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Jan-Feb, Year of Our Lord, 1993
Number 931

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MY KINGDOMThe Crown of Glory

A little kingdom I possess
Where thoughts and feelings dwell,
And very hard I find the task
Of governing it well.

For passion tempts and troubles me,
A wayward will misleads,
And selfishness its shadow casts
On all my words and deeds.

I do not ask for any crown
But that which all may win,
Nor seek to conquer any world
Except the one within.

Written by Louisa May Alcott at age 14
Author of "LITTLE WOMEN"

Dear Friends

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. As we look around at the Kingdoms of the world, we see man lording over man. Evil men and impostors go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13). Did God intend for man to exploit man? No. The true state of man is to be in the Kingdom of Heaven with God as our Father. This is the way it was for Adam and Eve in the garden. But because of Adam and Eve's disobedience to God, God cast them out of His Kingdom.

Jesus Christ walked the earth and offered men the Kingdom of Heaven. But men rejected His Kingdom of light burdens and set up Kingdoms of the world. And the Kingdoms of the world are not in harmony with Heaven. They have rejected Heaven. Otherwise they would not have separated and would be part of the Kingdom of Heaven. But as we all recognize, they are certainly not of Heaven. They have separated, not unto holiness, but unto unrighteousness and lasciviousness and wickedness of all forms.

These governments of the world persuade people to commit idolatry. Men and women worship and serve this created thing (the state), rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25). People obey the rules and regulations of these institutions of men, as if they were God. They pay them the honor that is due to God alone.

Jesus was offered all the Kingdoms of the world and their glory if He would bow down and worship Satan. But Jesus knew better. He replied, "Away with you, Satan! For it is written, 'You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve'" Matthew 4:10.

Jesus recognized that the true state of man was in the Kingdom of Heaven, not in the Kingdoms of the world. Today, we too, are offered the Kingdoms of the world. Men, wanting to be like God, tempt us into partaking of their governments. They present their ways as the best ways. But they are not. Their ways fill us with the lusts of the flesh and lure us away from God. We all know it. Their ways lead unto destruction and death.

We have been fooled. We have been drawn away from the Kingdom of Heaven, the true state. We have believed the lies, and the desires of the flesh have prevented us from seeing the truth. But thanks be to God, our eyes are being opened. We see there is only One Lord and we will follow His way. The true government is upon the shoulders of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:6) and is the true state of man.

Paul Revere, Pastor

Leaving loved ones for the Kingdom

For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband. So then if, while her husband lives, she marries another man, she will be called an adulteress.

Romans 7:2-3

One of the most difficult parts of our ministry is acknowledging what the Word of God says about marriage and divorce. We live in a generation where divorce and remarriage are accepted by society and the church. But it was not always so. Historically, the church upheld what Jesus and Paul preached - if anyone remarried while their spouse was still alive, they committed adultery. It has only been during the last 50 years that the church has relaxed her standards and allowed remarried couples to join the church.

The following story is one couple's decision after studying God's word on marriage and divorce:

Some changes have developed here regarding my relationship with Kathy. You were very gentle about remarriage in your newsletters, but you were right. After reading the Word of God about divorce and remarriage and praying about it, Kathy and I have decided to separate. I am presently working on another place for her to live, realizing that our former spouses still live. That is a major change which I feel the Lord will honor.

It is the dead of winter now and there is no particular place for her to go, but Lord willing there is a house that is coming up for rent in April. I am going to be sleeping in my study and we are working things out from there. It is right brother, and it is what needs to be done. It is very clear from the Word of God.

Another change is that Kathy has decided to put her children back in public school. I am sorry that she has elected to put them back into a state school, but looking at it from a practical standpoint, she has no choice. She has no man. She has no husband.

She needs to be reconciled to her husband - but he is terrible. He is a drinker and has a married woman for his girlfriend. It is just one awful thing after another. Unless he is saved and repents, there is no possibility of reconciliation.

The fact of the matter is that Kathy and I must separate because that is now the revealed will of God. And because we are separating, she cannot educate her children at home because she will probably have to do some work to pay bills in addition to his support payments. Practically speaking, that is what is going to have to happen. That is why claiming residency in Heaven can only work with a husband and a wife properly married and subject to the Lord.

I have done some reading on what the church's position on remarriage has been in the past. Absolutely, almost 99 percent of the time, no church member was ever allowed to remarry while their spouse was still alive, with the one possible exception of "abandonment" under the Westminister Confession of Faith. It has only been within the last fifty years that churches have accepted into membership those who have remarried.

