 5 card with my picture on it. Then they put me back in a holding cell. Ninety minutes later they returned and two cops walked me to my van. They waited while I screwed on the Heaven plates and then the police followed me until I was outside the borders of Georgia.

They gave back all my property and the Heaven documents. I really don't know why they turned me loose, but when I wrote the note requesting a hearing, they started moving to get me out.

Comment: The sergeant wanted Tom to leave the state, but Tom was not in their state. He was in the Kingdom of Heaven. States and Kingdoms do not come with observance. States and Kingdoms are within the hearts and minds of men. P.R.

Obtaining a license is just a little thing

Jail Report
Date of incident: August, 1993
Ambassador: Winston Churchill
Mission field: Kansas

The office of Ambassador here in Kansas has been receiving much attention. Brother John Steward of Jesus was released from jail on July 28th and I was imprisoned on August 3rd. So now my ministry has been transferred from the outdoors to this prison.

One positive aspect of prison life is that it gives me more time to study almost undisturbed, except that I am monitored and under constant observation. One day I began whistling and moments later a guard was in my cell asking questions. Didn't they remember the apostles singing in their jail cells?

My being in jail has given many people something to think about. Some have been really shook up about it. They know for certain the strength of my convictions. Some have asked me if it is worth the price.

One officer told me all I needed to do is get a driver license. The other officers rushed out to obtain a computer printout of my record. They brought it back and said, "Yeah, he is clean." Then they turned to me and said, "You can still practice your religion if you just get a state license." They tried to make me believe that obtaining a state license was a very small thing. I reminded them of Satan's temptation to Jesus. Satan wanted Jesus to do just one small act of worship to him and He would receive the kingdoms of the world! Jesus would not do it.

Over and over I was given opportunities to plant the Seed and share the Light in here. God can make it grow. The events leading to the jail term started in March when the police first started their manhunt. They have dragged me through three of their separate courts and many hearings until finally a judge sentenced me to two concurrent 60-day jail terms. This has given me many opportunities to witness for Jesus Christ. Also, the Heaven vehicle, with Heaven plates welded on, has been parked prominently at the front entrance to the courthouse all these months. They are doing their thing and I am doing my thing as an ambassador.

I could write more, but I am only allowed three sheets of paper and three envelopes per week. That is their rules. I am not complaining. I just hope to be a worthy servant and ambassador for Christ. Give my blessings to any and all concerned brothers. Do not let them be anxious about me. I will make it. It is the multitude on the outside that have been watching all these months that have been really shook up. The Light is shining - Salvation is real. The question is, What are they going to do about it?

Winston was released from jail rejoicing and full of the Spirit of the Lord. The enemy tried for months to separate Winston from his King, but they failed miserably. Hallelujah! In the Lord is victory. P.R.

Ambassador brought to court in shackles

Jail report
Date of event: Spring of 1993
Ambassadors: Ezra and Steve
Mission field: South Dakota

Steve and I were traveling through South Dakota late at night, driving a "Rolls Canhardly." It rolled down one hill and could hardly get up the next one. We were rolling down one hill in excess of the posted speed limit and the sheriff's deputy pulled us over. I offered him my Kingdom of Heaven license.

He was quite taken with it and asked a lot of questions.

"How many of these are there out there?"

"Oh, there are many, many of them," I said.

"And are these licenses valid in the State of Oregon?"

"Yes, they are." I know now that is the wrong answer. They are only valid in the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyway, the officer turned us loose after less than 15 minutes.

We went five miles across the county line and we were again pulled over. This time Steve was driving and a state patrolman stopped us. I believe the sheriff's department was there again. I was amazed when I found out later that we were not in the same county and it was not the same sheriff.

They hauled us both to jail. They put me in a cold cell, oh was it cold. They put Steve in a hot cell. He cannot stand the heat.

I would not answer any of their questions so they just threw me in a cell by myself. Steve was thrown in a general population cell.

The next morning about 7:30 a.m., they woke me up to ask what size shoes I wore. I just ignored them and rolled over and went back to sleep. About 10 or 15 minutes later, another guy came in and said, "What size shoes do you wear? We have to take you to court."

"Before I can answer your question, I have to ask you a question, Are you a brother in Christ?"

The guard said nothing and turned around and walked off. Pretty soon another guard came in with a wheelchair, chains, shackles, and handcuffs - the whole shooting match. They were determined to take me to court.

"I understand you are refusing to go to court."

"Before I can answer your question, I have a question to ask you, Are you a brother in Christ?"

The guard said, "Yes, I am."

"Well, what is the wheelchair for?"

"We are going to haul you to court since you are refusing to go voluntarily."

"I have not refused to go to court."

"Does that means you will walk to court?"

"If I have to go to court, that is probably the best way for me to go."

They did let me walk. But first they threaded a chain like a belt through my waist and shackled my hands and feet. The chain was loose enough around my feet for me to take steps, but I certainly could not run. I asked, "Is this the way you take everybody to court?"

"Yes it is."

I knew they were lying, because they take everybody to court chained together on a long chain. But I let it ride. And they asked other questions and threatened, "If you don't answer the questions, you can't go upstairs."

"Well, why would I want to go upstairs? What is going on upstairs? I don't want to go upstairs, I don't belong upstairs. I belong outside this jail. I belong out the door."

I had done nothing wrong. I wasn't even the one driving. They had treated me separately from everyone else because I would not answer their questions.

I asked them what they were going to charge me with. They said, "Giving false information to an officer."

"How did you determine that I was giving false information?"

"We called the State of Oregon and they said everybody that belongs to the Embassy of Heaven changes their name when they get a license."

I do not know what brought it up, but then they asked, "Are you going to get violent?"

"Have I been violent to this point? Have you heard me raise my voice? Have you heard me do anything that would cause you to think that I would be violent?"

