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Mar-Apr, Year of Our Lord, 1995
Number 952

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 Put the Family back together again

Little Heather was given a puzzle of the world, cut out from a magazine. Her mom was surprised when Heather completed the puzzle in only five minutes.

"Heather, how did you do it so fast?"

"It was easy. There was a picture of a family on the other side. I put the family together and the world turned out fine."

Dear Friends,

May our joy be fulfilled in Him who gives us life. Amen.

It seems that almost every day someone urges us to start a lawsuit. They don't like it when we politely decline. Very few people see any power in enduring offenses. They want to strike out, rather than suffer. Everybody hates to suffer, and so do I. But suffering is effective. Hearts are softened when people suffer. Through our suffering, others see the injustice being done.

Our Lord Jesus could have called ten thousand angels to rescue Him from the cross. But He chose to suffer.

Gandhi, who was trained as a lawyer, could have "thrown the book" at the British. But he chose to suffer.

There is a brave young family who has just suffered greatly at the hands of the State of South Carolina. Police seized the three children and took the Dad to jail. The cause - the home lacked electricity. Can you believe it? Think of the pioneers who settled this country who did not have electricity. Yet, the State used the home's lack of electricity as an excuse to grab the children and haul Frank Lewis to jail. Instead of becoming angry, he decided to suffer.

It all started when social workers, accompanied by the police, approach Frank Lewis's home. They have no warrant. Apparently, a neighbor complained that the Lewis family had no electricity or running water.

Frank, a member of the Embassy of Heaven Church, remains on the porch and calmly tells the police they have no jurisdiction. Frank refuses to let them inside. Police threaten to break down the door and after about 30 minutes, Frank's wife, Angie, finally opens the door. The police rush into the house. Their three children are hauled away above the Mother's protests. Frank declines to answer their questions and is dragged to jail.

Angie calls the newspapers and tells them that the State has seized her children. Meanwhile, Frank fasts in jail and may die. Newspapers and television stations give the story extensive coverage.

After ten days, a family court judge rules that the police did not have probable cause to take the children away and the family is reunited. A spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union said police violated the couple's civil rights.

"Had they followed the Constitution, this family would have been spared the trauma the state has put them through," ACLU director Steven Bates said. "If their religion forbids them from suing the state, then Anderson County is probably lucky."

Lawyers were saying we have "a heck of a lawsuit." We even had lawyers willing to help the family for free.

Even though we have a major cause, we will not push a lawsuit. Many people don't understand why. Our Example hung on the Cross. And He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) We also make the same statement. We forgive all those in South Carolina for their trespass because they know not what they do. They seized jurisdiction where they had none. They violated chain of command. They did not have delegation of authority over the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet, we forgive them all.

Frank Lewis spent eight days fasting in jail. Did his suffering do any good? We believe Frank's suffering opened the door for people to hear the Gospel. One reporter commented on how Frank's jail fast brought the community into unison. Everyone seemed to be coming to the defense of the Lewis's, saying, "this is wrong."

After the ordeal, Frank commented, "It is tremendous. Our neighbors are asking questions about the Church, and people from across town have come over here asking about what we are doing. People we have never seen before are suddenly interested."

It was required of Frank to lay his life down in jail, even if it meant losing his children. But there was victory through his suffering. No, he did not win any financial settlements. He gained something money cannot buy. People woke up. They saw the wrong being done. Like Frank said, "Jesus won."

Paul Revere, Pastor

Police State

Fasting Inmate Freed on Bond


By Anna Simon, Anderson County staff writer

ANDERSON - Frank Lewis - who had been on an eight-day hunger strike at the Anderson Detention Center for religious reasons after refusing to give authorities any information about himself-was released on a $1,000 bond on Tuesday and sent home.

"I object," Lewis said, when told "to talk" to Anderson County Chief Magistrate Carl Anderson.

Anderson said, "Come and listen," and the gaunt prisoner complied.

Lewis, whose real name is "Person A," has refused to answer authorities since his Jan. 23 arrest. Lewis, a member of the Embassy of Heaven Church, said he would answer only to the authority of God.

A search of his home Friday revealed his real name. Checks with the State Law Enforcement Division and the FBI showed no criminal background, said Capt. John Skipper of the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.

