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Mar-Apr, Year of Our Lord, 1996
Number 962

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Decisions on the wrong path are still wrong.

Dear Friends,

Love, Joy and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. Our simple message is that the Kingdom of Heaven is now and you choose whom you shall serve. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot serve both the State and Jesus Christ. We must separate and live under God's government.

The Statists think they have a monopoly on government. But why can't there be more than a single government within the same territory? For instance, why can't the State and a separate Christian government occupy the same land mass, each taking care of their own people? Right now that is not the case. Statism is the only government that is allowed. All other bodies must be subservient to the State or be persecuted.

Statists have their government by consent of the people. Upon a Higher authority, we have a government of Christianity. Why must we submit to a government that is foreign to us? They are not promoting the Golden Rule. They are not serving one another as Christ commanded. They are a conquering class, lording over the people.

The evidence I see is that Jesus came to set up His government, even though Satan's government had a foothold on the earth. And Christ sent His people to promote His government, in the midst of bigger and more wicked governments already in existence.

I believe that our objective is to come out from among the governments of the world and bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven. And we are to do so in spite of persecution from the existing governments. No matter what they do to us, we are to still continue bearing fruit unto the Kingdom of Heaven.

Paul Revere, Pastor

Reader's Respond

Kitten becomes roaring lion

Kitten Becomes Roaring Lion

Your article in the Jan-Feb issue (No. 961) entitled, The Constitution of the United States, A Man-Inspired Document, was very good. It was simple, balanced and I thought, fair. We started out rather well, but we accepted a tiny kitten (a beast) which grew up to be a roaring lion, looking about for those whom it could devour.

Northport, Washington


Kitten becomes a lion

Heaven Road Report

"Where is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Date: March 16, 1996
Mission field: Near the "Grapevine," North of Pasadena, California
Ambassadors: Glen Stoll and Paul Revere

Heaven Road ReportNot all police are hostile toward the Kingdom of Heaven. We found two highway patrolmen in California who received the Kingdom of Heaven and offered assistance.

We were running low on gas about one hour out of Pasadena on I-5, heading toward Bakersfield. It was about 1:00 a.m. and we were on our way back to the Embassy after doing an Expo in Pasadena. We pulled over at an exit to put gas in the Heaven motor home. I walked over to Paul to help him with the gas can when I saw a spotlight aimed at the Kingdom of Heaven license plate. I figured it must be a cop.

It was two cops in one car. The cop on the passenger side asked if everything was okay. Paul said, "We're just putting gas in the motor home." I said, "Yes, we saw a big billboard, '78 Miles to Next Gas Station,' so we were a little concerned. How far is it to the next gas station anyway?"

The cop said, "Oh, about 15 miles."

Relieved, I said, "Oh, no problem. We can make that easily."

Then the cop asked, "By the way, where is the Kingdom of Heaven?" as the spotlight continued illuminating the plate in its full glory. I said, "It is the Universal Government of God. We have an Embassy headquarters located about 20 miles east of Salem, Oregon. We are just returning from the Whole Life Expo in Pasadena. How is activity out here tonight?"

"Pretty slow," he said.

"Oh, that's good, I'm glad to hear it. Well, I guess it is good. It's good and bad."

The cop said, "Yeah, people are behaving themselves pretty much."

"That's the part I meant that is good. But I suppose that makes it pretty boring for you guys?"

He said, "We will be just fine." Then I thanked them for stopping and said, "God be with you." The cop said, "You bet," as they drove off.

Dancing with the devil

Some police officers cite our ambassadors from Heaven as if we belonged to them. We are returning the citations to the State with a new kind of letter. We say their paperwork is "irregular and unauthorized" and that the individual involved is "civilly dead."