The truth of the matter is that what you have been saying in your newsletters is exactly what the Lord says. If a person is married to another person while their spouse lives, even if they were legally divorced, they are committing adultery if they live with another. It is as clear as a bell in the Word of God: "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery" Luke 16:18.

When God looks on the situation, He sees a nation of adulterers. And they have justified their adultery under the name of marriage, under the guise of marriage. They are deceiving themselves into thinking that they are not sinning.

I look around and I see what has happened in this country. I see no power of God in any churches. I see no evidence of His movings - even in the most fundamental circles. Could the reason be that most of God's people are living in a condition of adultery?

I attend a church periodically and I would say that over 50 percent of the couples there are remarried. Is it any wonder why going to church becomes just a humdrum religious event? These people are walking in disobedience and the pastors are afraid to preach against this sin because they are going to lose their members. And if they lose their members, they are going to lose their offerings. And if they lose their offerings, then they are out on the street. They will have to go to work. After all, preaching is a job, like any other job. I just see it as one great big vicious cycle - and I am contributing to it in this fashion.

I don't think marriage can work unless it is a first marriage - one husband, one wife and children. When you have another spouse trying to tell these children from another marriage what they need to do, you have a problem. It is just not natural. That is why remarriage is an unnatural state of affairs. In spite of the fact that she is a lovely wife, it cannot work. I see why the apostle Paul said, "better to remain as you are" (1 Corinthians 7:26,27). If you have been divorced, seek not a wife. If your wife has died, seek not a wife, even if she has died. I think you are free to remarry if your wife has died. But if you are divorced, there is no way you are free to marry. If you do, you are asking for a whole host of complications that will impair you from being able to do the will of God in other areas.

I think as far as being divorced and not being able to remarry, you have to get your eyes off of self. This is another classic example of the state granting you a privilege that God has forbidden. This shows again that the state is in conflict with the Word of God. By people's lives, they evidence what privileges they want and remarriage is one of those privileges.

I was just reading a book on humanism and one of the things they promote is divorce and remarriage. Humanism is Romanism under the guise of another title. Everything centers in man, begins in man and ends in man.

In your Thanksgiving newsletter I was reading about the lesbian woman. Of course she is in obvious error - but the day is coming when that evil will be looked upon as acceptable behavior. Just as divorce at one time was looked upon as horrid, now it is okay. It is just one thing after another.

In your response to her, you said her brother was on his third marriage. Well, if remarriage is wrong on the third marriage, why would it not be wrong on the second? When does it become wrong? Does it become wrong on the second or the third or the fourth? Remarriage is wrong the second time, while the spouse is yet alive.

The truth is the truth and if we really love the Lord we will do His commandments. If we really love the person we have been living with, we will do what is best for them. That is, we will keep the Lord's commandments, and not be selfish.

Kathy and I were talking, "Well, maybe we should look for the blessing of the Lord." I said, "We don't have to look for anything from God, He has revealed it in His Word. What more do we need." If it was something like, "Go to Africa and be a missionary," then we would look for certain leadings and evidences of His leading that way. But when it is so obvious and plain that He puts it in His Word, there is no need for any further confirmation.

I want to thank you for your candid writings and newsletters. What you are doing is absolutely correct and I pray that God would continue to work on me and give me the courage to do the same. I would appreciate your prayers as Kathy and I do this, that I would be more conformed to his Word and be happy therein.

Eric J. Phelps, c/o Postal Service Box 552, Manheim, Pennsylvania 17545

Pertinent Scriptures on Remarriage: Matthew 5:31-32; Matthew 19:3-12; Mark 10:2-12; Luke 16:15-18; Romans 7:2-3; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7; Galatians 5:16-21

State promotes adultery

In the early 70's, lawyers were drinking and partying because of a new law that was going to greatly increase their business. My wife, Rachel, came home from the law offices where she worked and said the new law would make it possible for residents of Oregon to receive a divorce much easier. Under the new provisions, a divorce could be granted simply because the couple was having "irreconcilable differences."

Prior to the passage of this law, it was time-consuming and expensive to obtain a divorce. The state recognized a Godly form of marriage. Once united, the couple was bound "until death do us part." A divorce was granted only for a few specific reasons, usually because of marital unfaithfulness. And this charge had to be proved.

Why were the lawyers jumping up and down about the new divorce law? They knew that having easy divorce meant more people divorcing and more revenue for lawyers. Now, 20 years later we are seeing the fruit of this law upon this adulterous generation.

What is marriage?

