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Sep-Oct, Year of Our Lord, 1996
Number 965

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Men will wrangle
for religion;
write for it;
fight for it;
die for it;
anything but
- live for it.


Ink and Paper

The Grave Yard

Passport Updates

"And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them."

Mark 16:20

After returning from doing mission work in Canada, Aaron Abba'sson entered the U.S. Customs office at Anacortes, Washington. When asked for identification, Aaron presented his Heaven passport.

"What is this, some kind of joke?" asked the customs official.

"No, this is no joke. I take my citizenship very seriously," said Aaron.

"Well, I didn't know. We've had people try to use passports that they made up themselves."

After a brief discussion about the Kingdom of Heaven, the customs official stamped Aaron's passport and sent him on his way. No other identification was used to cross the border.


On the morning of August 2, 1996, Glen Stoll presented his Heaven passport and was refused passage on American Airlines because of his nationality. They insisted that he must have picture identification issued by the Local, State, or Federal government. Glen talked to American Airlines management, but they remained firm in their refusal to let him board and he missed his flight from Seattle to Texas. American Airlines cited new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) directives as their authority.

Later, Glen complained to the FAA that Christians could not fly because of their new directives. FAA officials said that American Airlines was interpreting the new regulations too strictly and said there were exceptions. The travel agency was horrified that Glen had been refused passage and he was issued new tickets for an October flight.


On the evening of August 31, 1996, Michael Stevens was refused passage on Alaska Airlines after showing his Heaven passport. Michael protested that he showed his passport just a few weeks earlier and was allowed to board Alaska Airlines in Seattle. Glen Stoll called Alaska Airlines management to make them aware that the Kingdom of Heaven is God's government upon the earth. The airline representative was asked to call directory assistance to obtain the Embassy's phone number and to verify our existence. A few minutes later a woman from the ticket counter in Alaska called Glen and confirmed that Michael's identification had been approved and he was boarding the plane. They also issued Michael a Frequent Flyer card which will help identify him in the future.

Because of these stricter FAA regulations, we may have trouble flying with Heaven identification. Airline personnel need to be reminded that the intent of the regulations is to stop terrorists, not Christians, from boarding.


When: September 18 - 22, 1996

Theme: Practical Kingdom Living

Mark your calendars and plan to fellowship with us in the forested foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Topics include:

For further details, please give us a call.

"I have attended these retreats in the woods for a number of years and have found the testimony inspiring and the fellowship endearing. I hope to be there for much of the five days and will be speaking on 'Civil Governments Throughout History.'" Gregory Williams

Christian Camping

Dear Friends,

He kept him as the apple of his eye.

Deuteronomy 32:10

Selected apples in His box

Harvest is on our doorstep. Each fall our friend, Bernie, brings us Yellow Finnish potatoes, assorted winter squash, nuts, onions, and my favorite, King apples.

Bernie runs a produce stand and through painstaking management, sells fresh, crisp apples, even in April. When Bernie harvests the apples, only the sound, good apples are put in the box. Bernie keeps a careful watch on all his apples, separating any that start to go bad. If he maintains a box with only good apples, the apples will stay firm and sound.

The separation of the good and bad apples parallels the two governments existing concurrently on this earth. They are the Kingdom of Christ (the "good apple box") and the kingdoms of the world (those outside the "good apple box").

There is a difference in the way these two groups are treated. Those inside the box are assumed to be good and laws are not laid down for them (1 Timothy 1:9). The burdens are light because the focus is on good. By their very nature, they do good because the Spirit of Christ directs them. The "good apple box" is separated unto God and the kingdoms of the world should have nothing to do with them.

Outside the "good apple box" are both good and bad. These outsiders are heavily burdened by the Kingdoms of the world because there is bad among them. To be as perfect as our Father in Heaven, both good and bad are treated the same. Since bad is among them, the focus is on bad and they all suffer under the oppression of the law.

The difference between the two areas is the focus. For those inside the box, the focus is on the good because those apples are good. Outside the box, the focus is on the bad because those apples have bad amongst them. Since the good are yoked with the bad, they are treated the same. That is why the heavy burden of rules and regulations applies to both good and bad. In order for the good to not be treated with such harshness, the good must be separated from the bad.