The first two paragraphs of our letter state:

Peace to all whom this may concern. The records of the Embassy of Heaven, an agency of the Kingdom of Heaven, show that (ambassador's name) is a citizen of Heaven and on (date) signed a statement giving his allegiance to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven and renouncing all allegiance to every foreign state or sovereignty. The Embassy of Heaven, exercising ministerial powers in this matter, is returning your papers, which papers are not accepted.

All of the above items [citations] are refused for cause without dishonor and without recourse to us. Your papers lack jurisdictional facts necessary to place or bring our citizen within your venue; and, your papers fail to disclose any legal connection between us and your office. Since (ambassador's name) has separated from the Kingdoms of the world and is civilly dead, your papers are irregular and unauthorized.

The first time we sent this letter, we received a form back from the State of Colorado entitled, "Notice of Reserved Ruling." It stated, "Ruling on the above motion is reserved for the following reasons." Then they checked the box marked, "Other," on the form and stated, "a death certificate would be helpful." It was signed by a magistrate.

We were not sure what to do. We played with the idea of generating some kind of death certificate document, since the scripture says we are dead in Christ. Then we called one of our ambassadors in Ohio and told him what had transpired. "You won," he said, "they recognized that you were doing a demur. Now they are going on a second fishing expedition trying to get you to traverse."

This was all new to me, but I was beginning to understand. When you traverse, you enter into the proceedings. You give them something to rule on. If we sent them a death certificate, they could make a determination about it or ask for more information. By sending them a death certificate, we would have entered into their proceedings and been brought under their power.

When they sent the Notice, they put out a hook with a big juicy worm dangling on it. Instead of swallowing the bait by complying with their request, we sent their Notice back with a letter of refusal similar to the first one stating that their papers fail to disclose any legal connection between us. Our letter is based on the scripture, "What communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14)

The third paragraph of our letter is most important. We urge them to repent:

Your attempt to make merchandise out of us by enforcing your ungodly statutes does not please our Heavenly Father. God once winked at our ignorance of His will, but He now commands all men everywhere to repent. Turn back to the God that made all things, seeing He is Lord of Heaven and earth. (Acts 17:24,30)


Dancing with the DevilIn the past, the State never responded to our letters. After issuing this new letter, both Colorado and New York have attempted to dance with us, without establishing a relationship. We are steadfastly refusing to "dance with the devil."




A parable

Once there was an ambitious young man who desired to cross over the sea with a valuable cargo. He looked across the great waters and knew that he wanted to be on the other side. He readied his boat and packed his cargo. The young man's pastor said, "I highly recommend that you don't go across the sea. It is stormy and if you set out now, you probably will crash." But the young man was determined to go.

As he headed for the dock, an elder approached the young man and said, "I advise you not to go. You have not finished your other obligations. What about those jobs you started for the folks in town? Who will finish them? You cannot just walk away from your responsibilities."

"God is calling me across the sea with His valuable cargo and I really must go."

Finally, his brother tries to stop him. "I've been in prayer about your decision to leave. I believe God wants me to warn you not to go at this time."

The young man would not listen. "You must be talking to another god. I know that God is calling me to leave and he wants me to leave now."

The young man boards his tiny boat loaded with the valuable cargo and sets out for the distant shore. He can still see the land when a great windstorm arises and the waves beat against the small craft. Soon the boat crashes against the rocks. As the boat capsizes, the precious cargo is lost. The young man swims to a nearby outcropping of rocks. He calls back to the mainland, "You guys must give me a hand. I'm stuck out here."

His friends on shore shake their heads and say, "We warned him not to go, but now he is in need and we cannot turn our backs. I suppose we better do something for him." A tempest of hail beats upon them as they make ready a boat.

As the storm intensifies, they realize that they, too, would crash if they set out. After the storm subsides, several unsuccessful rescue attempts are made, but eventually their resources are exhausted. In the end, the young man perishes before help arrives.

Are you drowning

Moral of the Story: Make sure that when you are being called to do something, that it is truly God calling and not your own idea. And do not despise the counsel of an elder or Pastor. "Submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account" (Hebrews 13:17).