What is Marriage?

When I counsel young couples, I ask them, "What is marriage?" They may give me many romantic ideas about marriage, but they often miss the foundation.

Marriage is a commitment. It is an allegiance bonding two into one flesh. Marriage does not depend on whether you have good times or bad times together. You are still married. Through sickness or health, the commitment remains. No matter what happens through the years, you are married until death do you part.

It is the same with us as we become the Bride of Christ. It is immaterial what our walk is with Christ. We are walking with Christ through good times and bad. Apostle Paul asks, "What will separate us from the love of Christ?" (Romans 8:35) He concludes that nothing will separate us. Our walk with Christ is for all eternity.

Leaving Caesar's household

Leaving Caesar's household

When we come out of the world order, we must give up the things that belong to Caesar. We have to let go of them because we are going to be joined to our true Husband. We are starting over, just like a young woman about to be married. She is living in her parents' home. She has her own room with a bed and dresser, a place she calls her own. But when she marries, she must leave it all behind. She has to give it up entirely.

When we leave the Kingdoms of the world to be joined with Christ, we, too, must start over. We do not have much to begin with because most of what we had, belonged to the world. The young bride gives up the things that she once called her own because they are part of her parents' household. We give up the things of the world because they belong to Caesar's household.

We are not required to physically move to a new location. The Kingdom is not a place we go to. It does not come with observance. It is a spiritual change of heart. Therefore, we don't physically move. The welfare enrollment lines are still down the street, but we cannot access them. On the other side of the street is a corporate job, but it is not our job anymore. The public library is on down the street, but we don't participate in privileges of state residents. All these things still surround us, but they are no longer available to us because we are not of Caesar's household anymore. We have to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ for all our needs.

Right now, if you are just starting out in the Kingdom, it is tough. You have nothing but the One you love. You are like the young couple beginning their new life together. Together they will build and grow and it will become a hundredfold of what they once had in their parents' house. But when they are first starting, they have nothing.

That is what people fear. They don't want to give up what is in their parents' house. And their parents' house happens to be the state. We have to admit that the state has been our parents. We belonged to them. We depended on them. But now we are being cut off from their household. We are suffering much travail as we die of the old. But as we keep looking in faith to our Husband, we will build a new life together. And someday we will have a hundredfold more than we ever imagined possible in our old life. The Kingdom of Heaven does not have to be a distant dream. It is nearer than you think. The Kingdom is here at hand, just beyond the gate.

Feedback on lesbian cousin

The clock is runningAfter writing to my lesbian cousin and urging her to repent, I received an angry letter from her mother. Her mother claimed Jeanine is a loving and thoughtful daughter. She reminded me that her god teaches understanding and acceptance - not condemnation. This was my reply:

Dear Mildred,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May His grace of Eternal Life be received within your household.

It saddens me that the words of Jesus Christ are offensive to you. The words I speak are not my own, they are His. I know that you are active in a Christian church. Why do you advocate acceptance of what Jesus Christ calls sin?

Your selfish desires for Jeanine's love and thoughtful care has made you blind to the fact that she is a sodomite. According to the word of God, Jeanine and Nora must repent of sodomy if they are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Otherwise, they will be lost for eternity.

I beg of you, if you truly love Jeanine with a Christ-like love, urge her to repent lest she die in her sins.

If you continue to approve of unrighteous acts, then you, too, will lose the Kingdom (Romans 1:32). You say your God teaches love, acceptance and understanding. My God commands that men and women everywhere repent (Acts 17:30), for My God is an all consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29).

May you know the blessings of Christ's Kingdom.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor

Starting over with new name

What is wrong with my name?

And in covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you.

2 Peter 2:3

For the last few generations, parents have been going to the state to have the name of their baby registered. After paying the state their tribute money, a birth certificate is issued which entitles this young child to state privileges and benefits. What the parents do not realize is that in the act of obtaining a birth certificate, they are giving the state authority to make their child of God, a child of the state.

How is this possible? There is a basic principle of law, "what one creates, one controls." If your parents registered your name through a birth certificate, then the state effectively created your name. If they created your name, then they also gained the power to control the body attached to that name.

Through the birth certificate, the state has its first opportunity to offer you privileges. But along with these benefits, comes the burden of complying with their volumes and volumes of rules and regulations. Why? Because they claim you as one of theirs.

A few generations ago, when people worshiped Jesus Christ as King, parents dedicated their newborn child to God. The birth was recorded in the family Bible. Parents acknowledged that their child was a gift from God and were committed to raising the child according to the commands of Christ.