"Well, no."

Then I looked over as they brought in some women and put them in the chain gang and took them off to court. I was the last one to go to court.

When I arrived in the courtroom, all the prisoners were sitting in their chairs, handcuffed. I am standing, bound up and chained. I look at the guard and say, "I thought you told me you were a brother in Christ?"

He looked at me and started to turn red. "You lied to me," I said. "You lied to me."

The courtroom is packed and everybody can hear me. I keep talking in a normal voice and repeated, "You lied to me. You told me everybody comes into the courtroom bound with shackles like I am. It is obvious the other prisoners are not chained this way. And I don't even know what I am being charged with."

By now, the whole courtroom is listening to me. The guard goes over to the prosecuting attorney. When he comes back I am taken out of the courtroom and thrown back in a jail cell. "Are you going to give me a pillow and blanket?" I asked.

"Yes, I will give you a pillow and blanket." I had not had a pillow and blanket all night and was still cold.

But the officer told another lie. Fifteen minutes later he came back to the cell without a pillow and blanket. "You lied to me again. You said you were going to bring me a blanket and pillow."

"You're getting out of here," he said.

Then they turned me loose. They just got rid of me. I was never fingerprinted. I never signed anything.

Steve went to court and it took him a while longer to be released. It cost us $125 to bail out our rig. They would not let us drive the car out of the tow yard because they claimed we were not properly licensed. We finally found a kind Indian who helped us retrieve the Heaven vehicle and we were on our way.

The next time you have trouble with the tow yard not allowing you to drive the car away, just ask them to put the vehicle on the street. Then the tow yard will not witness who drives the car away. P.R.

Judge didn't want martyr on hands

Jail Report
Date of Incident: August and September, 1993
Ambassador: Michael Peter Stevens
Mission Field: Oregon and Washington

I have been an ambassador with the Embassy of Heaven for a little over a year. Twelve hours after I first put on Heaven license plates, I was stopped. Three police cars were at the scene. No citations were issued. Prior to this stop, I accompanied Glen Stoll in a Heaven vehicle to Fort Lewis army base. We were interrogated for five hours and then cited and released. Those people desperately need to hear more about the Kingdom of Heaven.

The day federal marshals stormed the Embassy, I was working in the campgrounds. I came down the trail and introduced myself to a federal marshal. He immediately arrested me on charges stemming from the Fort Lewis incident. This was the beginning of a 29-day ordeal. I was incarcerated in five jails in two states and in five different counties. They hauled me to court six times. I said basically the same thing to every judge: "My name is Michael Peter Stevens. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jurisdiction denied. My status is a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am not married to world government and I am not a United States citizen. This court has no authority to proceed. If you have a complaint, you need to file it with my Embassy and, if necessary, they will hold a hearing." I always told them I forgave them their trespasses against me. I did not build a defense or enter into their proceedings.

In Pierce County Jail, they put me in "the hole" for five days. It is an old jail and the temperature was only about 55 degrees. I was really struggling because it was so cold and I had been fasting for twelve days. I kept praying for the Lord to deliver me. The cell was filthy and the walls had graffiti scribbled over every inch. As I was reading the walls, I noticed in tiny letters, "Jesus is here." I was immediately encouraged.

On day fifteen, I was transported to Kitsap County Jail, Port Orchard, Washington. This jail was warmer and I had my first shower. On day 20, I was hauled to court. I was praying that the Lord would deliver me.

I was able to see some friends and the desire to be released was very strong. One friend, who knows the Word well, but does not quite understand the Kingdom of Heaven, came over to me. He was being used by the adversary to manipulate me into signing for my release. It was very tempting, but the Holy Spirit said, "No."

I was shocked when the judge ordered a trial date two months away and told me I would be detained because I refused to provide them with information. Now the pressure was really great. My well-meaning friend renewed his efforts to persuade me to change my mind and sign their agreement. I just about compromised, but God is faithful. I almost fell, but the Lord was able to make me stand.

I went back to the cell and the full impact of what the judge said hit me. I had been fasting twenty days. "There is no way a man can fast eighty days without dying here," I thought. I decided I would start eating. I had a meal that evening and breakfast the next morning.

Then I began to realize the judge had tricked me. I had listened to men and succumbed to my flesh, instead of seeking the Lord's counsel. I began searching the scriptures and realized my error. I resumed fasting at noon. I knew I must lay my life down and let the Lord raise it again, if He desires. I began to contemplate the reality of going home to my Father, if that be His deliverance. The fast was easier now and I felt Christ's peace. Those around me, both inmates and jailers, realized that I was willing to die for my faith. This made an impression on them and lives were changing.

On the outside, about a dozen brothers gathered in front of the Kitsap County Jail to show support for the stand I was making. They carried a coffin and signs saying, "Faithful Until Death." As the rally was taking place, I was quietly removed from the jail and taken to King County Jail. Again, I denied the court jurisdiction and asked, "Who are you to judge someone else's servant?" When the issue of counsel arose, I said, "I have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, and He will handle my affairs."

The judge said I had unusual beliefs and the circumstances were unusual. He thought I had been in jail long enough. "We do not need any martyrs over these charges." Then the judge ordered me to appear for trial and I was released without signing or agreeing to anything.

I learned that they try to trick you into signing their forms - waivers, data sheets, indigent reports, release agreements, health questionnaires, etc. Remember, you have to believe in their system to pick up their documents - so just push their documents away. Don't acknowledge them. They will also attempt to persuade you to build a defense. But if you do, then they gain jurisdiction because you are participating with them. Just stay close to the Lord and He will direct you. Count the cost. Whatever you decide to do from the beginning, continue until the end, even if it means death. I was sorely tempted, but Glory to God, He saw me through.