Heaven in the News

Dave Alan Show
10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
KSCO 1080 AM Radio

Alan: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. How are you all doing tonight? Live and in person I'm your host, Dave Alan, the Nighthawk. We're broadcasting live from the shores of the Monterey Bay. And tonight I have a special guest.
I don't know about you, but I've been hearing so much noise about, "I'm a sovereign this, you're a sovereign that!" To hell with the whole batch of it. I'm a man of the land. You're a woman of the land. We're free people. I don't have to pay homage to any man. I give my allegiance to God my Creator.
I said I had an official guest on the program. He's a pastor of the Embassy of Heaven. That's the Embassy I want to deal with, the Embassy of Heaven. His name is Pastor Paul Revere. I don't want to hear any wise cracks from anybody. Now when you call in, you can be polite, pay attention, listen, ask decent questions and you'll get decent answers. Otherwise, get a job. Pastor, are you there?
Revere: Yes, how are you doing, Dave?
Alan: Just great. What is this Embassy of Heaven Church?
Revere: First of all, I am Paul Revere, pastor for the Embassy of Heaven Church. And I am a midnight rider. I ride the circuit waking up the people. It's the final hour, just before midnight, and I hate to see people being asleep while our land is being taken over.

Incorporated Churches

Revere: Embassy of Heaven was established officially in 1987, so that was about nine years ago. It was not a calling to incorporate with the State like the other churches. It was a calling to incorporate into the Kingdom of Heaven, which is God's government on earth.
Alan: Which means you do not have to be granted a tax-free status as a 501(c)(3) marsupial.
Revere: State Government ChurchThat is correct. In 1989, the IRS out of Ogden, Utah, contacted us, desiring that we acquire a 501(c)(3) status recognition. We said quite clearly, "No thank you." We spent about a half hour on the phone. The entire effort on their part was a sales pitch. Their final words were, "If you ever change your mind, let us know." And I said, "I don't think we will change our mind, but if we do, we'll let you know."
Alan: They want you to enter into voluntary servitude.
Revere: According to IRS's own publication, No. 557, they acknowledge that the churches are automatically excluded from taxation by their very nature and do not need to seek out recognition by the State or Federal government.
Alan: This is why during the last election, they were notifying all established religions that there can be no politics within the churches or they will lose their nonprofit status. That means once you give into the beast, you tell them, "I'll go under your wing. I'll give up my right for a privilege. I am going to pay homage to you and then to God."
Revere: We consider that the churches that have incorporated under Statism are nothing more than harlots.
Alan: That's right.
Revere: And I hope every preacher out there hears it and realizes that he is a corporate officer of the State and not an officer for the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the government of God on earth.
Alan: Is that why they have to keep manifests of all the members in their parish and their church, and every time they do a baptism or birth or marriage they have to fill out a license and send it in, because they are an agent of the State?
Revere: Yes, in fact the board of elders or trustees is sitting there for the State and by the privilege of the State. And technically the pastor is not the head of that church on earth, he is actually acting for and in behalf of the State. The one that is above the church is the attorney general for the State. He is actually over the church.
Caller: That is pretty good. One of the reasons I feel I do not fit into any of the local churches is because of their 501(c)(3) status. They really can't speak out because they have been incorporated by the State.
Alan: The only time they speak out is against other people that try to speak out. Then they get down on their case because they are trying to protect their own back. Have they done that to you up there, Paul? Some of the local people in your community, some of the other churches, have they come down on your case at all?
Revere: Well, it has been a long time. When we first started around 1987, we invited pastors from the different churches in the local area. Only one responded, it happened to be a Seventh Day Adventist preacher. He was originally in Hitler's Youth Corp. He agreed with everything we had to say. We talked about every issue from licensing to Federal Reserve Notes. When we came to the end I said, "Well, are you going to go down to your congregation and set them straight?" And he said, "Are you kidding me! I've got little old ladies that put a lot of money in the tray. There is no way that I'm going to ruffle their feathers."