Today, a new procedure has supplanted the dedication of newborns to God. Parents dedicate their children to the state through the birth certificate procedure. Because they fear what men will do to them, they raise their child according to the dictates of the state. Yes, this is idolatry - twentieth century style. For they worship and serve the created thing (the state), rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25).

Rebirth in Christ

The name we use is very dear to us. Mom and dad gave it to us. Everybody calls us by our name. But this name that we are so fond of, is also very dear to the state. The state claims that we are one of theirs. And they have volumes of official records supporting their claim.

A state name is required to enter their schools, for obtaining their licenses, for voting in their elections and for participating in social security. Our state name is used to obtain a high school diploma, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science or Master's degree, and maybe even a Doctorate degree. By continuing to use our state-registered name, we are "cashing in" on the privileges and benefits that the state has bestowed upon the name.

The state has been with you from the beginning, opening doors for you, taking care of you. They have made a big investment in your education and training. The state uses your name to do business with you. They are your governors and tutors until the time appointed by the Father. You are enslaved to the basic principles of the world and subject to men's codes (Galatians 4:2-3).

When you are reborn in Christ, you are set free from the bondage of men. You do not have to continue using your state name. There is nothing illegal about using a name not sanctioned by the state. You may receive a new name as a gift from God.

Our new name separates us from our old life of bondage. As the Spirit works within us, the old man is mortified and vitality is given to the new man. The old life, the old ways, the old ties, die. We don't want to use a name that identifies an oppressed and weary sinner. We have been set free. We want a new name that identifies the new man redeemed by Jesus Christ.

When you change to a new name, your obligations don't just disappear. You need to systematically prove all things, keeping those things that are Godly and closing out those things that are not.

Name is dividing sword

When we talk about being reborn and receiving a new name, we're dealing with a hot potato - emotionally and spiritually. There is a close tie between your name and your relationship with not only the state, but with mom and dad, all your blood relatives and even your friends. When you announce that God has given you a new name, they will feel you are rejecting them and all they have done for you.

"But I like my name. My parents would be horrified if I didn't carry on the family name." Sorry, but you must hate even mom and dad if they stand in the way of doing God's will (Luke 14:26).

The Son has set you free and you are free indeed, but if you retain your state name, it is more difficult to separate unto holiness. You say you are a pilgrim and stranger in this land. Your citizenship is in Heaven. But the state has volumes of records showing you belong to them. Using the authority those records give them, they will continue pulling you back under their clutches. They will persist in enforcing state obligations upon you. For in their eyes you belong to them - your name has been recorded.

It is painful, but if you are dying of the world, dying of the state, how can you continue using your state name? What you gained by the state, you must count as dung. You are starting over on a brand new foundation - Jesus Christ. When you are willing to give up your state name, which is property, and lay a new foundation, it is difficult for the state to continue its close parental influence over you.

Oh No - Not my name too!

New man receives new name

Just the thought of changing your name can be very unsettling. There is often a cry of resistance: "I don't want to give up my identity." "I've spent years building my reputation." "My parents would never forgive me for not carrying on the family name."

All these feelings are common defenses. "My name equals me" is one of our strongest feelings. Why would anyone want to give up the name that identifies them? The answer is simple - and revolutionary: Individuals give up their old names because God calls them to separate from the old life that held them in bondage and be born again. Along with the new birth, comes a new life and sometimes, a new name.

When you are reborn in Christ, you may use any name you choose. You can forsake your state-registered name and receive a new name from Heaven. You do not need to go to court or seek any man's approval. You go to God and pray for a new name and when He gives you one, you use it in your daily transactions. The only restriction is that you do not use your new name to deceive or defraud anyone.

Your name came from Heaven and that is all the authority you need. When Almighty God is your Sovereign, there is no reason to go before men and their legislative tribunals and argue about your name. You are the final authority on your name. No man can tell you what your name is. Your name is between you and God. If you allow any man to decide what your name is, then you are his slave.

We have just released the book, CALLED OUT, a handbook for those who believe that God is calling them to begin a new life. It is a practical guide for coming out of the world system and establishing a new life under the authority of Heaven.

"Office" is name of game

We might assume that if we rid ourselves of all state-issued documents, the state cannot regulate us. Paul Revere does not have a state birth certificate, driver license or social security number. But the fact that I don't have those documents doesn't set me free of the state's control. The true issue is not my lack of state documents. What matters is the office I am filling. Who am I working for?

