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Jul-Aug, Year of Our Lord, 1993
Number 934

What's Inside

This is a terrible joke.

Judge: Give your name, occupation, and the charge against you.

Prisoner: My name is Spark. I'm an electrician. And the charge is battery.

Judge (to jailers): All right, boys. Put him in a dry cell.

Prisoner: This is a terrible shock.

Dear Friends,

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. This month there were four road reports filed. Only one police stop involved the issuing of citations. At the other three stops, no citations were issued, nor were Heaven documents confiscated. Yes, it is possible to be pulled over in a Heaven vehicle, show your Heaven license and registration, and hear the officer say, "Your papers are in order. Have a good day."

It would be an easy life if all traffic stops ended this way, but the battle is far from over. It is inevitable as you travel in the Kingdom, that someday you will be pulled over, hauled off to jail, and forced to stand before the courts of men. When it is your turn, how will you respond? Will you build a defense for your actions, even though what you are doing has already been settled in Heaven? (Psalms 119:89) Will you play their game, hoping to convince them you have broken no laws? Will you freeze up and stand mute through the entire proceeding? What principles will guide your actions? In this newsletter, we will discuss how citizens of Heaven respond to court.

We researched how the early Christians viewed the law courts of their day. We found that Christians, up until the time of Constantine, regarded the law-courts as an evil which had to be patiently endured, with submission to the will of God. Two principles set the early Christians apart from those around them. First, they never compelled anyone in any way. Second, they never went to law against another. They did not take part in the judging of others and did not participate in the process whereby they were judged and condemned by men's courts.

While I was in jail in 1987, God spoke many truths to me about the courts. His Words have saved me from building false hopes for a victory according to men's tribunals. Now I know:

  1. There is no salvation in the courts at any level. We must suffer injustice and be defrauded, just as our King did. We must suffer for doing good.
  2. Our only hope is putting our faith in Jesus Christ. Our Lord is coming and we must stand until He comes.
  3. Though we are surrounded on all sides by those who hate and want to destroy us, God's Kingdom rules in the midst of our enemies (Psalm 110:2).
  4. If God calls us out of the world, and we renounce all ties with state and federal governments, we may lose our loved ones, our possessions, and possibly even our own lives. WE MAY GO TO JAIL. But we will also be racing toward an incorruptible crown, which makes the loss of our possessions and our very lives of little consequence.

During the preparation of this letter, John Steward of Jesus, was stopped on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. On June 30th, the Heaven vehicle was seized and he was taken to jail where he was placed in solitary confinement for three days without access to a telephone. As of July 16th, he is in jail population. John stated in court that his kingdom was not of their world, but the judge refused to acknowledge his citizenship. You may contact him by writing to John Steward of Jesus, Ambassador of Jesus Christ, Reno County Detention Center (Jail), 210 West First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501. [Has been release]

Paul Revere, Pastor

Wilderness Retreats

Again this year we are inviting all seekers of the Kingdom to join us for Heaven's summer retreats. Each retreat begins on a Thursday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. Simple, wholesome meals and campsites are provided. We'll be discussing leaving citizenship with the world and becoming a citizen of Heaven. You will gain practical knowledge on driving under the authority of Heaven, what to do at police stops, tips for a profitable jail stay and how to handle the courts. God willing, retreat dates are:

July 29 - August 1

September 16 - 19

Mark your calendars and plan for fellowship with us in the woods this summer. For further information, write for our "RETREAT BROCHURE."

Embassy of Heaven Retreat

No participation in trial

The only time I have been brought to trial on a criminal offense was back in 1987. This happened before we had Heaven driver licenses. The charge was "failure to display a driver license." They dragged me out of a jail cell and into the courtroom for trial. I began by establishing my foundation. I looked at the man sitting high on the bench and said, "I belong to Jesus Christ and only Him do I serve. Who are you to judge someone else's servant?" (Romans 14:4).