I thought that was the end of it. But then he started putting ads in the newspaper saying to stay away from us.
Alan: What!
Revere: Yes, it really shocked me. He not only failed to preach the message, he took retaliation. All I was trying to do was wake up the people.
Alan: Ye shall know them by their fruit, right?
Caller: When you talk to one of those pastors about any of these issues, it is almost like talking to the IRS. Most pastors are pretty good as far as sermons, etc., but when it comes down to what the whole thing is all about, they are full of hypocrisy.
Revere: Foundations are really important. What happens is that the preachers bring the people up to the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, God's government, but never take them in. You see, the State corporate churches cannot preach the Kingdom of Heaven.
Alan: They can't because they will lose all those so-called "privileges" that they signed their soul away for.
Revere: Here is the big thing: They are State Creatures. They are created by and for the State and they are nothing more than another agency of the State, through incorporation.
Alan: Imagine that. Tell us a little bit more about your church.
Revere: The Embassy of Heaven is more than just a building and a group of people. What we have done is completely separated from the State, Counties and Cities, and also the United States of America. And we license our people under the authority of God, instead of the State. We have driver licenses, vehicle registrations, certificate of titles, and Kingdom of Heaven plates on our vehicles.
Alan: Ho, ho, ho.
Revere: We travel all over the country and we have people all the way from Seattle to Miami who are wearing Heaven plates on their vehicles. And since we are the nation of God, a peculiar people set apart, we also supply passports. The Heaven passport is the same quality that you would find with any other country.
We have a total of about 300 people and maybe about a dozen of them are black. And we also have people who are oriental. We do not make any difference between their skin as long as they recognize and give their allegiance to our Father in Heaven.
Alan: All you have to do is want to be a free person basically, right?
Revere: We are trying to do it by commandment. We believe that Jesus Christ came to earth 2,000 years ago. After the Lord's Supper, He bestowed upon His apostles a nation known as the Kingdom of Heaven. He said at Luke 22:29: "I appoint unto you a Kingdom." Remember the apostles were arguing about what positions they were going to hold in His government and He stopped them and said, "Look, we're not going to be a government of lordship like the kingdoms of the world are. We are going to be a government of service as I have served you." So He has even prescribed the nature of the government.
Apostle Paul was deeply involved in setting up the ecclesia, or the government of God. He was not forming churches just to hook them up to Caesar. He was calling for separation. And at the Embassy of Heaven we have a similar calling today.
Alan: Just like it says, "Come out of her my people."
Revere: "Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins," (Revelation 18:4) that is correct.

Constitution is Commerce Document

Alan: Document by We the People. Not by Christ.Most people are wising up to all this monkey business that this Federal government is perpetrating on people, usurping the authority through the States, voiding State's rights. The people are supposed to be the supreme within all the States. Only unto God will they answer. And everybody now has become more or less chattel. You know what I am saying, slaves or basically servants owned by the Federal government. The State has done nothing for you except allowed them to rape you.
Revere: We call it "making merchandise of the people."
Alan: Yes. Maybe you could explain a little bit of that for the listeners out here. Making merchandise of the people, what is your take on that one?
Revere: The United States of America and its Constitution were set up by a group of people struggling for power with Europe. Europe was raking in the money on commerce in America. And the people in America were saying, "Hey wait a minute. We want the action in commerce."
The United States Constitution is not a godly document for the people. It is actually a document for those in commerce to make commerce, or merchandise, of the people.
Alan: Now wait a minute, everybody knows that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and supposedly all these Masonic founding fathers were all Christian types.

