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Jul-Aug, Year of Our Lord, 1995
Number 954

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Marriage is not a slip knot

Marriage is not a slip knot.

Marriage is until death do us part.


The weak can never forgive.

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi

Harvest Retreat Planned

Debt Free HousingWhen: September 27 - October 1, 1995
Theme: Practical Kingdom Living

Mark your calendars and plan to fellowship with us in the forested foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Topics include:

For further details, request our Retreat Brochure, which is planned for release later this summer.

From the Pastor's Desk

The Midnight RiderDear Friends,

To Jesus Christ be power, honor and glory forever. Amen.

All around us homes are crumbling because Godly authority is not recognized. A wife thinks she makes better decisions than her husband and will not submit to his leadership. A young man refuses to take the counsel of his pastor, claiming he answers to God and God alone.

Can you imagine if this was the attitude on board a sailing ship? The ship is on the high seas when a violent storm arises sending waves over the deck. The captain orders a crew member to climb the mast. The sailor refuses, saying he answers to God alone. Then, one by one, all the crew members refuse to obey the captain. What is the fate of such a ship? Death and destruction are imminent because no one is willing to submit to the captain's authority.

A captain may be a good captain or a bad captain, but he is still the captain. His commands are to be obeyed.

In a family setting, the captain of the ship is the husband. His word is to be obeyed. The wife agrees to come on board his ship when she marries him. She makes the commitment that her husband will be captain of the family, through good times and bad times, until death ends the journey.

The man is designed to be the covering over woman. The woman is to be his helper. The man is not to treat his wife as property. He is to love her as his own body. The husband and wife are effectively one unit. They are to bring children into the world and the children are to submit to the authority of their parents.

Let's take a look at Dad. Dad is not his own boss. It may look like he is, but he is not. Neither is the captain of a ship his own boss. The captain has cargo that he is taking from Point A to Point B. He is responding to the higher authority that finances his mission.

Dad is also responding to a higher authority. We pray that Dad's higher authority is the Lord Jesus Christ. Dad needs to always remember that Christ is the Head of the family and he is to fulfill Christ's mission, not his own.

Incompetent Captain

What do you do if you are on board a ship with a captain that is not qualified? What if the husband is not submitting to Christ? What if he isn't even a believer? What is his wife to do? The wife is still to acknowledge that her husband is over her, whether he is right or wrong. In everything, she is to submit to him (Ephesians 5:24). Even when her captain continually sails them into the rocks and is unfit to manage the home, he is still to remain in the captain's seat.

The government of unbelievers takes a different approach. It encourages dissatisfied women to boot their husbands out of the captain's seat. But during this mutiny, the whole mission often shipwrecks. As the weakened crew battles to survive, a gang of pirates comes along and entices the wife and children to accept a free ride on the welfare ship. They leave Dad high and dry.

The State's answer leads to death and destruction. Jesus Christ has a better way. When a wife submits to her husband, and the husband loves his wife (Ephesians 5), they are a testimony of obedience to Christ's government.

Even when the husband does not obey God, he can be won over by the pure and reverent conduct of his wife. And the woman wins him over WITHOUT A WORD (1 Peter 3:1). A woman was not created to argue, criticize, condemn, or harass her husband. A bossy, hands-on-the-hips wife undermines her husband's authority. She was created as a complement to man. Her role next to man is one of encouraging and helping her husband.

Many a marriage has been steered away from the rocks by the wife lovingly submitting to her husband's decisions. Her attitude is, "the old man is always right." She steps back and lets the husband accept the consequences of his actions. If he continues to make poor decisions, she suffers patiently.

Hopefully, at some point, the husband will either learn from his errors, or seek the wise counsel of his helper before proceeding ahead. She can advise him on areas where he may be weak or lacking knowledge. The husband still reserves the freedom to make the final decision. But the wife can help her husband rise in godliness by her encouragement and hidden counsel.

The family unit is where we learn obedience to God-ordained authority. Everyone must submit to the chain of authority; children submit to their parents, wives submit to their husbands, and husbands submit to Christ's government. Then the Lord truly builds the house (Psalm 127:1).

Paul Revere, Pastor

Captain of the ship

Seven Thousand Miles in a Heaven Van

Embassy of Heaven Missionaries Travel To Florida

By Brooke Revere - Age 15

"The school bus fell through." Glen said sadly over the telephone. "The woman who was going to let us use it decided that she didn't want to risk her bus. Have you found anything, Paul?"