It takes more than doing good deeds to not be under the heavy burdens of the world. As long as you are yoked with the bad, you will be treated as one who is bad.

The sides of the apple box represent a wall of separation between the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdoms of the world. To enter the "good apple box," one must depart from iniquity, confess Christ with his tongue, and cross over that wall.

As people look upon the "good apple box," the whole world will want to be like them. But only someone who is willing to deny self, take up his cross, and follow Jesus, can enter the "good apple box." There he can enjoy light and easy burdens.

The kingdoms of the world are very jealous of the "good apple box." They want everyone, including the "good apple box" under their power. They perceive that the "good apple box" is above the law. Besides, the "good apple box" puts them to shame.

Apple of His eyeOn earth, there are two governments operating at the same time and they are separate. The world rules over the unselected good and bad. But the Kingdom of Heaven is strictly for the "called-out ones" who confess Jesus Christ and are good.

Which government are you under?

Paul Revere, Pastor

Disobeying Romans 13?

When I go to jail, I won't wear their jail clothes, eat their food, or voluntarily walk into their courts. I consider the jailers as strangers and I do not obey strangers. I am to obey the Shepherd and flee from the stranger (John 10). After explaining this to a jailer, he looked at me in exasperation and said:

"You're nothing like Jesus Christ!" said the jailer.

"You will have to help me out on that one," I replied.

"Jesus at least obeyed the authorities. I mean He carried His own cross and He walked on His own two legs and you won't even do that."

"I am assuming you are referring to Romans 13."

"You bet I am! You are totally disobedient to the higher authorities."

"I want you to know one thing, and I want you to know it clearly: It was your forefathers who crucified my Lord."

This remark silenced the jailer and our conversation ended.

The Great Deception

State Chaplains

State ChaplainsBack in the early seventies, I wanted to avoid fighting in Vietnam. I joined the National Guard and was shipped to Fort Ord, California for six months of active duty. Day after day we were taught the fine points of killing. Amid all the shouting, shooting and swearing, the one thing that puzzled me was the Army chaplain. I kept scratching my head. "Why is a chaplain, who is supposed to be a minister of Jesus Christ, sanctioning war? I don't understand. What's his responsibility? Why is he hired by a war machine?"

There is a basic principle of law: What one creates, one controls. If I am doing some evil and I want the people to accept that evil, what is the first thing I am going to do? I am going to hire a "man of the cloth" to preach Jesus. Everybody thinks this man is preaching Jesus, but they forget who put him in office. They forget where he receives his paycheck. They don't see that the real agenda is to make evil look good. They don't realize that he is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Constantine's Deception

I believe that there are almost no citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason? The world has done a fantastic job of deceiving the people. And the greatest deception is when the State hires someone to preach Jesus Christ.

Emperor ConstantineEmperor Constantine of Rome brilliantly executed this deception. Around 312 A.D. he supposedly saw in the afternoon sky a bright cross with the words, "In this sign conquer." That night Constantine dreamed that Christ bade him take the cross for his standard. From then on, his armies conquered under the symbol of the cross. Previously, Christians refused to fight in the Emperor's wars. But now it appeared that Constantine was fighting Christ's battles and many Christians were duped into joining Constantine's army.

Constantine was a sly politician. Despite some Christian sentiments, he ruled the empire as a despot, surrounding himself with oriental pomp. He put to death his oldest son, Crispus, and his second wife, Fausta. Constantine gained renown by passing the Edict of Milan, which granted all persons the freedom to follow whatever religion they wished. This ended the persecution of Christians and deceived many.

Even today, most people can't see through Constantine. They don't realize how clever he was at winning over his opponents. Prior to the Edict, it was against the law to be a Christian and many Christians were martyred. Constantine, like all shrewd leaders, wanted to appear benevolent. He desired to end the killing of Christians because it made the State look evil. He also wanted the Christians to be under his control.