Treaty of Tripoli

Revere: That is what I originally believed. But when I started researching, there was very little evidence that the United States was Christian based. In fact, the most interesting document that we discovered was signed about nine years after the United States Constitution was put into effect. It is the Treaty of Tripoli. This was a peace treaty with the Barbary pirates. I thought it was rather interesting that the United States of America was making a treaty with such known thieves as pirates, because what communion hath light with darkness?
Alan: Well they do it today, too, but go ahead.
Revere: In this Treaty, Article 11 states: "The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."
Alan: Where does it say that?
Revere: It says it at Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli, dated 1796. In fact, it passed the 5th Congress of the United States of America.
Alan: The Treaty?
Revere: The Treaty. According to the United States Constitution, "the supreme law of the land," includes Treaties (Article 6, paragraph 2). So this Treaty is part of the supreme law of the land of the United States of America. There are some footnotes which refer to Article 11. Interestingly, Article 11 disappeared in many documents after that. It kind of got scrubbed. One footnote stated that the disappearance of Article 11 remains a "mystery" to this very day. But you can go back and find books that have the Treaty and Article 11.
The footnotes also say that the reason for the statement was because the Barbary pirates were Muslims. And they were concerned that if the United States of America is a Christian nation, how could there ever be peace between Christians and Muslims?
Alan: Exactly. How could they trust them if they were going to make a Treaty with them?
Revere: So they put in Article 11. Anyway, that Treaty was signed right at the beginning, within nine years of the United States Constitution.

Ten Amendments

Alan: I had someone on here a while back that caused a lot of flack because he was explaining that in all his years of research, he cannot find where the Constitution applies to "the people," per se, as we think of ourselves as, "the people." That it was for them and their posterity and it was a separate contract to protect their corporations which were the thirteen States. And the people that ran them and were in control of them basically had the money that ruled over them. And that kind of ties in with what you are saying now that the Constitution was some kind of a document for commerce.
Revere: That is correct.
Alan: And I had somebody saying, "But what about the ten commandments!" They think of the ten amendments as the ten commandments, God's ten commandments.
Revere: Ha, ha, ha, wrong jurisdiction, Dave.
Alan: Ten Commandments"My ten amendments! I like my ten amendments." And I reply, "What have they done for you lately? What have they done for David Koresh, huh? Or what have the ten amendments done for the people that have basically had scientific experiments done on them at random just like laboratory rats, right here in the Bay area, 35 years ago? The Navy and the Air Force and the Army did their biological experiments from the air on the Bay area, people didn't even know about it. Try driving down the road without a license, see how many ten amendment rights you have."
Revere: We have a concern with the ten amendments, specifically the first amendment, which is the freedom of religion. We look to Jesus Christ. He is our Foundation and our Rock. That is where we try to look to figure out what is going on. Anyway, Jesus did not come to give us "freedom of religion." He came, and it was His pleasure, to give us His Father's government. So technically there is only one authorized government on the face of the earth and that is the one in the Lord's prayer. "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."
The first amendment, freedom of religion, is a clause that sounds good on the surface, but in reality, who can grant freedom of religion? If someone grants you freedom of religion, they are actually declaring that they themselves are atheists and they want God's Seat. Because, technically, the only One who gives you freedom is God Himself.
Alan: They claim this country was formed so everyone could have all the rights given to you by God and that this government was only designed to help protect you, and protect those rights for you.
Revere: Then they should not have anything to do with us, then, should they?
Alan: People kind of deify these founding father characters. A lot of them did things in secret, were connected with Masonry.
Revere: The Constitution of the United States of America is a commercial contract. They wanted a bigger cut of the action locally.
Alan: So they were living over here doing all the work and those guys were getting fat back in the old world.
Revere: What happened was that there were Christians who were persecuted in Europe. They came over here to America. But what people forget is that there were wolves that followed right behind them, coming right after them to persecute them even more.
What was the Boston tea party all about? It was over taxes, it was over money. They wanted to keep the money here instead of sending it over to Britain. And so those people are right here with us now, making merchandise of us, all of these years. And they have somehow gotten most of us to believe that we, as Christians, are in a Christian nation.