Then I read most of Colossians, Chapter 2, out of the New International Version of the Bible. I believe this passage describes our relationship to men's laws. It says Christ forgave us our sins, having cancelled the written code, with its regulations that was against us. He took it away, nailing it to the cross. He has disarmed the powers and authorities, making a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. Since we have died with Christ to the basis principles of this world, why should we submit to its rules?

The man, who sat as judge, selected a few lines of the scripture, twisted them, and moved on. He disputed with me about my citizenship and residency in Heaven. He claimed that having a Sublimity post office box made me a resident of Oregon. At that time, I did not understand that it takes more than an address to establish residency. He proceeded ahead as if I were a resident and denied my challenge of jurisdiction. He explained that anyone who has residency in Oregon must apply for a grant of privilege before driving on the roads.

When it appeared the court was going to move on with their trial, I volunteered to save them time and expense by confessing that I did not have a state driver license because it is not required in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then they wanted me to sign some papers, which I refused without looking at them. The court decided to go ahead with their trial and called in the jury. The man acting as judge announced that he would not allow religion as a defense against the charges. At that point, I bowed my head in prayer and held the Bible. I never said another word until the jury returned their guilty verdict. They conducted the entire trial without me. What they did, they did without my participation or consent.

After the jury found me guilty, I stood and read 1 Corinthians 4:3-5:

I care very little if I am judged by you or by any human court; indeed, I do not even judge myself. My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

No court

And be on your guard, for men will hand you over to their courts, they will flog you in the synagogues, and you will be brought before governors and kings, for my sake, to testify before them and the heathen. But when you are arrested, do not worry about what you are to say; when the time comes, the words you need will be given you; for it is not you who will be speaking: it will be the Spirit of your Father speaking in you.

Matthew 10:17-20 New English Bible

Courts love to make decisions. It is a game to them. Most of the players get paid big bucks to participate. They make a living playing this form of civilized combat. They have nothing to lose. But you, as their victim, have everything to lose, including your soul.

To start the combat, they send out one of their agents to pick a fight. You are captured, roughed up and possibly hauled to jail. They make accusations and then demand that you appear before their tribunal to give answer.

Most people facing this situation are traumatized by all that might happen. They fall into the snare of fearing what men will do to them (Proverbs 29:25). The temptation is strong to compromise. By the time they are scheduled to appear in court, they are eager to either strike a bargain with the other players, or build a defense to clear their name. And that is exactly what the players in the court game want them to do.

When you are dragged into court, your purpose is not to build a defense, but to testify of the Kingdom of Heaven. God will open doors and instruct you on what words to say in court. You are not to be anxious. In the meantime, here are some principles that will help you become as wise as a serpent, while remaining as gentle as a dove:

  1. The courts gain jurisdiction because of your residency. If you have residency with the state, then the lawmakers make your laws. But if you have residency in the Kingdom of Heaven, then the state lawmakers do not make your laws. That is really the only issue that can be raised. And these courts cannot hear it because they are merely creatures of the legislature. They cannot decide upon something greater than themselves.
  2. Never build a defense. If you do, you have consented to the decision-making power of the court.
  3. Our purpose as Christ's ambassadors is not to win favorable court decisions. Our purpose is to reconcile the world to Christ. We are not seeking a supreme court ruling that we have a right to travel from place to place preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. That issue has already been decided in Heaven (Psalms 119:89). There is nothing for the courts of the world to decide.
  4. As long as we keep ourselves entirely separate from the state, we can consistently and rightly disregard any and all legislative acts, judicial decrees, or executive powers, that touch upon our duties to our King. And we will always deny the right of any government of the world to make or enforce their statutes upon citizens of Heaven.

Who determines citizenship?

Our biggest obstacle in court, is overcoming the court's refusal to acknowledge our new citizenship in Heaven. The court continues to claim us as one of theirs. Who is the final authority on our citizenship? Is the court the final authority? No, it is actually you. You are the final authority. Unless you are their slave, they cannot speak for you. They are not your master. You are the one who chooses whom you will serve, not them.