"The Suburban van Jim offered has problems." Dad replied. "It's been burning up glow plugs, and I don't want to take a car with problems like that all the way to Florida."

"Let's keep looking. Call me if you find anything."

We were only a few days away from the day we should leave for the Preparedness Expo in Orlando, Florida, and still we hadn't found anything for transportation. The Heaven van we had taken to Texas in April had severe mechanical problems and could not be used. We had eight people to take, along with boxes of books, a table, chairs, bedding, food, clothing and various supplies.

When Glen called again, he still hadn't found anything, except for an old station wagon named Wallowing Wilma. She had only six seats and no shocks.

Glen was discouraged and Dad was tired. We had already paid for an Embassy of Heaven booth at the Preparedness Expo, but they were discussing the option of not going. It was decided that we would take Wallowing Wilma, unless something else turned up, and we would leave on Sunday.

On Friday, we went to town to pick up some supplies for the trip, trusting that we would go to Florida, somehow. All the way to Salem, Skye and I watched the side of the road for used cars with "FOR SALE" signs in the windows.

We spent a long day in town and all of us had grown tired. We were on our way to another store when someone cried, "Look! Some vans for sale!"

Kingdom of Heaven VanAfter we had done all of our shopping, Dad decided it wouldn't hurt to look at the vans. The woman we talked to said her husband was selling the vans to pay taxes. The State had made new laws that had shut down their business.

We first looked at a rather ragged black van and took a test drive. Then Dad asked to see the yellow van, which was bigger and cleaner. All Dad had to do was sit in the driver's seat, and he knew it was the one he would like to take to Florida. We went home very excited. Perhaps our prayers were answered!

On Saturday, Glen, Michael and his 10-year-old son, Steven, came down to the Embassy from Washington in Wallowing Wilma. It had been arranged that Glen, Michael and Dad would go to look at the vans. If Michael, the mechanic, thought the vans were in good shape, maybe we would buy one.

Later that evening they returned with two vans. They had talked the people into selling the black van and the yellow van for a total of $1,500!

We decided that we would take the yellow van on the trip. Michael worked all night tuning up the van for the journey, while we packed. Some of the men never went to bed that night. At quarter to nine Sunday morning, we said goodbye to Mom and started our trip.

There were eight of us, five adults and three children. On board was Glen, the man who keeps us going to the Expos; Dad, who, as pastor, is the spokesman for the trip; Michael, who helps at the booth and takes care of car trouble; Abraham, who also helps man the booth; and Steven (age 10); Skye (age 12) and me. We also took a man named Paul Bunyan who had escaped from a mental institution and sought sanctuary at the Embassy. He has schizophrenia and is like a small boy in a big man's body. He had been living at the Embassy for several months and we had been helping him.

We drove around the clock. We made it to Utah the first day. Sleeping arrangements were a bit crowded. A small bed had been made on top of the boxes in the back. Two people could sleep on the two seats, and two people slept between the seats on the floor. One person could fit on the floor lengthwise near the door and two people were usually driving, so we just barely fit.

We ate our meals as we traveled. In the mornings, Skye prepared Muesli, which is a mixture of soaked rolled oats, dried fruit and nuts. The soaked oats make their own milk. Before we left, Skye baked a dozen loaves of whole wheat sourdough bread. For lunch, she prepared sandwiches on top of a box, as the van rolled down the highway. We had also made about 10 batches of molasses taffy for snacks. Sometimes we stopped at a reststop for dinner and Skye would cook a pot of lentils or noodles. A couple times we stopped to visit friends and were grateful for the delicious meals and warm showers they provided.

Between Monday and Thursday, we traveled from Wyoming to Georgia. In Wyoming, God provided two tires for free! A gas station attendant offered them to us. They certainly were needed. We were fortunate not to have a blowout somewhere on the road!

Around sunset on Thursday, we entered Florida. We spent the evening catching up on sleep at our friends' home, near Orlando. The Busby's home had a pond in their backyard. Bunyan swam in it, ignoring the warnings of our friends that there was an alligator living there.

Friday morning we ate a quick breakfast and hurried out to the van. Soon we were at the Preparedness Expo, waiting for the doors to open at noon. Many people stopped by our booth. It was my job to approach and tell them about the Cleansing or Surgery book. It was a little scary at first, talking to so many strangers. I slowly built up confidence and by the end of the three days, I had forgotten my shyness completely.

Health products are popular items at the Expo, and so is information about survival techniques. One man said he liked returning to our booth because we were always smiling. He said the spirit of fear was upon many of the other booths who were selling self-defense weapons and survival equipment. He liked us because we were full of hope.