Not a Free People

Alan: And also to believe that we are actually free people.
Revere: Which has been the biggest lie. We are not a free people. What is the basic definition of a free people? If I am free, then I have a choice of whether I want to participate in their government or not. They will not let us out. We have been struggling for many years just trying to separate from the several States and the United States of America, to be a people of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.
How can the people be free when they keep making laws? When I see States involved in writing volumes and volumes of statutes, to me that looks almost like the Old Testament.
Alan: Yes, putting more links on the chain.
Revere: Every time you write a law, somebody has to enforce it. And there is someone who is going to do the beating and someone who is going to get the beating. No man can add nor subtract from His Law. It is already from the Beginning. We go back all the way to the Beginning. We do not even recognize the ten commandments.
People say, "What! You don't recognize the ten commandments?" Absolutely not, because when Jesus came He was pointing His finger all the way back to the beginning. When He referenced Moses, He said, "In the days of old you were told, but I tell you." For example, if you kill somebody, you are subject to judgment, but He says that from the beginning it was not so, "For if you hate, you are subject to the judgment." So Jesus was pointing His finger all the way back, prior to Moses, to the eternal law. The reason Moses was added, was because of the hardness of men's hearts. The law was added because of the transgressions. What Jesus was saying is, "Change the heart, and if you change the heart, you will fulfill all the law." That is the message, and it is so basic and so simple.
So now the State statutes are involved in doing exactly the same thing that Moses was doing, which did not work!


Jim: Kingdom of Heaven PassportI have a couple of questions. You issue or your agency issues passports?
Revere: That's right.
Jim: You have some competition, you understand, because Bill Clinton is able to issue passports to hell.
Alan: We already know that. Paul Revere has the highway to heaven and Bill Clinton is on the road to hell.
Jim: I think that's great, where do we write, where do we call?
Revere: It is the Embassy of Heaven. What it requires is that you are baptized a Christian and recognize the Kingdom of Heaven is God's government on earth.
Alan: Baptized where? In one of those "servant of the beast" churches?
Revere: That is a rather interesting topic because when I was 14, I was baptized in a State Christian Church. In 1990, I was baptized a second time, but this time under the Kingdom of Heaven.
Alan: Did you do that in a river somewhere?
Revere: Yes. Right here at the Embassy. We have a 34-acre church site. We have campgrounds and we put on retreats each year. A creek runs down the middle of the site for baptisms.
Alan: Watch out, they'll call it a "compound" next.

Federal Troops Attack ChurchEncounters with the Feds

Revere: They have already tried to call it a "compound." On August 4, 1993, we were raided by the U.S. Marshal Service and the local County surrounding us.
Alan: What is wrong with those guys? What is their problem?
Revere: Oregon National Guard troopsWe had two people, Glen Stoll and Michael Stevens, who drove into Fort Lewis army base with Heaven plates on the car and Heaven driver licenses and the Feds did not like it. And so our people were charged with violating State of Washington statutes on Federal land. Then the Feds came down here two months later. They were looking for them with automatic weapons - for minor traffic offenses.
Alan: Marion County troopsThat kind of sounds like the guy down there in Georgia who was surrounded by the FBI for a misdemeanor, a failing to pay a child-support rap.
Revere: City of Salem and City of Stayton troops.So we have had our go arounds with them. Back in May of 1993, we were contacted by the U.S. Secret Service out of Portland, Oregon. The complaint came in that we are creating and issuing false and fictitious documents. That is referring to our Heaven license plates, our certificates of title, registration, and driver licenses.
I asked the agent, "Who is bringing this complaint?" And he said, "The State of California, State of Oregon, State of Washington, and State of Idaho. They want you to cease and desist."
Sgt. Duane Fletchall oversees the entire operationI asked the agent the obvious question, "What is the State and Federal interest in the Kingdom of Heaven?" And he said, "We have none." "Then what is your interest in our documents?" "We don't have any." I said, "Then what's your beef?" "Well, I guess we don't have any." "What are you going to do about it?" The Secret Service agent said, "We've already withdrawn the charges, have a good day."