Object when they start moving ahead with their court ceremony. Keep telling them you are a citizen of Heaven and they have no business trying you. Don't answer their questions, lest you appear to be subject to them. Invite them to file a complaint with the Embassy of Heaven and we will investigate and, if necessary, set a hearing. Why should they be hearing this matter? You don't belong to them. Who are they to judge someone else's servant? (Romans 14:4)

I have always said, never get tried in the courts of unbelievers. Do anything you can to keep from being tried. You are better off getting a contempt of court, than to participate in their proceeding. Do not let them try you because it is none of their business.

Remember, just because the opposition says it, does not make it so. When they say that the matter must be tried in their courts, it does not mean there are no other alternatives. Our position is the Church should decide the matter. If necessary, a hearing will be held before your peers, your fellow believers. Just because they say, "No, it must be tried here," does not mean you must accept it. That is only their position, not the Church's position. They want you to believe in their system and submit yourself to the way they want to do things. They are bullies. Just because the bullies force their will upon you, does not make them right.

Remaining seated for judge

Ambassador: Paul
Mission Field: Minnesota

When I was in court yesterday, everyone stood up when the judge walked in, but I did not. When he asked if I had intolerance, I told him, "I am in a situation right now that because of my religious beliefs, I cannot rise when you enter the room or call you, 'your honor.' If I did, I would be going against the first of the Ten Commandments."

"What do you mean?" asked the judge.

"God says in the first commandment, 'I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any false gods before me.' I cannot call you, 'your honor.' If you profess to be a Christian and work for Jesus Christ, I can honor what you do. But I cannot call you, 'your honor.' That is putting you up at a level with Jesus Christ and that would make me a sinner."

The judge just about fell out of his chair. He said, "Let's get down to business here."

I said, "I just wanted to make it clear. As far as I am concerned, you do not eat, drink, sleep or get rid of your waste food any differently than I do. I do not put you any higher than myself."

Is judge, your brother in Christ?

Here is another idea that you might try the next time you are in court. When the judge asks you a question, say, "Before I can answer your question, I need to know, 'Are you my brother in Christ?'"

If he says, "No," ask him, "Then who are you to judge someone else's servant?" (Romans 14:4)

If he refuses to answer your question, say, "By the same authority, I have no need to answer your questions."

If he is going to remain in darkness, then he must be a stranger and we are commanded to flee from strangers. (John 10:5).

If the judge says, "Yes, I am your brother in Christ." Ask, "Then who are you to lord over your brother?

"If we are brothers, then don't we have the same Father? And why is brother lording over brother? If you are truly my brother in Christ, then why are you not treating me the way you would want to be treated?"

Even the electric light bulb was rejected These questions arouse consciousness. Yes, these judges have their jobs to do, but they do not rule over the household of God. That is the major advantage that we have. They rule over the unbelievers. They worship and serve the state, which is the created thing, rather than our Creator. They are all idolaters because they have exalted the state into God's realm.

When we claim allegiance to the Heavenly government, persecution begins. But eventually, when we remain steadfast, they can no longer deny our existence. They will have to receive us. Time is on our side. Whenever you try to do anything new, it is always rejected. Even the electric light bulb was rejected. But now here it is and everybody has one. It is the same with the Kingdom of Heaven.

No lawsuits for Christians

All those who avenge themselves or go to law and wrangle in the courts over their property and honor are nothing but heathen masquerading under the name of Christians. It cannot be otherwise, I tell you. Do not look to the multitude and to the common practice, for, have no doubt, there are few Christians on earth; and God's Word is something very different from the common practice.

---Martin Luther on SECULAR AUTHORITY: TO WHAT EXTENT IT SHOULD BE OBEYED, published in 1523.

"Dearly beloved, defend not yourselves but give place to God's wrath, for it is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord."

Romans 12:19

As fire does not extinguish fire, so evil cannot extinguish evil. Only goodness, meeting evil, and not infected by it, conquers evil.