Constantine realized that if you can't beat them, why not join them? Though he did not convert to Christianity until he was on his deathbed, he showed sympathy toward the Christians. This caught many Christians off guard. They thought Constantine was their champion. When a controversy threatened to split up the Christians, Constantine came to the rescue. He called together a worldwide council of bishops and presided over the meeting. The Council settled the dispute by drawing up the Nicene Creed.

Constantine was amassing great power. He not only ruled in matters of State, but was also leading the Church. Here was a man directing Church affairs, who was not even a professed Christian. A joining of the church with the State began which continues to this very day.

This union of believers with unbelievers creates confusion. Today there are all kinds of people going to "church," and calling themselves "Christians," but they are not. Though they confess Jesus with their tongue, their allegiance is to the world. They are being led by wolves who have put on sheep's clothing and they cannot see through the sheepskin.

It is difficult to sort these leaders out. We cannot perceive that inside are dead-men's bones, not Jesus Christ. We are deceived into believing they are working for the Lord, when in reality they are working for their father the devil.

Why is wickedness so powerful? Because they are the deceivers and anyone who deceives is forced to become very wise. But the children of God, why are we so stupid? Because we have nothing to hide. We are innocent. And our innocence causes us to stumble and fall and be deceived. It is the deceivers who must constantly prop up their lies, lest the spell is broken, and the people learn the truth.

Missionaries Sent by State

How can the State, which denies Jesus Christ, send a Christian missionary? It seems impossible, yet State-incorporated "churches" send missionaries all the time. But they go out under the covering of passports issued by the United States. These missionaries are not representing the Kingdom of Heaven. They are representing the government of the United States.

"What's wrong with that? Isn't the United States a Christian nation? How about all those Christian people who set up this wonderful free country?"

I'm sorry, but you have been deceived. Their official documents say that the United States is not a Christian nation. The Treaty of Tripoli, signed in 1796, which is included as the Supreme Law of the United States, says, "The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."

Why do most of the people think this is a Christian nation? Because the State has placed their men as leaders in the churches. They tell them this is a Christian nation and deceive the people.

Preaching Statism

What are the State-incorporated churches preaching? These "pastors" have State driver licenses and United States Passports. They tell their congregation that Romans 13 means "Obey the law of the land." They are not preaching the Kingdom of Heaven. They are not promoting God's government upon the earth as it is in Heaven. They are preaching Statism. Their loyalty is to the State who created them. They fear that if they are disobedient, the IRS will take away their special 501(c)(3) tax status.

Jesus says, "I am the Vine. You are the branches." That is corporate talk. He is saying we are incorporated in Him. "Eat my flesh, drink my blood." More corporate talk. "You have no life except you get it from me." Where do these 501(c)(3) churches get their life? Not from Jesus, but from the State.

Edict of Milan

[Issued after the meeting of Constantine and Licinius in Milan, in the month of March, 313 A.D.]

"Wherefore, as I, Constantine Augustus, and I, Licinius Augustus, came under favorable auspices to Milan, and took under consideration all affairs that pertained to the public benefit and welfare, these things among the rest appeared to us to be most advantageous and profitable to all.

"We have resolved among the first things to ordain those matters by which reverence and worship to the Deity might be exhibited. That is, how we may grant likewise to the Christians, and to all, the free choice to follow that mode of worship which they may wish. That whatsoever divinity and celestial power may exist, may be propitious to us and to all that live under our government. Therefore, we have decreed the following ordinances as our will, with a salutary and most correct intention, that no freedom at all shall be refused to Christians, to follow or to keep their observances or worship. But that to each one power be granted to devote his mind to that worship which he may think adapted to himself. That the Deity may in all things exhibit to us his accustomed favor and kindness.

"It was just and consistent that we should write that this was our pleasure. That all exceptions respecting the Christians being completely removed, which were contained in the former epistle that we sent to your fidelity, and whatever measures were wholly sinister and foreign to our mildness, that these should be altogether annulled; and now that each one of the Christians may freely and without molestation pursue and follow that course and worship which he has proposed to himself: which, indeed, we have resolved to communicate most fully to your care and diligence, that you may know we have granted liberty and full freedom to the Christians, to observe their own mode of worship; which as your fidelity understands absolutely granted to them by us, the privilege is also granted to others to pursue that worship and religion they wish. Which it is obvious is consistent with the peace and tranquility of our times; that each may have the privilege to select and to worship whatsoever divinity he pleases. But this has been done by us, that we might not appear in any manner to detract anything from any manner of religion, or any mode of worship."