Titling Vehicles

Alan: How do you deal with that thing about titles of cars?
Revere: Embassy of Heaven has a complete system of records. We keep track of all the vehicles. We have our own Heaven Vehicle Code book which states our procedures.
We have an eight-page traveling documents brochure with request forms. If someone makes the request for the plates, the title, and registration, they also send the previous State certificate of title. We cancel the State document and send a transmittal letter to the State. Most of the States cancel the certificate of title and note on their records that the car is now registered and titled in a foreign government.
Alan: But don't they have to send you that record of title?
Revere: No, we just return their original back to them. Then we reissue a brand-new certificate of title issued out of the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Alan: What about getting the MSO, the certificate of origin back?
Revere: Unfortunately, when a brand-new car is registered and titled, the State takes the MSO and destroys it.
Alan: They do?
Revere: Yes, they do. The manufacturer's certificate of origin is really not the issue. Residency is the issue. If you are a resident of the State, then you have a requirement to fulfill all their demands. But if you are not a resident, you have no obligation to them. The parallel would be like a family. If I am not in your family, then I do not have to be up by the prescribed time that you dictate.
Every aspect of our lives that the State interferes with, we duplicate. And we bring it under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Heaven. The jurisdiction does not hinge upon territory. It is not based upon land. A government can spread over any land. Since the earth is the LORD's, the Kingdom of Heaven applies to anyone who is on the face of the earth.

Marriage License

Tony: I have a question on the marriage license. Do you accept the marriage license from the State to get married? What is your opinion or comments or recognition on that?
Revere: Marriage is God's institutionWe also have a book entitled, Permanency of Marriage. It is probably the most controversial book that we have because we believe that once married you are done, till death do you part.
We have a whole book that deals with that topic. Most people reject it because they like the lusts of the flesh and they like serial polygamy.
Alan: Like serial marriages.
Revere: "You can have as many spouses as you want just as long as you have only one at a time." This is basically the attitude of animalism, instead of going to the higher levels. I believe the Father in Heaven desires from the beginning that we are yoked one-on-one till death do us part. And as far as marriage goes, that is God's institution.
Alan: Why do you need a license from the stupid State!
Revere: The State cannot marry anyone because it is God's institution, period.
Alan: So then, what do you do if you have one of those ball and chains from the State now?
Revere: As far as I am concerned, the paper means absolutely nothing. The State is claiming to have something to do with marriage. Well, it is not their institution. Many people say, "I was never really married because it was by the State. Therefore, I can go play with anyone I want to." But if you look at the Scripture, even the heathen were recognized as being married.
Alan: You took a mate, period, dot, no question mark.
Revere: Yes, anybody who got married, whether it was before the State or not, I believe did it before God.