--- Leo Tolstoy

Oregon DMV attempts to regulate Heaven

Motor Vehicles Division, state of Oregon, sent NOTICES OF SUSPENSION to two of our ambassadors saying that they were convicted of driving uninsured. The letter stated, "As a result of this conviction, you were required to file proof of future financial responsibility with the Motor Vehicles Division (DMV) in Salem. Because you have not filed this proof of future financial responsibility, your Oregon driving privilege will be suspended by the Motor Vehicles Division (DMV) beginning at 12:01 AM on the morning of July 20, 1993."

We sent the following reply to the Motor Vehicles Division for both ambassadors:

June 30th, 1993 Year of Our Lord

Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicles Division
1905 Lana Avenue N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97314


Re: DMV action against David Justice, HvnDL#1303735
Your File number: 5744276 051957 072293
Title of Action: Notice of Suspension

Greetings from the nation of Heaven. May His Grace and Peace be upon you. By the authority vested in our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, we are empowered to maintain a system of records for the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have been notified that you have taken action against David Justice, Heaven driver license number 1303735. We hereby object.

According to records filed with the Embassy of Heaven, David Justice is a citizen and resident of Heaven and his driving record is being maintained under our system of records. Please update your records to indicate that David Justice is licensed in a foreign jurisdiction.

We do not grant you authorization to maintain records or impose your statutory requirements upon our citizen of Heaven. Our Kingdom is not of your world. Your state statutory requirements or court decision is void because you lack jurisdiction over residents of Heaven. Since you acted without our authority, your action is hereby cancelled. Please correct your records.

If you have a complaint against one of our citizens, you may file a complaint with our office and we will investigate, and, if necessary, set a hearing.

May you know the Peace and Joy of the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Paul Revere, Pastor

July 2, 1993

Paul Revere, Pastor
Embassy of Heaven Church
Postal Service Box 77
Sublimity, Oregon 97385

Regarding license suspension:
David Justice, Oregon license # 5744276 and
Ezra Shlemon, Oregon license # 5744653.

Dear Pastor Paul:

Thank you for your greetings and information regarding Mr. Justice and Mr. Shlemon.

As I am sure you anticipated, this letter is to indicate the driver license suspension for both people will go into effect as indicated in the notice of suspension. There will be no complaint against either person so long as they do not operate a vehicle on the public roads of this state or other jurisdictions. Otherwise, they will be subject to appropriate law enforcement action.


Jim Hunter, Manager

Program Administration

July 9th, 1993, Year of Our Lord

Jim Hunter, Manager
Program Administration
Motor Vehicles Division
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, Oregon 97314

Re: Oregon DMV action against:
David Justice, HvnDL #1303735
Ezra Shlemon, HvnDL #1191142

Greetings from the nation of Heaven. May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. By the authority vested in Our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, we are empowered to maintain a system of records, license drivers, and title and register vehicles for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your letter dated July 2nd, 1993, states that your office will suspend the driver license of David Justice, Oregon license #5744276; and Ezra Shlemon, Oregon license #5744653. For your information, we have on file for these two ambassadors, completed applications for a Heaven driver license, wherein they have declared that they are citizens of Heaven and have renounced allegiance with all foreign jurisdictions. Our records show they are in good standing. Would you please be kind enough to enlighten us on why your office is maintaining records on our residents?

You warned us that if our ambassadors operate a vehicle on the public roads of your state, that they will be subject to appropriate law enforcement action. We do not operate on the highways of your state, but rather travel upon the highways of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You threaten us with violence. We pray for your salvation.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Paul Revere, Pastor