Throughout the bond hearing, Lewis continually said, "I object."

"I overrule your objection." Anderson replied and continued the proceeding.

"I'm not a part of your democracy," Lewis said to Anderson. "You're not over me. You're not under me. You are not my father. I have one father and He's in heaven."

Anderson replied, "He's over all of us."

While Lewis objected, his mother, Josephine Landriscina of Greenville, signed the bond papers for her son's release.

"A man's enemies will be those of his own household," Lewis said as his mother signed the papers.

After the short hearing, Lewis left the Summary Court with his wife and mother.

"I feel great," he said as he walked outside. "I'm in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ."

Lewis said physically he felt short of breath and weak. For his first food in eight days, he started with oranges.

Lewis was arrested when he refused to allow authorities to enter his Victor Circle home to check on his three sons after a complaint that the home was without electricity and water. He was charged with hindering police, according to a citation. The children, ages five, six and ten, were immediately taken from the home by the state Department of Social Services.

Lewis chose a life of self-reliance, without electricity, but used propane and kerosene for heat and light, said his wife, Angie Rutherford. They have water. Since the arrest, Ms. Rutherford has had electricity connected to the mobile home.

At issue is whether the authorities used proper procedures to take the children. Lewis and Ms. Rutherford say those procedures were not followed.

Ms. Rutherford said Lewis stood outside the home and refused to allow a DSS caseworker and a deputy to enter for about 30-40 minutes while she remained inside with their sons. She said she then opened the door but did not invite them inside.

The officials had no warrant with them. She said she asked that the children be left in her custody and was told they could not, because her husband wasn't cooperating.

According to DSS Associate General Counsel Virginia Batson in Columbia, when parents refuse to allow DSS workers into a home, an inspection warrant must be obtained. In addition, she said children are only taken if authorities believe the children are in imminent danger.

Ms. Rutherford has asked daily to see her sons, but no visit has been arranged.

Ms. Batson also said that DSS policy calls for a visit to be arranged during the first week of placement in most cases.

Losing Children for Kingdom

Losing children must be one of the hardest trials parents endure. Step back for a moment and imagine yourself in Frank and Angie Lewis's shoes. You are trying to live by principle under the Kingdom of Heaven. Suddenly, your small children are swept away and you don't know when you will ever see them again. You go to a hearing where a family court judge is to decide whether or not the police acted properly in taking your children. If the hearing goes well, your children may be returned to you, yet you must not compromise. During this high-stress situation, Frank and Angie put their love for Christ above their strong desire to be reunited with their children:

The hearing begins and the judge asks Frank if he objects to the press in the courtroom. Frank says, "What is your delegation of authority over my children?"

The judge says, "I have authority over the agency that took your children and I am going to hear this case. If you do not answer my question, I will have you escorted out of the courtroom." Frank ignores the judge's demands and continues to challenge jurisdiction. The judge orders that Frank be removed from the courtroom.

Now Angie is left alone in the courtroom. She cannot lean on her husband for support. The hearing proceeds and several witnesses offer conflicting testimony. Angie is given an opportunity to ask the witnesses questions, but Angie declines. She merely says, "I am under the covering of my husband and he will speak for me."

Think of the courage it took for her not to build a defense. She might never see her children again, yet she does not pray to men for deliverance. She puts her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this case, the judge ruled that the police and Department of Social Services did not have probable cause to take the children and the family was reunited. Regardless of how the judge ruled, positive or negative, the real issue was never addressed. The real issue is that the State of South Carolina is not a higher authority over the Embassy of Heaven Church. The judge purposely avoided that issue. We are pleased that Frank and Angie did not grant jurisdiction. They remained in the Kingdom of Heaven until the end.

Man Who Lives in Heaven!

Paul Revere shows his Passport to Heaven.

Sun By Joe Frick

YOU CAN'T tax Heaven. At least that's what the leader of the Embassy of Heaven church believes.

"I'm a bureaucrat for Jesus," says Paul Revere, who with his followers has renounced his identity to become a citizen of Heaven.

Not amused

Paul has been arrested for displaying Heaven license plates on his car and carrying a Heaven-issued driver's license.