Working Without Numbers

Caller: How does a guy stay alive? How does he maintain a job without State numbers and licenses?
Revere: We are commanded to workYou do not need a license to work because you have already been commanded. It is your duty to work. The question is, "Who are you going to work for?" If you are going to be a Godly man, why not use some of your God-given gifts? Why do you have to yoke with unbelievers for your work? Why not become clever with your skills and capabilities and work like the rest of us. And if you are successful, maybe you can help others get started.
Caller: You mean do what you're doing?
Revere: That's right. And let us bear one another's burdens. Embassy of Heaven provides another service, business licenses. If you are having trouble with licensing, like plumber's license, electrical license, contractor's license or if you have a store front and need a city license, Embassy of Heaven provides a business license. We have the kind you hang on the wall or put in your billfold.
One of our citizens was being hounded by the City of Everett, Washington, to have a business license. They came in with the police and threatened to close him down.
He filled out our simple request form for a business license and sent it back to us. We put him on our system of records and sent him a Kingdom of Heaven business license. He called up the City and told them his license was hanging on the wall and invited them to come look at it. That was over two years ago and they have left him alone ever since.
Alan: Do you think they left him alone because they thought, "This guy's a nut?"
Revere: It doesn't matter. Our issue is that if they want a license, we'll provide one. But it will come from the highest authority, not from them.
We had a roofer in Southern Oregon in the midst of doing a roof. State officials came up the ladder and said, "You don't have a license to be doing this roof." Our man said, "Get off my ladder. This is God's roof. You don't have any interest in God's work, so therefore, get out of here." And they did.
If you work, you do not work or sell in State commerce. You are in God's commerce, not State commerce.
Have you ever considered being a missionary to America? Think about when the harlot State churches send missionaries over to Africa. Those people are doctors, electricians, plumbers - almost any profession. And when they go to Africa, they are working for the mission. All we have to do is be missionaries for America and do it right here, without State numbers. . . .

Sodom and Gomorrah

Revere: What do you do when you wake up and find yourself in Sodom and Gomorrah?
Alan: I do every morning.
Revere: That's right. When we find ourselves in Sodom and Gomorrah, we are going to be responsible for what we did and didn't do. And if we just sit and do nothing to bring this people back to God, we are going to be held accountable.

Seeking Recognition

Alan: How can they prove that you are their subject or that they have authority over you?
Revere: They do it by simply acting on it. They assume it and they play it out and they hope that you are not smart enough to realize what is going on.
We had a telephone hearing a few years ago regarding the property tax. The hearings officer started the hearing by saying, "We have on one line the Embassy of Heaven, which is a corporation of the State of Oregon." I immediately said, "Where did you determine that Embassy of Heaven is a corporation of the State of Oregon?" "Oh, excuse me. We must be having tape problems," he said. What he was doing was setting it up so that he could cut my comment out of the tape.
Puppets of menThe State tries to make us a creation of theirs because what one creates, one controls. That is how the game is played. They are connivers and they do it all the time. We have witnessed this over and over.
We are seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness. It is interesting to watch these Statists with their thousands of tricks, trying to prevent us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.
One of their favorite comments is, "We don't recognize you." Who said we are looking for their recognition? We are already recognized by the Highest Authority. Do you realize that the United States of America did not recognize Red China for 25 years? Yet how many billions of people were over there working daily?
Our objective is to put the fence on fire and they are going to have to make a decision. Either they are going to recognize the Kingdom of Heaven, or they are not, and I want it in writing. As soon as I have it in writing from any of these Statists, I want to publicize it. I'll let the whole world know where the State stands on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Change of Heart

Alan: What do you do when they just keep trucking against you?
Revere: We do the best we can. For those who are being called, first count the cost. This is a battle and it is not for wimps. You are going to be tested, you are going to be tried. Just because they do evil to us, does not give us license to do evil in return. We need to remember from whence our calling comes. And I think Jesus was a good example. People hit me with, "Jesus said, 'Go buy a sword.'" Shortly afterwards, when Peter tried to use the sword, Jesus rebuked him, "Put it away, Peter." And He even restored the ear that he cut off. So we cannot be too quick to judge because we have to be careful about where our heart is also.
I am always in the corridors at meetings preaching and trying to get people to realize that it all begins in the heart. If the heart is not changed, I do not care what you do, nothing is going to work. The hearts of the people need to be changed. And in so doing, our Father in Heaven will bless us.
What do we want tomorrow to be? What do we want for our future? What do we want for our children? I think I would like government based upon the Golden Rule.
Alan: I have to tell you, Paul, I am glad I talked to you on the radio. And I think we had a pretty informative program.
Revere: It was very enjoyable. This is the nicest program that I have ever been on. May His Peace go with you, Dave, and your entire audience.