Enclosure: Heaven Vehicle Code

Galileo's trial

from Windows on Our World
by Sara S. Beattie and Dolores Greco


Judge: Who is this man?
Witness: His name is Galileo.
Judge: Why has he been arrested?
Witness: He is teaching ideas that are not true. His ideas are wrong and dangerous.
Judge: What ideas is he teaching?
Witness: He says the sun does not move around Earth. He says instead that the sun is in the center. Earth moves around the sun.
Judge: Did you really say that?
Galileo: Yes. I think it's true.
Judge: I do not feel Earth moving. Neither does anyone else. Where did you get such a strange idea?
Galileo: For many years I have studied the stars with a telescope.
Judge: And what is a telescope?
Galileo: It is a new tool. A telescope makes things look closer and bigger. With a telescope you can see things that are very far away.
Witness: What difference does a telescope make? All the books say Earth is the center of everything. The people who wrote the books were wise. You should listen to them Galileo.
Judge: How did your telescope give you these strange ideas?
Galileo: With the telescope I can see the moon and stars and planets very well. All the planets move around the sun.
Judge: What does all this have to do with Earth?
Galileo: I think Earth is a planet, too. If that is true, Earth must move around the sun.
Judge: Earth is a planet? Just another planet? An ordinary planet? Not the center of everything? Nonsense it can't be true!
Witness: See what I told you? He thinks Earth is just a planet. The man is crazy!
Judge: Galileo, we can't have you teaching this nonsense. Your punishment is to go home and stay there as long as you live. Never leave your house. That way no one will hear these foolish ideas.

Galileo was summoned before the Inquisition in Rome in October, 1632. Although the details of the examination are missing, Galileo publicly recanted his views. He was most likely attempting to save himself from being burned at the stake. He was sentenced to live in strict seclusion for the rest of his life. PR

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

Court event
Date of event: June, 1993
Ambassador: Glen
Mission Field: Washington

Today they were supposed to have a trial for Tom and me because of citations that were issued in a traffic stop several months ago. Tom was found guilty as charged, and all the charges against me were dropped. The basic difference between Tom and me is that Tom is a state resident and I am a citizen of Heaven.

At the police stop, the officer wanted to cite Tom for not wearing a seat belt. Tom, who was merely a passenger, would not give the officer his name or address. I provided identification to the officer, but did not give my date of birth. We were both charged with obstructing an officer in the performance of his duty. The state claimed that anything a person does to hinder or delay a police officer in the performance of his duties is obstructing.

They proceeded ahead and tried and convicted Tom. His attorney was unable to save him. The jury did not even deliberate. They left the courtroom and almost immediately came back with their guilty verdict.

When I arrived in court, I proclaimed that I was acting under the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Embassy had previously sent letters to the court cancelling the citations. They did not attempt to try me. All charges against me were dropped.

The conviction was depressing for Tom. After his trial, Tom was ranting and raving about the injustice of the system. "Tom," I said, "why don't you do what I am doing? I was in the courthouse all day, too, but I spent a happy time witnessing for the Kingdom of Heaven. I visited with the police officers, trying to draw them out of the Babylonian system. I told them how we do things in the Kingdom.

One officer was really interested in the Heaven Vehicle Code, so I gave him a copy. He said, "That way I will know what kind of rules you guys go by in case I stop one of you."

Not all the officers were receptive to the Kingdom. One officer was openly hostile. He said, "I hope you come down to my county. If you do, you will not get out."

I found out how they use their criminal information system to locate an individual. If they only have a name, it can take hours to run a check and they may never find a match. They need a name, and it helps if they have an approximate date of birth. At the police stop, I would not give the officer a birthdate, but after about 15 minutes of conversation, I made a reference to where I was stationed. Then the officer used my name and location to find me. He said if I had not given him a location, he probably would not have found me on their computer.

After Tom was found guilty, we went to the office of an attorney we knew and told him what had happened with Tom and me in court. When we finished, I asked him, "What professional advice would you give Tom?"

The first words out of the attorney's mouth were, "Become an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven."

Date of incident: June, 1993
Ambassadors: Glen and Tom
Mission field: Washington

I just want to share with you the victory of the Lord. I was stopped again by a Seattle police officer after driving down an express lane. Tom has become an ambassador and was with me, helping to preach about the Kingdom.