And even though Paul says, "The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world," county officials are not amused.

And they are trying to tax him

They want his kingdom to pay some $10,000 in property taxes or they will foreclose.

Citizens of Heaven - located about 20 miles southeast of Salem, Oregon - carry Heaven documents, including passports complete with embossed gold lettering and a watermark from Heaven.

Rachel, Skye, Paul, Brooke, and AbrahamHeaven License PlatePaul says he has about 200 members in his flock, but the regular residents of Heaven include Paul and his wife Rachel, their daughters, Brooke, 14, and Skye, 11, and a man named Abraham.

The gray-haired, bearded leader once lived as Paul De Revoire, a state Department of Transportation employee. Now, he says it's impossible to serve both God and the State.

He encourages followers to throw away state-issued driver's licenses and Social Security cards, close bank accounts and refuse to have anything to do with government functions. He says he has issued between 200 and 300 Heaven license plates, which look real and are valid.

Faces arrest

Entering HeavenMarion County tax collectors have given the Kingdom of Heaven two years to pay up the delinquent taxes.

Meanwhile, Paul has a court date next August but expects to be arrested when he doesn't show up. He spends his days on the 34-acre paradise often preaching on various topics while his wife and daughters help with the chores.

February 28, 1995 -- SUN -- 13

Changing Horses

Man operates on the principle that he will continue in his course as long as he believes it is correct. But upon discovery of error, he then changes his course to a more perfect direction. As an example, a man who rides a horse will continue to ride that horse as long as he believes it is a good horse. But upon realizing he is in error, he will get another horse to ride. The presumed conclusion is that the horse he was first riding was imperfect.

Those who favor the first horse, ridicule the man riding the second horse because they believe the first horse is a good horse. They are offended. They want to punish the man for changing horses.

Let's apply this principle to Heavenly citizenship. We were once citizens with the world. That was the first horse we rode. Then we changed horses. Those who continue their citizenship in the world, persecute us. They recognize that we left the State because the State is evil. They are insulted by our actions.

The presumption is that we are always moving toward better and more perfect things. If they can convince us to come back to the world, then we show that the second horse (citizenship in Heaven) is wrong.

For example, the State accused one of our families of neglect because the home lacked electricity. The husband was jailed and the children taken away. While the children were still in the custody of strangers, the mother hooked up electricity. No one demanded that she do so. She acted on her own. She had told the newspapers that the family believed in self-reliance, yet she changed horses in midstream. By her actions, she showed that not having electricity was a legitimate reason for the State to remove the children.

Get the right horseDon't change horses in middle of race

The Sheriff pointed out to reporters that the home now has electricity. "If they weren't doing anything wrong, why did they fix it?" he said.

Our first responsibility is to make sure we are doing right and then stay on that horse until the end of the race. There is usually not time to change horses in the middle of the stream and still win. By changing horses, we show we had been on the wrong horse.

We need to endure persecution. Even persecution should not cause us to ride a horse of less perfection. There is nothing greater than citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let's keep riding that horse.

Readers RespondReaders Respond

No Birthdays

Dear Paul, Rachel, Abraham, Brooke and Skye,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our King.

I thought your article on the "Date of Birth" in the Jan-Feb Newsletter was quite timely and I really enjoyed it.

"Date of Birth" is not mentioned in the Bible, but "birthday" is mentioned three times. The first is in Genesis 40:20:

"And it came to pass the third day, which was Pharaoh's birthday, that he made a feast unto all his servants: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and of the chief baker among his servants. And he restored the chief butler unto his butlership again; and he gave the cup into Pharaoh's hand: But he hanged the chief baker: as Joseph had interpreted to them." Genesis 40: 20-22

The two other times "birthday" is mentioned are at Matthew 14:6 and Mark 6:21. You know the story. It was Herod's birthday, and his stepdaughter danced at his party and pleased Herod so much, he gave her any wish she wanted, up to half of his kingdom. To please her mother, Herodias, she had John the Baptist beheaded.

In both the Old and New Testament references, the celebrating of birthdays was by heathens or pagans. And in each instance, a murder was involved.