The men preached about the Kingdom and distributed our books and tapes. Skye and Steve raised funds for us with Bee Sweets. It is hard work to talk to everyone that goes by. We had seven people working our booth. By 10:00 p.m., we were exhausted. The Busby's graciously allowed us to take over their living room and Nancy Busby would make late night suppers for us, even though she needed to get up early.

Saturday was the longest day of the Expo, from 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. Sunday we worked very hard again. When at last 8:00 p.m. came, we were glad to fold up the booth.

The next few days were spent catching up on sleep and learning how to build domes out of metal pipe and a kind of black plastic. Dad, Michael and Abraham helped Terry Busby build a 24-foot dome. After they finished it, they took it down and packed it in the van to reconstruct at the Embassy.

Before leaving Florida, we spent a day at Disney World and a delightful day at the beach. Unlike Oregon beaches, the water is wonderfully warm. Skye and I ran along the beach picking up pretty shells. On Friday, we headed for the Embassy. Bunyan was very reluctant, but he came with us.

Police Stop

Early Saturday morning, June 17, 1995, we were traveling down I-10 near Mobile, Alabama, when the Loxley police pulled us over. Michael was at the wheel and Abraham was next to him. It was around 3:00 a.m. and most of us were asleep. Michael drove less than a mile to the next exit, before he pulled over.

The police had seen the Heaven plates and were more than a little upset. They stormed up to Michael's window and asked why he hadn't stopped when he saw the flashing lights.

Michael was very meek and mild as he told them he was trying to find a safe place to park. He wasn't sure what the blue lights meant, but he had wanted to find a place off the freeway.

By this time, more police had pulled up. Michael would not give a date of birth, or say anything except that he was from the Kingdom of Heaven and was not in the State of Alabama. When the policeman demanded identification, Michael showed his Heaven Driver License.

Michael insisted he was in the Kingdom of Heaven. The police insisted he was in the State of Alabama. At last, they told him and Abraham to exit the vehicle for questioning.

Two officers took Michael to the back of the van and read out loud the license plates, "Kingdom of Heaven, Ambassador." Then they shouted, "You're not in the Kingdom of Heaven! You're in the United States of America. You're in the State of Alabama. Now, where are you from?"

Michael firmly repeated, "I am not from the United States of America. I don't recognize it. I am from the Kingdom of Heaven." And they went round and round. More cops joined them and one said, "You're traveling in the State of Alabama." Michael said, "I am traveling on a multi-jurisdictional thoroughfare."

Another cop asked Michael, "What is your birth date?" "I don't have a birth date because your birth date is the date the instrument was created to make an individual property of the State. I am not property of the State. I am property of the Lord Jesus Christ."

We could hear the police shouting outside the van. Dad led us in song. As we sang, "Seek Ye First," we began to feel more at peace. After several rounds, there was total silence outside. No one was shouting. No one was talking, just silence.

Later, the police glanced into the van and commented, "There must be fourteen of them in there." They asked if any of us had identification. A few people handed over their Heaven Passports.

One of the policemen looked at me sitting in the back seat. "What's your date of birth, sweetie?" I looked him squarely in the eyes and said as politely but firmly as I could, "None of your business. You'll have to talk to God about that."

His jaw dropped and the color left his face. He turned around and walked away. Dad turned to me and said, "You didn't have to say anything, Brooke." I felt that I had done wrong, but later decided I had done the right thing.

A secular policeman is not our authorityA policeman came over and asked us all to step out of the van. No one moved except Bunyan. He jumped out and was immediately questioned. Bunyan surprised all the police by giving his date of birth. No one else had given a birth date. One of the cops turned to us and exclaimed, "This guy has a birth date. How come none of the rest of you has a birth date? He must be the only human being here!"

Soon Bunyan had a semicircle of police standing around him, intently listening to him talk. A few minutes later, Bunyan came into the van and grabbed his suitcase. Without an explanation, He returned to the police. Dad walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"What are you doing, Bunyan?" he asked gently. There was concern in his face.

"I want to go back to Florida." Bunyan replied.

"You can't go back to Florida. Our visit there is over." Bunyan reached up and removed Dad's hand from his shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" said Bunyan. Dad tried to say more, but the police stepped in and said, "You heard him. He said not to touch him!"

Dad was shocked, but he didn't know what to say. He returned to the van with a puzzled look on his face.

He later tried to tell the police that Bunyan is a mental case and needs special care. The police turned and looked at him with scorn.