I showed the officer my Heaven license. Then he walked around the car and looked at the front license plate to see if it matched the back plate. He came back to the driver's side of the car and asked to see the registration, and I showed it to him.

He asked, "How long do you plan to stay here?"

"We don't know, we're on a mission from God."

"Well, how long before God plans for you to go somewhere else?"

"I really cannot say. I plan on going to Montana and back to the Embassy next month."

"You mean you are probably not going to be here too terribly long?"

"I will be out of state, off and on, and back and around."

Then Tom piped up, "Yes, we do work all over the Northwest."

The officer softened, "I realize the big city is kind of confusing to people who are not used to living in them. Just be careful and watch the signs."

I guess we had driven down an express lane by mistake. Even though I have been around here most of my life, it is still confusing.

Then he concluded the stop by saying, "Have a nice day."

He gave back the Heaven license and registration. He did not keep any documents and no citations were issued.

We went away praising God that we had another opportunity to witness to a police officer.

Date of incident: 6-02-93
Ambassador: Glen and Michael
Mission field: Fort Lewis Army Base

Michael and I were traveling north on I-5 when a motorcycle cop signaled for us to pull over. I decided that I was going to keep driving until I found a place where the vehicle would be safe and not be towed away. I was not going to park on the freeway.

The officer pulled up along side of us and started hollering, "Pull it over! Pull it over!"'

"I will pull over at the next exit," I said.

"Pull it over NOW!" he yelled.

"No, I will wait until the next exit."

The officer finally pulled in behind me again. He must have figured, "This guy is stubborn enough, he is going to keep driving until the next exit."

I did not realize that the next exit was an army base, Fort Lewis. I drove up to the booth and asked the guard if it would be all right to park here. The guard said, "No, you cannot park here. The vehicle will be towed."

As the guard was answering, the motorcycle policeman rode in between us and started hollering.

I let out the clutch and coasted past the guard post. I saw a sign that said, "HEADQUARTERS." We drove up to HEADQUARTERS and the motorcycle cop was nowhere to be found. We went into the office and received permission to park the car in their parking lot. "You can leave the car two or three days, no problem," we were told.

Then the state motorcycle policeman reappeared with military police. He did not have jurisdiction because we were on an army base, so the military police took over.

We were interrogated separately, and then placed in a holding cell. Those sitting beside us on the bench were military prisoners who were not allowed to speak. This gave us a tremendous opportunity to witness, since our speech was not restricted. We were praying for deliverance and reading Psalms 34 and Psalms 91 aloud. We also read out of the book of Matthew, Chapter 7. Some of the military prisoners nodded their heads in agreement.

Hey are you ready for lightning to strike? We heard one officer say to another, "Hey are you ready for lightning to strike?" Another officer asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Well, these guys are calling God down on us."

They were obviously not mocking. One officer became fearful and started yelling.

Then the booking officer said, "I am going to obtain a federal hold on them."

Another officer argued, "Do you know how much trouble you would be making if you get a federal hold?"

"The regulations say I can do this."

The other officer said fearfully, "No, no, no. Not for this!" It was as if he realized our "crimes" were ridiculous.

These officers left and I went over to a sliding window and asked the man inside if I could use the phone. "Go ahead, if you can get out."

The phone was strictly for local calls. But when I talked to the operator, I told her I was an ambassador trying to contact my Embassy. With all seriousness, she made the transfers to reach the Embassy. Before I could speak to the pastor, the booking officer stormed into the holding room, grabbed the phone, and slammed it on the hook. "You are not an ambassador," he yelled.

At this point, they decided to just get rid of us. They took us over to be fingerprinted and then drove us off the base. We objected and said, "What about our car?"

"I have orders to drive you off the base. If you want your car, then you will have to take care of it later."

They dumped us out a mile from the base. We remembered the persistent widow in Luke, Chapter 18, and would not give up. We turned around and walked back to the base. We talked with the chief investigator, the captain, and many others. They kept talking about the Washington state roads and we kept correcting them. "These are Kingdom of Heaven highways, my friend."