My daughter and I quit celebrating our birthdays after reading these things. We neither celebrate our own birthday nor Jesus' birthday.

I found that when God and Jesus Christ wanted his people to do a particular thing of worship, He gave instruction. I found no instruction to celebrate Jesus' birthday anywhere in the New Testament. There are instructions for remembering His death, (Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-25, Luke 22:7-20, etc.) but not His birth.

It is the date of one's birth by which the governments of men keep track of their slaves. A child is sold into chattel slavery at birth by the State birth certificate. And now they have added a social security number plus your birth number, which will stay with you until death.

Until next time, God keep you in His Love, Grace and Peace through Jesus Christ our King. Amen.

Caleb Israel

Junkers for the Kingdom

Never fear the loss of the fleece for God can make it grow again.

George Fox

You pull into a parking lot and notice a big, ugly, gas guzzling car parked in front of you. You also see something that must be a joke. The car's license plate says "Heaven" where the State name should be. The owner of that car must be nuts. You are astonished to learn that your old friend, Joe, is the "nut" behind the wheel.

Joe Humble has had a conversion. When asked about the strange plates, Joe explains, "I'm not going to claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and then ask the State for permission to travel. Everything I do in word or in deed is for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't want any connections with an unbelieving State government."

That night, Joe's words echo in your mind. You recall that the early Christians would not register with Rome. They remained separate. Joe won't register his car with the State. What will happen if you do the same? There will probably be police stops. Maybe you will be hauled to jail.

Your heart trembles as you start counting the cost. What about your car? What if you put Heaven plates on it? What if the police take your car? "I'm not putting MY car on the road," you think. "I would be left high and dry without a means to feed my family or evangelize. How will I ever afford to buy another car? No, losing a car is too high a cost. This battle is for someone else."

Losing a car can be devastating. But wait a minute. Don't lose heart. You need not be afraid. The Lord has shown us a way to take the fear out of losing a car.

To avoid suffering a great loss, don't put anything more on the road than you are prepared to lose. Don't cast your pearls before the swine. In other words, enter the battle using an inexpensive, good running, junker car.

Store Treasures in Heaven

Yes, there is a possibility that you may lose a car for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. In this wicked age, the roads are not safe. Highwaymen lay in wait to attack and take your car. Once they take it, you may never see it again.

The highways are no longer free. New State laws are being passed that allow the police to confiscate vehicles. Those cars that are not State licensed and insured are most vulnerable. For instance, the State of Oregon recently passed a law that allows the police in urban areas to take any car from any jurisdiction if the driver cannot show proof of insurance. The only way to retrieve the car is to buy insurance, pay hundreds of dollars worth of fines, and pay for the towing and storage. With laws like this on the books, Heaven's ambassadors will be losing cars for the Kingdom's sake.

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:19-21

We cannot have an attachment for anything of this world, including cars. Our love for Christ must exceed all. We must hate wife, property, even our very lives to follow Him. It is the love of the car that is the problem.

When a car is worth thousands of dollars, we won't want to lose it. That car could stand in the way of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. If the police take our $10,000 car, the pressure is great to compromise. We might go ahead and sign the papers, pay the fees, and insure and license the car under the State. We don't want to lose such a large investment. To make it a little easier on our flesh, why not seriously consider purchasing an inexpensive, reliable older car for evangelizing.

Junkers for the Kingdom

Rubber meets the road

One of our people, we'll call him Bill, had worked for three years restoring a Volkswagen bug. It was in mint condition inside and out. When he entered the battle, he was eager to go to jail, to fast, and to lay his life down. But he had a log in his eye. He was attached to his yellow Volkswagen. One day the police stopped him and hauled him to jail. He was shocked when they released him a few hours later. He said, "Wait a minute. I want to make a stand and lay my life down for the sake of the Kingdom." The jailer said, "No, you are out of here. We know you will come back. We have your car."

On Monday, he appeared before the judge and demanded to know what authority they had over him. The judge replied with a smile, "We have your car. If you want it back, you are going to have to get right with the State."

He thought about what the judge said and his flesh won out. He decided to comply with the State's demands. Bill was a short-timer. Within the day, he had his old car back, State licensed and insured.