Road Report

Road ReportDear Friends in Christ,

Just a note to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. This month makes three years of traveling with Heaven documents with no arrests, no tickets, no road breakdowns, and no accidents. If this all changes tomorrow, I will say with Job of old, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in him" Job 13:15. All praise to our Savior and Lord Jesus!

I won't make the retreat this year, but I hope to next year. Stay in the fight, your labor is not in vain!

Love in Christ,
Ed Knittel

Saved from Surgery

Gordon of Yahweh has distributed many copies of Cleansing or Surgery and recently received this unsolicited testimonial:


Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that we met you and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the book Cleansing or Surgery with us. If it hadn't been for you, I would probably be missing a few precious body parts by now. Instead, I'm totally intact and healthy! (And some doctor is missing a few house payments!)

LemonsThanks again,



The Sham of Religious Freedom

"Isn't it wonderful that we have 'freedom of religion' here in America?" We've been convinced that "freedom of religion" is a good thing, but it is a sham. My Father in Heaven did not send His Son to die on a cross so I could have "freedom of religion"! He sent His Son to die so I could have His government on earth as it is in Heaven. It was not intended that everyone would be part of His government, only the "called-out ones." The United States, on the other hand, set up a government for everyone, including the Christians.

Freedom of Religion is Number One on the United States Bill of Rights. You can have any beliefs you want. This concept is also reflected in the Treaty of Tripoli, which the United States made with the Barbary Pirates in 1796. Article 11 of the Treaty declares, "the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."

The purpose of the Treaty was to make peace with the Barbary Pirates. The pirates said, "We are Muslims. How can a Christian and a Muslim ever be at peace?" The United States replied, "Oh, we're not a Christian nation. Therefore, we can be at peace and make a treaty with you."

Treaty of TripoliIn the Treaty of Tripoli, the United States openly declared that the United States was not founded on the Christian religion. Then, to further win the Pirates' favor, they said that the States had never entered into war or an act of hostility against any Muslim nation, and that they had no enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims. Why were they showing such tolerance for the Muslims? Because "freedom of religion" is good for commerce.



Constitutional Framers were Atheists

What were the beliefs of these men who offered us "freedom of religion?" They could not have been Christians. Their constitution does not even mention our Lord Jesus Christ. We, as Christians, are to confess Jesus before men. And whatever we do in word or deed, we do in the name of the Lord, Jesus (Colossians 3:17). God is missing from their Constitution. They founded their government without God.

Surely if the Mohammedans would have undertaken the momentous task of drawing up a constitution, they would have done it in the name of Allah or at least paid their god homage. We can only conclude that the framers of the United States Constitution did not recognize a Supreme Being. They resembled the fool mentioned in Psalm 14:1, who said in his heart, "there is no God."

The framers of the Bill of Rights must have been atheists. They claimed no religion. Therefore, atheists or unbelievers granted you freedom to be a believer. But there is one condition. You must be subservient to them.

What we have is a situation where infidels are granting you the privilege to worship in any manner you choose, as long as they remain god. In fact, anyone who declares freedom of religion is a god and is competing with the Almighty.

There is no "freedom of religion" for a Christian. Jesus Christ gave us His government and His word. We are not free to seek out other gods and other forms of worship. Therefore, "freedom of religion" has no value in our lives. It means nothing. I find it part of antichrist. It is the same deception Rome used 2,000 years ago.

Legal Religions

During the early days of Christianity, Rome discovered she could make her conquered subjects submit to her authority in almost every sphere. The conquered peoples would fight in the Roman armies and pay Roman taxes. But Rome found they could not force the people to abandon their religion and worship Roman gods.

Rome developed an ingenious device to circumvent this problem: the license. Rome generously declared that the people could worship any god they chose, and in any manner they chose. They could even proselytize for their religion. This marvelous "freedom of religion" was granted, with just one minor condition. They must first obtain a license from the Roman government. This established their religion as a legal religion of the Roman State.