If I am working as an ambassador for the nation of Heaven, the state has no business regulating me. God owns me. I am not to render to Caesar that which belongs to God. God created my office and I am to render to Him.

It is easy to perceive that "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's," is referring only to things of the flesh, like money and property. But this scripture also applies to intangible things, like agencies and offices. If you hold an office that Caesar created, then you must render allegiance and fidelity to Caesar. Everyone holds an office with either Caesar or God's government and they are required to render accordingly. Most people hold the office of "person" under Caesar. State-generated "persons" are required to obey all legislative decrees.

Those of us who have given our allegiance to the nation of Heaven, hold one or more of God's offices. The names of our offices include ambassadors, bishops, deacons, elders, evangelists, fishers of men, laborers, messengers, ministers, pastors, preachers, servants, soldiers, stewards, teachers, watchmen and witnesses.

All of us are workers together with God. We hold our offices under God's authority and are required to obey His commands. We hold no office with Caesar. As long as we remain in the office that God has set us in, Caesar has no authority to regulate us. That is what sets us free.


Starting a new life

Dear Paul Revere,

I admire you and your loyalty to Christ! What do I do about all my past documents like birth certificate, social security number (beast number), voter registration and driver license? What should I do about using federal reserve notes and having a bank account? Should I change my name?

I know Christianity is more than just believing in God. "Even the demons believe - and tremble!" James 2:19. It has to be lived. Don't you think our Heavenly Father would do miracles if the people would worship in TRUTH instead of bowing to the Beast's deceptions?

Robert, Indiana

Yes, we are seeing miracles of lives being transformed after giving their allegiance to Christ's government and coming out from the beast system. They are set free from men lording over them and are walking in true liberty. Even if they are hauled to jail, they are still not in bondage because the truth has set them free.

Our latest book, CALLED OUT, talks about starting over as a citizen of Heaven, with a new name. We discuss what to do about a birth certificate, social security number, etc. and how to determine what items need to be brought into your new life and what needs to be left behind.

More on "person"

Dear Paul and all,

I just finished reading your latest newsletter. It took me longer than usual because my wife kept stealing it from me so she could finish it first.

A while ago I did some research on the word "person." There is a distinction between the words "person" and "individual" which are found in The Volume Library's list of most frequently misused words. The word individual should not be used in the mere sense of person. The word is correctly used in the phrase: "Changes both in individuals and communities." Here we see an individual can be considered on the same level as a community or at least separate from it. While a person is a "member" of a community and therefore an integral part of it.

The maxims, "Every person is a man, but not every man a person," and "Man is a term of nature; person, of the civil law," clarify this distinction.

I hope this letter finds you and yours in good health and God's spirit.

Gregory Williams
P. O. Box 10
Summer Lake, Oregon 97640

Dear Brother Paul and household,

Greetings in the name of our common Lord!

I appreciated the "Office of Person" tape which came this week. You stated well something I was generally aware of. "Person" is to a group (such as the state), as member is to the church, the body of Christ. The concept of "person" implies a role within a group. In mathematical language, a person is a subset of a larger whole. It has no meaning or existence apart from the whole. Similar words are shareholder, conferee, participant, member, citizen, customer, client, player (in a drama), etc.

For some time I was confused by the legal statements that the definition of person "includes" individuals, corporations, etc. But now I realize it is similar to saying that in the constitution of a corporation, the word "shareholder" can include individuals, partnerships, corporations, or any other entity holding shares. A person can be an individual. But not all individuals are persons in a specific context of reference. It is the same old question - who are your people? What is your society? What is your kingdom? What is your authority? Who is your lord? In what context are you a "person," a member, a subset of the whole? Identify yourself! Who is your shepherd?

Although this is always the fundamental question, it is the one intentionally ignored while the answer which the deceivers desire is assumed. You are one of us! You are a "person" within our framework of authority. Such are the schemes of evil. Praise to the Good Shepherd for enabling us to recognize His voice and run into the sheepfold where we find our true identity as parts of His whole - members of His body - sheep under His care.

We are well and hope you are, too. I have enjoyed undisturbed travel on the Kingdom roadways.

May the grace of our Lord be with you each day.

John, Steward of Jesus
VIA The Mail Room
Hutchinson, Kansas

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

Larry writes from Colorado:

I was stopped for speeding - 67 in a 55 mile an hour zone, by a state patrolman on my way to Denver, Colorado. I offered him my new driver license from Heaven. He studied it for awhile and then asked if it was accepted in Oregon. I told him that, "yes," in some places. He then said I should get a Colorado driver license and gave me a warning ticket and that was the end of it.