Ironically, hoodlums came onto his farm the next weekend. They stole the car's engine, stereo and tires. Then they took a sledge hammer and smashed up the car body. All that was left was a mangled shell and some broken windows. Too bad he didn't lose his car for the cause of Christ, instead of losing it to a bunch of hoods.

If police know which car you drive, they may sponsor a little mischief. One of our ambassadors had been stopped many times and the police were tired of hearing about the government of Jesus Christ. This time they took Steven to jail. Then they told a young kid that they would not be watching a certain car that had been parked on the street. That night the kid stole the radio and tools from Steven's car. When Steven was released from jail, he returned to his car. He found the boy had not only stolen his goods, but smashed the car beyond repair. Steven was glad that the car was only worth a few hundred dollars.

David tried for months to retrieve his Heaven-licensed Jeep that had been confiscated by the police. It was really hard on him to lose such a valuable rig. Then one day he resigned himself to losing the Jeep for His King's sake. He said, "When people became aware of my loss, there were more conversions made than if I had recovered the Jeep." His suffering affected many consciences. When someone loses property unjustly, those who are observing, start to see the true nature of the Beast. And that is the beginning of their awakening.

Another ambassador had run his older car to the limit. It was leaking oil and blowing smoke. It needed an expensive ring job. While the car was on its last legs, a county cop observed blue smoke trailing out of the car. When he stopped the clunker, he noticed it had Heaven plates. As the policeman approached the door he said, "I bet you are Paul Revere."

Paul told the deputy that they had no delegation of authority over the Church. He did all he could to keep the police from towing the car, but the county deputy was insistent on enforcing the new vehicle confiscation law. "I don't care who you are or where you are from. If you can't show proof of insurance, we have to tow your car."

The only way to recover the car is to compromise - buy insurance, pay fines, get right with the State's licensing laws.

Paul originally was concerned about the cost of towing the old car to the junkyard. But thanks to the County, it was all done for free.

God plans on overthrowing the existing order using insignificant things. In our case, it is old, cheap cars. A car is merely a tool to get us from Point A to Point B. The Lord can provide us with a lot more $500 cars for His purpose, than He can $10,000 cars.

Driving an old car can be hard on our pride. But pride has no place in the Kingdom. It helps to have a sense of humor when you drive a big, old clunker. One of our ambassadors drives a $100 special. It runs well, but could use some body work. When people comment on the car's shabby appearance, Michael replies, "It may look like Hell, but it comes from Heaven."

Taking the Fear out of Losing a Car

We should be willing to lose a few cars for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. Regardless of the value of the car, when the State forcibly takes our wheels from us, we suffer. Through our suffering, hearts are softened.

We are more likely to enter the battle and stay in it longer if we can use inexpensive cars for evangelizing. The less invested, the less heartache. And there is a greater chance to raise a few hundred more dollars for another car.

The big, luxury cars that are at least 15 years old have received bad press. Most people will tell you to avoid big, gas guzzling cars and find a small imported model. They claim the small cars are more economical. Let's see if they are right.

A man buys an old junker and fixes it up for a total cost of $500. It is a gas hog, using 15 mpg. But it is roomy, comfortable, has lots of options, and runs like new. He uses it for three years, driving 15,000 miles per year. He uses 1,000 gallons of gasoline a year, at $1.20 a gallon. After three years, his total expense for gasoline is $3,600.

Another man buys a brand new car for $15,000 cash. It gets 30 mpg. It is half the size, half the comfort, half the utility, and a fraction of the safety of the old car. He uses it for three years, and also drives 15,000 miles per year. He uses 500 gallons a year at $1.20 a gallon. He spends a total of $1,800 for gasoline over a three-year period.

The direct expense for buying and running the old car for three years is $4,100. The direct expense for the brand new car is $16,800. The difference is $12,700. Both cars will get you from Point A to Point B.

We were happy for many years driving Japanese imported cars. The gas mileage was good and we became accustomed to their small size. Last year, we realized the State of Oregon would promptly confiscate our Subaru when they saw it on the road. We started driving a 1969 Plymouth Fury. Surprisingly, the car became a favorite. It was roomy and comfortable and gave us trouble-free service for 18 months. The day before the police stopped us, we had changed the oil and realized the engine had developed serious problems that would require major repair work. We knew we would probably have to get rid of the car. Before we could dispose of the car, the County towed it away because we did not have proof of insurance.