Every religion in the Empire, except one, readily complied with this request. Even Judaism registered with Rome and became an officially recognized religion. But the obscure sect known as Christianity remained a "religio illicita," an illegal religion.

Christians were soon viewed, not so much as a religion, but as politicians of the worst kind. If they were not stopped, they would overturn the Roman Empire with their allegiance to another Kingdom.

Why would the Christians not accept a license? To accept a license, means to become "legal." It means to accept the sovereignty of the one who issues the license. One key principle is the lesser authority never licenses the greater authority. Rome wanted the Christians to acknowledge that they must obtain Caesar's permission to worship Jesus Christ. If the Christians accepted Caesar's license, they would be acknowledging the authority of Caesar over that of Jesus Christ. The Roman Emperor would stand above God Himself.

This was exactly what the Romans intended to accomplish by issuing religious licenses. They would graciously allow "freedom of religion" throughout the Empire. The only catch was that every religion must acknowledge Caesar's authority over the gods of all religions, including the God of Christianity.

Hitler praised the Romans for their "tolerance" of all religions. But he shared the Romans' hostility toward Christians who would not submit to licensing. Later, he said that he viewed Christian resistance as an implicit challenge to his own totalitarian claims.

Christians who confessed that "Jesus is Lord," could not accept the Roman license without making Caesar lord over Christ. They told Rome, not just with words, but with their very lives, that Christ, not Caesar, was Lord.

Smelling Like a Christian

For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.

2 Corinthians 2:15-16

When they throw us in jail, I just love it. They could just say, "Ah, he's a nut! Pass him by." But, no, they cast us in jail. And that gives us credibility.

Many people say, "They're persecuting me. I must be doing something wrong." No, the persecution might mean you're doing something right. You're on the right track when the world hates you because it hates the Kingdom of Heaven and its citizens. If we had the love of the world, we would not have Christ in us.

Fear plays a major role in how we handle situations. The root of fear is in believing you are not saved. If I am saved, I have no fear. All fear stems from unbelief.

Smelling like a ChristianThe enemy can "smell" our character a mile away when we are fearful. Let's play it out. You've been thrown in jail. You go before the judge and confess that you are an ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven. The judge thinks you are crazy and sends you to the mental ward. After you have been fasting a couple weeks, the psychiatrist makes an offer: "Okay, you better start eating now or we're going to start giving you shots." You might say, "How can you do that. I am on a spiritual fast. You have no right to violate me."

That won't impress the doctor. He'll merely say, "Oh, so now you want to fight us. Nurse, get the drugs out."

You must have an aroma of confidence in Jesus Christ. When they propose giving you drugs say, "Let the record show that you are going to drug the body of Christ. I am not going to fight you. I am already saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you can do to hurt me. I only fear the one who can destroy both my body and soul. You cannot touch my soul."

Then the doctor says, "I have authorized these drugs and you do not have a choice. Now bend over."

"No, I am going to make you work for it. I will not voluntarily be raped. If you force the needle, I will scream 'rape' if necessary. For I am the bride of Christ."

You must have an attitude to speak it, to act it, and to walk it. There is no agenda but Christ.

The only time I speak to them is when spoken to. And when I speak, I speak that which is His. Get self out of the way so that your captors are on a collision course with Jesus Christ.

"You want to rape the bride of Christ? Then let the record show it.

"Even though I cannot get the record out publicly, my Father in Heaven observes all, in light and darkness. You are going to have to contend with Him. I am His. He sent me out.

"You want to beat me up. Whatever you do to me, you have done to Him. Go for it. That is your decision, not mine. In fact, all you will do is put more pearls in my crown. I am going to go out with glory. It is not I that glory, but He that glories in me."

Nebuchadnezzar came against the three Hebrew children because they would not bow down when the music played. Neither will we bow down to everything the State wants (Daniel, Chapter 3).

What is going to happen when you don't have the documents the State demands? You are probably going to be thrown in the fire. And you pray that the Fourth One will be with you, the Son of God. He may or may not be with you, but you are still His vessel.