"You're telling me he's crazy! You, who are from the `Kingdom of Heaven,' are telling me he's crazy?"

They turned their backs on Dad and continued to listen to Bunyan. Not long afterwards they took Bunyan away in one of their cars. Glen wandered over to the police and asked, "What are you doing with him? Are you kidnaping him?" One of the policemen jumped up out of his car and shouted sarcastically, "We're taking him to Heaven!"

"No," said Glen calmly. "We're Heaven. You are taking him to Hell."

Eventually, police cars began to leave. One sheriff's deputy said before he left, "Arrest them all, put them all in jail." Other officers sternly said that they would arrest anyone who tried to drive the vehicle and would also tow the van. No citations were issued. Soon all the police were gone. But they continued to circle the block for five hours. We waited for a while and then left while they weren't looking.

Bunyan was dumped on the streets of Alabama to fend for himself without food, funds, or transportation. He finally hitchhiked back to Orlando, Florida where he was picked up by the local police and eventually wound up in a mental institution. He has had many desperate adventures along the way because he is not of a sound mind. Much time, energy and expense are being expended to return him back to the West Coast. All of this could have been avoided if Loxley, Alabama police had left Paul Bunyan in our care.

We made several stops on the way home, but each of them are stories in themselves. After several more pleasantly uneventful days, we arrived at the Embassy, a tired but happy group.

Where Does Authority
Come From

Rachel Revere talking on television

Television Dialog between Rachel Revere, Embassy of Heaven, and Judge Marilyn Tully, Superior Court Judge

David Newman TV Show, Seattle, Washington

June 5, 1995; 7:30 p.m.

Host My interest in the Embassy of Heaven Church, based in Sublimity, Oregon, is that it believes that it is not necessary for them to pay taxes. They have ultimate authority, for example, over secular affairs. They issue their own license plates and they are out of the system of the world. Apparently they believe this so strongly that they are willing to go to jail for that purpose. Also, you have an interest in them, Rick.
CoHost Yes, I am interested in people who claim that they have legally separated themselves from society. And I am just curious on what basis they justify this point.
Our first guest is Rachel Revere, co-founder of Embassy of Heaven in Sublimity, Oregon, who we have on the phone.
Host Joining us in the studio is King County Superior Court Judge Marilyn Tully. Judge Tully is with the court every day practicing her work. And we thought it would be interesting to set up a dialog with her and Mrs. Revere on secular versus spiritual authority. Just where does authority come from?
First, let's go to a television clip from Evening Magazine. (Clip shows conflict between law enforcement and the Embassy of Heaven. It ends with the words, "When man's law collides with God's law, the fallout is sure to be great.")
Judge Tully, what is your reaction?
Tully My reaction is that it is probably very frustrating for the police. I'm sure they took an oath as I did when I took office, to uphold the laws and the Constitution. We have laws and regardless of the personal feelings about this, one way or another, we have to uphold those laws which require licensing.
Host Rachel, do you have a response to that?
Revere I think that we need to talk about where laws come from. We believe that the Highest Authority is God Almighty. He has already established laws and a chain of authority. And the authority He has given the civil authority is to refrain evil doers from committing their evil. But He has not given authority for man to rule over men. We believe that licensing is a form of men lording over our fellow men.
Tully Ultimately the power of the government and the courts is granted by the consent of the people who have structured it so that we can all live together. I take my power from the Constitution, Federal and State Constitution, as well as the laws of the State of Washington and the cases that interpret those laws and I have to apply those to the cases that come before me.
Revere I know that you are bound by the Constitution, and bound by the office that you hold. We also are bound by the office that we hold. We are to go out and preach the Gospel to all nations. And we are working under the direct Authority of Jesus Christ and His Commission, separate from the State. Jesus Christ has told us in the Scripture that He has been given all authority in Heaven and on earth.
Host Rachel, I have read through some of the material from your Church and I noticed that it makes a lot of references in its arguments to Bible verses. What about for non-Christians, does your system really address the authority to drive for them?
Revere We believe that there are actually two kingdoms. There are the governments of the world and the Government of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are in one government or the other. And if you are in the government of the world, then you must obey the laws and statutes of that government. But if you are under the Kingdom of Heaven, then you are already in obedience to all of the laws, because the Holy Spirit is your Guide. I would say that unless you have been reborn into the Kingdom of Heaven, then you will still need to be under their system of laws, under the civil authorities.
Host So all other Christians who are not members of your Church would still need to be under the civil authorities, but your group is different?
Revere No, if you are a true Christian, then you already have all the Power and Authority from Jesus Christ. You do not need to set yourself under the laws of men. Laws are not made for the righteous, laws are made for the ungodly.
Host That is certainly an interesting perspective. I had another question. One thing that occurred to me is that you claim a revelation came to you and Paul Revere your husband, and Bryan Freeman, another early Church member. And the nature of the revelation involved separation from earthly powers. What if the nature of your revelation was that you were to go out and kill somebody and since God was telling you, it is right.
Revere We are also told to prove all things. Our God is not a God of destruction. So if I received a message like that, I would not believe it came from God. It must have come from an evil force, not God.
Host Judge Tully, how do you see the conflict of religious beliefs, or how do you resolve that in court?
Tully We don't resolve that in court. There is a separation of Church and State and people are free to believe what they want to believe. They have to take the consequences of their beliefs. There were many people in World War II who had conscientious objections, some of them went to jail for that. There were people in the Vietnam conflict who suffered dire consequences because they were opposed to the war. So we all have to follow our consciences and take the consequences.
Host And Rachel, some people involved in the Embassy of Heaven are willing to take the consequences. Have you been to jail yourself?
Revere Yes, I have.
Host And why were you willing to do that?
Revere Because I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is worth the price that has to be paid. I am willing to die for what I believe.
Host I have heard recently, claims that the Embassy of Heaven owes property tax, is that correct?
Revere That is what they are saying. However we are a Church and normally Churches do not pay property taxes.
Host That is kind of unusual, what do you think that is about?
Revere I do not know what they are thinking, but I know that I am willing to lose the 34 acres that we are on. It is not my property, it belongs to God and what they take, they are going to be taking from God and His Kingdom. I am just in the Hands of the Living God.
Host What about the use of the roads, who do you think owns the roads?
Revere I believe that Almighty God created the Universe, created the earth, and created the roads. But I also believe that there have been stewards appointed for the roads for their upkeep and maintenance and that if I use the roads that I must pay the taxes to use those roads. I am required to pay for them, or not use the roads.
Host Rachel, I had one more question, you said something about that the Kingdom of Heaven was only for the righteous.
Revere No, I said laws were made for the ungodly, they are not made for the righteous.
Host OK, so that is the laws of the government.
Revere Any law. All laws are basically trying to make rules to modify people's behavior.
Host Right. Well thank you very much Rachel. At this time we are going to take other calls. And we thank Judge Tully for coming in the studio and you, Rachel, for joining us by phone.