Some time later I met another state trooper who wasn't quite as nice. He gave me tickets for, "No valid driver license," "No insurance," "No seat belts" and "Speeding" (66 miles an hour in a 55 mile zone). I am scheduled for court at the end of the month. It should be fun.

We recommend that you do not go to court. The state doesn't have jurisdiction over Heaven. Instead of going to court, send them a letter, similar to the following, explaining that at the time of the stop, you were fulfilling your duties in the office of ambassador of Jesus Christ:



Your name and address

Name and Address of tribunal

Re: Your Citation Nos: _________________________

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Enclosed are the citations issued in error. At the time of the police stop, I was fulfilling my duties as an ambassador of Jesus Christ of the nation of Heaven. This office was not created by the state, it was created by God (2 Corinthians 5:20). It is, therefore, not controlled or regulated by state agencies.

Your law enforcement officers have made accusations that state statutes were violated. I do not operate under state statutes. As an ambassador of Jesus Christ, I operate under the authority of the nation of Heaven (Matthew 28:18-20). I have no obligation to build a defense before institutions of men because I do not hold an office that is any of the state's business. I owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law (Romans 13:8).

Since my office of ambassador of Jesus Christ was created by God, not Caesar, then I am to render back to God that which belongs to Him.

May you know the blessings of the nation of Heaven.

In the name of Jesus Christ,

Your Name

Citations enclosed

Glen reports from Washington:

We just received word back from the city saying they will pay for the towing of the Church vehicle. A few weeks ago the Church vehicle was towed while parked in a parking lot. The Church did not authorize the tow, nor did the city have statutory authority to tow.

Initially, we paid for the towing and storage and then tried to negotiate a settlement. The city was hostile at first and made accusations against us. They claimed the Church could not license vehicles. We stood on the power of the Lord and finally we received a letter saying that the city is reimbursing us for the towing and storage expenses. God be praised!

Gordon reports from Oregon:

A woman with a state driver license was stopped in a Heaven vehicle. The police confiscated the Heaven plates at the time of the incident and issued citations. We prepared a letter saying that she had permission to use the Church vehicle. On this woman's court date, I appeared in her behalf. The judge said they weren't going to try the matter because the police officer failed to show. Then he dismissed the charges.

I went to the prosecutor's office to retrieve the Heaven plates and was met with resistance. I was told that the plates could not be used without proper registration. I said the plates were Church property and that the vehicle was properly registered with the Church. The prosecutor didn't argue further. He just said I could go ahead and pick up the plates at room such and such. I was surprised at the power of a few words of truth.

John reports from Kansas:

During the last few months that I have been traveling in a Heaven vehicle, my only contact with law enforcement has been when we have passed going in opposite directions. One night a car was following very close behind me - within ten or twenty feet of my bumper. It didn't really surprise me since people sometimes notice the plates and wonder what they are. They often come up closer for a better look.

Finally, I made a left-hand turn and as I looked in my rearview mirror, I noticed the car that had been following so close behind was a sheriff's patrol. He continued traveling straight ahead. It was reassuring to me that at least one sheriff's deputy looked closely at the Heaven plate and did nothing about it.

We had a similar experience. We were traveling through a town and the light turned red just as we approached it. It was at night and we had to wait for the full cycle on the light. The car directly behind us was a state police car. Finally, the light turned green and we proceeded straight ahead and the patrol car turned right. We were also grateful that perhaps one more law enforcement officer received the Kingdom. - P.R.

More Questions and Answers
Heaven Driver License and Plates

What if the police say they don't recognize the Heaven documents?

It does not matter whether they recognize the documents or not. The validity of the documents does not hinge upon their belief.

Heaven documents were authorized by Jesus Christ when He gave us the duty to go to all nations preaching the good news of His Kingdom. We travel upon our Father's highways doing His business. It is none of the state's business to determine the validity of what we are doing because they are not officers of our government.

Do I need to notify the state of my change in allegiance?

No. If you moved from one state to another and took up residency in the new state, you would not need to notify the state where you were formerly a resident. When you carry documents showing your residency in Heaven and produce fruit unto the Heavenly government, it becomes obvious that you have established new residency.

What if the police say that I must obtain state documents?

They can only require their residents to obtain state documents. We are residents of Heaven and are not part of their government.

The United States claims to be a free state. Under a free government, individuals can voluntarily acquire or give up residency. Therefore, they cannot bar someone from leaving residency with their government and acquiring residency in the Heavenly government.