If you really believe in the Father, you will let Him do anything He wants with you. Just ask Job. We're sissies. Let's face it. We have not been persecuted. The only thing that has happened is our love of things has been challenged. And we do not like losing our toys.

An important principle to remember is that we do not lay our lives down in jail to obtain salvation. We lay our lives down because we are saved.

Jesus said, "I have the power to lay my life down. And I have the power to take it up again" (See John 10:17,18). That power rests within Himself, it is granted by the Father. It is also true with us. No one takes my life, but I that lay it down. No one can take my life because I have already laid it down.

I am dead. Dead in Christ. And if I am truly dead in Christ, what have I to fear? I have nothing left, so they have no power over me. Wife, children, property, even my very life have been surrendered to Jesus.

What is the greatest fear that keeps men in bondage? Fear of death. But if I am dead, I cannot hold anything, can I? Loved ones and property do not mean anything. Being dead is the ultimate.

We cannot be afraid to die. The most spoken name on the face of the earth is a man who lost His life and yet to this very day He lives. And by that same Power, we also live.

For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you.

2 Corinthians 13:4

Home Education Concerns

Is there a home school curriculum that you recommend?

No, we think they are a waste of money. They often put children on a learning schedule. Children may feel pressured to learn skills before they are ready. Many of the books fill their heads with irrelevant information. Why memorize State capitals or learn about war heroes when we should be learning about God's heroes?

As the child matures and is ready to learn to read, we use a basic phonics book to teach sounds. This is a simple task when the child is ready. A few basic math books are also helpful. Most math skills can be taught using real life problems. We sometimes tell our daughter, Skye, that she has a certain amount of money to spend. Then we tell her what items are needed and give her catalogs to find them, and total up the costs. Older children can also figure shipping costs, discount pricing, etc.

The Bible is full of practical wisdom and stories to read. A set of encyclopedias from the thrift store can be used for general reference purposes. As the child shows special interests, don't make them suffer through dry textbooks.

If your child loves catching bugs, give him an insect identification book. Search for well-written books on a particular topic of interest. Look in used book stores. As you work on a project, talk out loud with your child about the steps you are following. Have them help you cook, fix the car, or play the piano. They will gradually pick up these skills, in God's time.

Home education need not be expensive or time consuming. Make your children a part of your activities, give them opportunities to explore nature and read to them. They will soon be blossoming on their own, bringing forth good fruit.

One mother who was new to home education, came to us concerned that she could not provide a proper education for her children. "My children won't sit still and finish their workbook exercises. It exhausts me to keep after them."

Home School PrisonThis mother was trying to force her three children to stay seated at the kitchen table all morning, five days a week, studying. She was creating a school-prison at home.

Most children we know who are home educated spend an average of an hour a day on what might be called "formal education." This might include reading, writing, or math exercises. The rest of the time they are learning practical living skills, reading, playing, or working on hobbies. None of these children lacks a proper education.

We avoid pushing our children to learn. When the pupil is ready, learning is a joy. Children who are pressured to develop intellectual skills often rebel at about age 10 and learning is no longer a pleasure.

When we educate our children at home, we may not cover every course that is taught in public school. We try to be a resource, showing them how to obtain the information they are seeking. Our emphasis is not on providing a "proper education." We are more concerned that we keep our children from receiving an "improper education." Any schooling that a child receives that alienates them from God is an improper education. Any training that teaches them to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven is a proper education.

Letter from Prison

Terry Donald Shearer
c/o Donna Shearer
3429 Vinard Street
Malaga, Washington 98828

Dear Paul,

Greetings to my friend and fellow servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

I have been incarcerated since our return from Denver last fall. Six months is a long time to be in jail. During that time I have come to one conclusion: Justice is no longer available and this world is a sinking ship. Our job as Christ's ambassadors is to get as many people off the ship, as safely as possible!

I've met a few people trying to "fix the hole in the boat," so to speak, and thought this was perhaps a good cause. But I guess not. No one seems to care.

These last six months have been devastating to me. Part of me wants to just die. Yet something inside me says to hang on.