Kingdom of Heaven
Questions and Answers

Our Things

Should we sell all things?Selling Goods

Must we sell all that we have to enter the Kingdom?

We may not be required to sell everything we have, but we must stand ready to lose all our possessions if our LORD asks us to do so. When Jesus instructed the rich man to sell all (Luke 18:22), it became obvious that his heart was set on his worldly treasures and not on seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. The rich man apparently wanted to have the outward appearance of serving God, but inwardly his heart was fixed on serving money.

When Jesus says, "Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 5:3), He is not talking about being physically poor, but spiritually poor. We may be rich or poor physically and externally. But before God, we must be spiritually poor. That is, we must not set our confidence on material goods, nor make money our idol.

While we live here, we should use all material goods and physical necessities the way a guest does when staying in a strange place for a night. We dare not say to our host, "This is mine, here I will stay." Nor would we take possession of his property as if we had the right to it. Otherwise, we would soon hear our host say, "My friend, don't you know you are only a guest here. Go back where you belong."

We are to treat the material blessings God has given us in the same way. We are permitted to use them, but we don't hang our hearts on them as if we are going to be here forever. Our status remains as guests or pilgrims in the land. Our heart is not tied to property or riches. Even if we have barns full of grain and purses full of gold, we behave as if we have nothing. As Apostle Paul says, "As poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing everything." (2 Corinthians 6:10) We must always have our hearts fixed on a higher and better treasure, which will last forever.

This does not mean we are to run away from property, home, wife, and children and wander around the countryside as a burden to other people. What Christ is saying in Matthew 19:29 and elsewhere is that our heart should be willing to leave home and land, wife and children. We continue to live among them, serving them out of love, as God has commanded. Still, we should be able, at any time, to give them up for Christ's sake. If we are able to do this, we have "forsaken all," in the sense that our hearts are not taken captive by the things of this world.

Giving Up Insurance

I have fire insurance and term life insurance for my wife's security. Must I give up insurance?