By five in the evening on the day we were arrested, we had been released and our belongings removed from the car. We still did not have the Heaven vehicle. We were again escorted off the base and banned from returning until the next morning.

We made many calls from the telephone booth across the freeway from the base. We had no car and no place to go. A city policeman kept circling around and told us to get out of town. We heard a radio conversation with a federal policeman and learned they were determined to stall us. We were making no headway. We made approximately five dollars worth of 25-cent calls.

The next morning we walked back on the base and approached the guard shack. The guard claimed to be a brother in Christ, but would not let us through. "You were banned from the base," he said.

I challenged his authority and he took out his handcuffs and threatened to use them. We tried to talk with him, but he was very hostile. "You are mocking God," he said. We walked back off the base and started making phone calls again.

If we could just get our vehicle back, we would be on our way. We called almost every level of command under the general. It was his aide that finally made some phone calls that enabled us to call a tow truck to haul the Heaven vehicle off the base. They would not permit us to drive the vehicle.

We had an opportunity to talk with the guard many times. He finally opened up to us as we shared the scripture. He said there was a real darkness over the base because people were threatened with jail if they tried to preach the gospel. There had been several suicides on the base. We were encouraged as we began to realize why the Lord diverted us to this army base. He wanted us to bring them the light of the gospel. During our final conversation with the guard, he said, "I wish I could do what you guys are doing."

We were surprised that the military police issued citations for violations of Washington state statutes. The citations were obstructing a public servant; failure to obey officer, flagman or firefighter; refusing to provide authorities with proper information; no license plate on vehicle; no proof of insurance; and possession of a fictitious identification card. They would not acknowledge our Heaven identification. On the citation at the place for a driver license number or other I.D. it says, "No I.D.," even though both of us presented Heaven driver licenses. Michael received a couple citations, too, even though he was only a passenger. The army kept our Heaven driver licenses, registration and plates.

After the vehicle was towed off the base, we jumped in and drove off, exhausted. We arrived at our destination safely, with just a two-day delay. We thanked God that He gave us another opportunity to witness to the world.

Date of incident: 6-22-93
Ambassadors: Glen & Michael
Mission field: Washington

Glen has broken new records here at the Embassy - three police stops in the month of June alone. If you think this has discouraged Glen, you are wrong. He continues to travel many miles distributing books and urging men and women everywhere to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

The following story was filed by Michael:

Glen and I were pulled over in front of a church, after making an improper left turn. When the police officer approached us, Glen opened the driver's door, reached out his hand, and introduced himself as Ambassador Stoll from the Kingdom of Heaven.

At first the officer was hesitant, but then he shook Glen's hand. They had a little conversation about the improper turn and Glen apologized.

The officer asked to see Glen's driver license and Glen showed him the Heaven license.

"How about a registration and proof of insurance?"

Glen showed him the Heaven registration. At this point the officer was speechless. He did not even ask again for proof of insurance. There was just dead silence.

Apparently the officer thought we had all our bases covered because the officer never said another word. He gave us back the driver license and registration, went back to his car, and drove away. No citations were issued.

As Glen slowly backed up to leave, there were about fifteen church people standing on the steps and our bumper was facing them. Suddenly one of them pointed at our Heaven plates and laughed. I stuck my hand out and made the "ONE WAY TO JESUS" sign with my finger and we sped away.

Date of incident: June, 1993
Ambassador: Don
Mission field: Idaho

Today I was pulled over for the first time with Heaven plates. The officer who stopped me is the local deputy and I have known him for many years. He has arrested me on several occasions, prior to my being licensed by the Embassy.

When I saw this particular deputy coming down the road, I backed up so I would be off the highway. He came after me with his lights flashing and said, "Don, how are you doing?"

I said, "I'm all right, how about you?"

"I'm okay. I was hoping that I wouldn't meet you under these circumstances again."

"What circumstances?" I asked.