Big Car Advantages

Not everyone likes big, older cars, but we have found they offer many advantages such as:

  1. Low Cost. There are lots of good, dependable cars available for less than one thousand dollars. Many are less than five hundred dollars. If you buy a big, comfortable sedan for a thousand dollars less than an import car in comparable condition, you might never save enough on gas to pay the difference.
  2. Fewer repairs. Bigger vehicles generally go farther before needing major repairs. The same applies to full size pickups.
  3. Stronger body. If you are in a collision, bigger cars are more sturdy. Even a 5-mph tap on the front bumper of an import car can do over $1,300 damage.
  4. Greater visibility. Because of their large size, bigger cars are easier for other motorists to see and avoid hitting.
  5. Resale value. One of the best things about a $500 car is that it cannot depreciate any more than $500, no matter what you do. Any car which looks decent and runs well will likely always be worth at least $500.
  6. Roominess. The big cars often have plush upholstery, lots of leg room and a large trunk.
  7. Conserves resources. Those of us who drive big gas guzzlers are berated by those who drive newer, gas saving import cars. We wonder how much gas we would have to burn to equal the amount of pollution produced by manufacturing their new disposable import car. Driving an older car is a form of recycling nonrenewable resources.
  8. Easy to stay detached. When the car is an inexpensive model, it is easy to give it up if need be. We are not as tempted to worry about someone damaging or stealing it.
  9. High miles per dollar. A $500 sedan will probably cost more for gasoline than a small import car. But the overall cost of going from Point A to Point B will often be less because the initial investment is so small.

By confiscating your car, the police have added one more tactic that tests whether you love the things of this world more than Christ. The cops are making a major mistake when they confiscate your car. Once they confiscate it, you will probably go out and buy another well-used car. Now the police will have to again figure out which car you are driving. If you keep the car parked off the street, they won't be able to cruise by and find out what model you use to do the Lord's work. You will probably stay hidden from them for awhile. Police generally identify you by the vehicle you drive, not by the license plates on your car.

If you drive an old sedan and the police take the car, your loss will be minimal. The car will probably wind up costing them more in towing, storage and paperwork than they will ever gain trying to sell or junk it. Even if they confiscate three of your $500 cars every year, your costs will probably still be less than most people pay just to have their new car insured.

Saving money is not our primary goal in the Kingdom of Heaven. Saving lives is our objective. But we also realize that our flesh is vulnerable and that heavy persecutions can leave us devastated. To make the battle a little easier, without compromising, let's swallow a little of our pride and travel in a good running old junker.

Heavenly Humor

Preacher: "Please take it easy on the bill for repairing my car. Remember, I am a poor preacher."
Mechanic: "I know, I heard you Sunday!"

Green Drink

The life of the flesh is in the blood.

ParsleyEat more salads? No, thanks. "Salads are boring," complains Little Joanie. "They're too tough to chew," grumbles Little Jamie. "I don't have the teeth for them," explains Grandpa. "They are too hard to prepare," says Mama. "The only way greens are tolerable is to boil the taste out of them," says Papa.

If these comments sound familiar and you can't figure out a way to eat more greens, try drinking them. That's right. Put some raw parsley or spinach in the blender with unsweetened pineapple juice and blend until smooth. Then drink immediately. Even salad haters enjoy this sweet Green Drink. It's the easiest way we've found to get the wonderful benefits of greens.

What's so Great about Greens?

There is power in the green leaf. The lowly weeds and herbs of the field and wayside are a source of renewed energy, regeneration and lasting good health. Greens are both food and medicine.

The healing power in greens is chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. Chlorophyll combats deep-lying infections, cleanses open wounds, relieves chronic sinus conditions and banishes common colds.

Scientists have made an exciting discovery about the structure of chlorophyll. The molecule of chlorophyll bears a close resemblance to hemoglobin, the red pigment in human blood. According to chemists, the red blood pigment is a web of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms, grouped around a single atom of iron. Chlorophyll is a similar web of the same atoms, except that its centerpiece is a single atom of magnesium.