Yes. Those who have insurance policies place a false trust in men to restore them. Our trust must be in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. We acknowledge that it is our Heavenly Father that makes, orders, and controls our surroundings. All that we have belongs to Him. Therefore, we look to the Father for direction in the use and disposition of all things He has entrusted to our care. We are to cast all our cares upon Him for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

You sought after men to provide for your wife's security. Who knows, maybe God wants you to live. Even if your wife outlives you, Almighty God must be trusted to take care of her when something happens to you.

All insurance, whether it be auto, home, fire, business, health or life insurance is based upon putting trust in man for protection. But God says, "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD" (Jeremiah 17:5).

Scripture warns us not to make agreements with unbelievers or to seek out the world's system for help and protection. "Woe to the obstinate children," declares the LORD, "To those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin; who go down to Egypt without consulting me; who look for help to Pharaoh's protection, to Egypt's shade for refuge" (Isaiah 30:1-2).

Through an insurance policy, you yoke yourself into a binding agreement with other people of the world. The fine print of the policy usually compels an individual to follow whatever course of action the insurance adjuster decides upon. Part of the cost of the insurance is paying for an adjuster to settle claims according to the company's own profit-making, carnal principles. Biblical standards are not used. When we bind ourselves into such an insurance policy, we are no longer free to settle our affairs according to Christ's teachings.

If we truly belong to Christ's Kingdom, when a claim is made against us, we will make a Christ-like settlement. We will take responsibility for our actions. We will go the second mile and be defrauded, if necessary. Our Christian testimony must be more important than our pocketbook.

The underlying motive behind the purchase of most insurance policies is fear of men and lack of faith in the all powerful, sovereign God. We are to look to our Heavenly Father for the solution to the problems and reverses of life. We are to be content moving as He directs and living with whatever He gives us. Our earthly ambitions must be set aside and our hope and trust built on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Auto Insurance

What about buying car insurance? I do not want the financial responsibility if my wife or children are involved in a serious accident.

Again, the same principles apply. We need to rely upon Psalm 91. God is our insurance or assurance. He will take care of us. We need to quit seeking after men for protection.

As a sideline on car insurance, I would prefer that the roads are filled with people who are fully responsible for their actions. Insurance changes the nature of man because he now has limited liability. The man behind the wheel thinks, "Ah, I don't have to be as careful now because someone is going to pay for an accident if I have one."

Do you know what kind of mentality that is? It makes the roads very dangerous because those with insurance believe they will be covered if they make mistakes. Even if they are careless, someone will cover for their mistakes. Yet, if no one on the road had insurance, they would all be saying, "I must drive cautiously, because if I have an accident, I will be responsible for the damage I cause." This attitude would decrease the frequency of accidents and make the roads safer.

Counting the Cost

If I follow what you preach, my wife will probably leave me, my business will fail and I'll wind up in jail. Why should I even start?

The Kingdom of Heaven is the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:46). It costs everything, even your own life. But there is nothing greater than the Kingdom. That is why it is worth the price that must be paid. Some of us will see the Kingdom of Heaven before we die (Matthew 16:28).

I ask you to put your mind not on these concerns of the world, but on the Kingdom. "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 6:33)." How are you going to enter? What do you need to do? What must you leave behind? What is unlawful in the eyes of God to have or to do? I pray that your wife will be with you and work with you. Seek the Kingdom together.

The question should not be, what will I lose, or will I be persecuted? For you will have losses and you will be persecuted. The question should be, "How can I please my Heavenly Father?" He has forgiven me for all my transgressions. I now have sonship. How would a son work with his Father? We are no longer sons of the devil. We are sons of the Most High. Sonship is all we need. It makes no difference what men think of us. It does not matter if they bring false witnesses against us. Our only concern is that we act as sons of the Most High and have no further desire for the things of this world.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these other things shall be added thereto." In other words, if your heart is set on the Almighty and His Kingdom, then all these little things, be they food, shelter, insurance, accidents, or doing business, will be taken care of.

For some, the decisions are simple. For others, they are difficult. Jesus says it is very difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason is that he loves his wealth more than the Almighty. We have to know who our God is. Once we have decided who we are going to serve, then the answers become obvious.

Heavenly Humor

Pastor Paul Revere was counseling a group of married men. He looked them over and ordered, "All men who are dominated by their wives, please step to the left. All those who are bosses in their own homes, step to the right."

The line quickly formed to the left. Only one man stepped to the right. Paul looked at the wimpy man standing by himself and inquired, "What makes you think you belong on that side?"

Without hesitation, the timid man explained, "Because this is where my wife told me to stand."