"Well, you don't have any license plates."

"I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. I do have license plates. There is one on the front and there is one on the back."

He went around the back to look and said, "Heaven?"


"That's not a state."

"No, that is not a state, but it is a nation, the Kingdom of Heaven. You are familiar with it aren't you?"

"Well, do you have any documentation to go along with these plates?"

"Sure I do."

So I took out my Heaven driver license and registration and showed it to him.

"Are these things entered into any computer system?"

"Why naturally, they are in the Church computer system."

"What about proof of insurance? Do you have any proof of insurance?"

"My insurance is Psalm 91. I am instructed not to have any man as surety for me, so that is the way that goes."

"Gosh, I don't know what to do. I've never seen anything like this. I am very reluctant not to recognize your license plate because I am not familiar with it. So what I am going to do is copy all the information off of your documents and then I am going to get a ruling on it."

"You do what you need to do. Let me give you some more information. Here is a copy of the Heaven Vehicle Code and Licensed by Heaven. Now on the front of this book is a telephone number. You can call the Church and there is almost always somebody there. You can talk to the pastor if you have any questions about the computer system or anything else that you need to know about us. Feel free to call.

"Another thing, Tom, I think you need to read these books yourself - personally, in your personal capacity. I think there is information in these books that you might find useful in your personal life, not in your life as a deputy."

"I will read it, I will read it," he said. Then he said he needed to call the station.

When he finished, he said, "I told them I am not going to issue any citations, so that ought to make the sheriff rest a little easier."

I said to him, "You know, some of the states don't return the prior registration when a vehicle is registered in another state. This makes for some sloppy record keeping. The Church feels it is essential that the previous Certificate of Title be returned to the issuing state to enable the state to keep accurate records.

"For instance, if you took a vehicle out of this state and went to Texas and registered it in Texas, Texas would not notify the state of Idaho."

"That's right," he said.

"So, what does the state of Idaho know? The state of Idaho has incomplete records and there is a duplication of registration. The Church policy is that previous Certificates of Title are cancelled and returned to the state that issued them. That is what has happened on this vehicle.

"I would like you to also take a look at the Vehicle identification number (VIN) and notice the sticker that is next to it. It is registered as Church property and it has a Church inventory number on it which also coincides with the one that is on the registration."

He checked them all out. "Yes," he said, "I see that." We talked a little bit more and he said, "Well, I am about to get fired anyway."

He had run for sheriff and lost the election. And now the guy he ran against is his boss. So there is a little contention existing there.

I said to him, "Tom, what are you going to do if you get fired? Are you going to go out and get a job and try to work again for a living?"

"Well, I've done a lot of things, I'm not worried about it."

"I guess what I am trying to find out from you is, Are you going to stay in law enforcement?"

"It is three years until the election. I am thinking about running for sheriff again."


"Well, let me just put it like this. I see that there are a lot of things wrong and I just think maybe I could help out."

"Tom, you can't change the system. It is rotten from the inside out. You know it is rotten and that is what you are seeing. You are seeing a rotten system that you can't change. The only thing you can do is remove yourself from it. I would like to see you just get out of law enforcement. I think it would be to your best advantage not to be involved in it at all."

"Yes, we'll see. Well anyway, you just go ahead and go about your business the way you've been doing. I haven't been trying to catch you. I haven't been laying for you. But if I see you on the highway, I can't ignore it."

I said, "Well, it is either going to be you or somebody else. Eventually what I am doing has to come to a head. I am not going to change my ways because I can't. This is not a preference with me, this is absolutely mandatory. This has to do with my whole being, with my existence, my life. I have to do according to what my Sovereign government instructs and that is all there is to it. So take your information and send it to them to do what they must do."

We shook hands and parted company. No citations were issued. The deputy didn't keep the Heaven license plates or the Heaven driver license or registration. I hadn't been pulled over for two years, but today was the day. I have only had the Heaven documents about a week. This is Yahweh's way of doing things.