Researchers found out that when grass was partially digested, the chlorophyll bore a close resemblance to hematin, one of the fragments of red blood pigment. When this partially digested food was fed to rats, it directly stimulated the formation of red blood cells. This discovery led certain German physicians to use chlorophyll in the treatment of anemia with very promising results.

Hemin Bood and Chlorophyll compared

"Hopeless" Patients Healed with Green Drinks

H.E. Kirschner, M.D. used Green Drinks to heal tuberculosis patients, back in the thirties. Kirschner was placed in charge of about 200 tuberculosis patients for the County of Los Angeles. The daily diet of these patients consisted largely of macaroni, spaghetti, and other starchy, overcooked foods. Some of these patients had spent nine long years on their backs, with little progress toward recovery. The doctor had a small ranch where he grew alfalfa, parsley, mint, spinach, and a variety of herbs. He began making a drink in the blender with unsweetened pineapple juice as the base. He added greens, dried kelp powder, soaked almonds, dates and sunflower seeds.

The patients were given this daily "Green Drink," to supplement their high starch, iron-weak diets. The patients began making remarkable gains in weight. Digestive and bowel problems were corrected and hemoglobin levels improved. Patients who had been regarded as "hopeless" were out of bed within six to eight months. Dr. Kirschner later found out it was the chlorophyll in the Green Drink that was largely responsible for restoring diseased tissue and healing his patients.

Here are two easy ways to obtain the wonderful benefits of chlorophyll, which is found in all green plants:


2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice or Maple Lemonade
4 handfuls of washed greens (stems removed)
Makes 2 servings

Place ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately. If pieces of greens remain in drink, blend it longer. Green Drink will separate if allowed to set and must be stirred or blended again.

Our favorite greens are parsley, spinach and comfrey. We have also added leaf lettuce, alfalfa and clover sprouts, as well as wild greens like chickweed and sheep sorrel. Green Drink tastes best if not more than four kinds of greens are used per drink. We usually use only one or two types of greens per drink. Any edible green will work, but the milder tasting greens taste best.

The amount of greens does not need to be exact. For example, to make four servings, we use one large bunch of parsley or a bunch of spinach and 4 cups of juice. Divide ingredients in half and blend in two sessions.


juice of one lemon (about 1/4 cup)
1/4 to 1/3 cup pure maple syrup
water to make 1 quart

Mix ingredients together and use as a base for Green Drink, instead of pineapple juice.


This formula is a meal in itself. This recipe was used to heal tuberculosis patients. As an added benefit, it tastes delicious.

Mint15 almonds
5 teaspoons sunflower seeds
4 pitted dates
4 handfuls of green leaves (such as alfalfa, parsley, comfrey, mint, spinach, beet greens, watercress, kale, chard, or edible wayside weeds such as filaree, malva, lamb's quarter and dandelion, stems removed)
1/2 teaspoon of kelp powder (optional)
16 ounces of unsweetened pineapple juice, divided
Makes 4 servings

Soak almonds, dates and sunflower seeds overnight in water to cover.

Fill blender with approximately 8 ounces of pineapple juice. Place the softened nuts, seeds, and dates in the pineapple juice, along with soaking water, and liquefy. Pour this mixture into a 2-quart pitcher.

Pour remaining 8 ounces of pineapple juice in blender. Add four handfuls of greens and blend until smooth. Pour green mixture into pitcher and stir two mixtures well. Mixture may be thinned with pineapple juice if desired. Drink as soon as possible. Refrigerate any leftovers and drink within 24 hours.

Note: Kelp powder, which is high in minerals, is a type of seaweed. Look for it at health food stores.

Choosing a Simple Remedy

The Bible says that herbs were created "for the service of man." (Psalms 104:14) Green herbs can build up the body's resistance to disease-producing bacteria, as well as heal diseased tissue. And the use of these simple herbs is as ancient as the Scriptures. Their use will tide over many apparently serious difficulties without injurious effects. This is God's method. He has provided green plants for our benefit. God, in His infinite wisdom, has neglected nothing. Let us look to the lowly plants of field and wayside for our food and medicine.