I have prayed and hung on to my faith in God through this ordeal. I guess I wrote to tell you, Paul, I wholeheartedly agree with your belief that it is time for God's Government.

Sincerely yours,
Ambassador Terry Shearer

P.S. Your prayers would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kingdom of Heaven
Questions and Answers

One Flesh until Death do us part

Enclosed is a book entitled Divorce & Remarriage by Guy Duty. The author, a pastor, says he has studied the Scriptures on divorce for 14 years. He concludes that divorce for reasons of adultery allows the right to remarriage. Do you agree?

No. We have read the book and find it amazing what someone will do to hide the simple Truth of Jesus Christ. The author's complex findings on the Jewish law might be interesting and convincing to some. To us, it is a reminder that the Scribes and Pharisees were also involved in legal perversions to avoid the Truth.

The author approaches the subject of divorce like a lawyer, citing rules of evidence and following the "Eight Rules of Interpretation." We wish that he could reexamine his work in light of the Holy Spirit.

The real question is whether Almighty God wants His people to practice serial monogamy (one spouse at a time) or marry until death do they part. The first form is animalism, while the latter is in His image. Our Father in Heaven desires that we remain loyal to our spouse, just as He desires that we be loyal to Him, as long as we shall live.

It is interesting that the author admits that he has a log in his eye. Too many people were leaving the church he pastored because his denomination upheld the permanency of marriage. When there was a divorce, he felt compassion for the "innocent party" who decided to marry again. He desired to break the "bondage of denominational tradition" and show that remarriage is not a sin. His book, first published in 1967, helped pave the way for today's soaring divorce rate among churchgoers. He told the people what their itching ears wanted to hear.

We must not forget the foundation: marriage is until "death do us part." Remarriage equals adultery. Jesus clearly states, "Whosoever putteth away his wife, (divorces) AND MARRIETH ANOTHER, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery (Luke 16:18). And if a woman shall put away (divorce) her husband AND BE MARRIED TO ANOTHER she committeth adultery (Mark 10:11-12)." God desires godly offspring and loyalty that spans forever and ever.

For more information on this vital topic, request our book, Permanency of Marriage.

The Radicals

In 16th Century Europe there arose a group of people who acknowledged no authority but God's. They separated from the governments of the world and imitated Christ in everything. They refused the State's protection saying, "If we accept a prince's sword, we accept his authority. Christ is our only authority." They were a Church standing alone, without prince, sword, or money to protect them. "We have only one Lord, Christ Jesus, and that is all we need."

"We must stand apart from the rest of the world. Anyone who joins Christ's kingdom must separate from the world. It takes only one bad thread to ruin the whole fabric. If we allow the fabric of this world to be woven into Christ's Church, then the Church is corrupted."

They first alarmed local officials by baptizing adults and refusing to baptize infants. This gave them the name of Radicals or Anabaptists. At that time, infant baptism was viewed as a mark of citizenship. Baptizing newborns was the system's way to register and track its citizens.

Anabaptists committed ultimate treason by being baptized as adults. By being baptized again, they were renouncing their former citizenship. Adult baptism symbolized their breaking away from the old system and their joining with God's kingdom.

Ever since Constantine, Church and State have been intertwined. Even the early Protestant movements sought the protection of their princes. But the Anabaptists refused such ties with the State and offered the world a new vision of Christ's Kingdom, separated from the world.

As they first began coming out of the corrupt Roman Catholic system, the Anabaptists could not agree on what they believed. Finally, at a secret meeting they agreed on these four articles:

  1. Repentant adult sinners are to be voluntarily baptized to take them out of the old system and into the Kingdom of God.
  2. No oaths of any kind are to be sworn.
  3. The sword is rejected because it is outside the perfection of Christ.
  4. There shall be a separation between the good and the evil, the believing and unbelieving, light and darkness, and the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdoms of the world. And none shall have part with the other.

The Anabaptists were hunted like outlaws by both Protestants and Catholics. They were forced to meet in caves and forest glens. Many were burned at the stake or drowned. Their persecution lasted for over 200 years and they were nearly annihilated.

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