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May-Jun, Year of Our Lord, 1993
Number 933

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"Tell me," said one of Luther's enemies, "when the whole world turns against you - church, state, princes, people - where will you be then?"

"Why, then as now," cried Luther, "in the hands of Almighty God."

Martin Luther

Dear Friends,

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. We are still recovering from the spirit of mistrust, destruction and murder that has been abounding since the Waco tragedy. The Waco fire cast suspicion on all who assemble in Christ's name without permission from the state.

Shortly after the Waco fire, a reporter claiming to be from the Los Angeles Times newspaper called for an interview. He tried to link us with the Branch Davidians in Waco. His questions involved military language such as "weapons" and "compound." They were designed to be incriminating, regardless of how we answered. We chose not to answer most of his questions. He was obviously after sensationalism. He grew frustrated because we were not giving him what he wanted.

A few days later, a special agent from the United States Secret Service called to say we were under investigation for possible violations of state and federal law related to the Heaven driver licenses and vehicle titling and registration documents. The following letter was sent at the close of their investigation. They concluded the Heaven documents do not violate federal law.

Meanwhile, we had sent some of our literature to Richard Reasons, the man claiming to be a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. The mail came back saying that the name was not on their employee roster. Apparently, Richard Reasons was not what he claimed to be.

During the last month, rumors have been flying around that the Embassy would be raided. Some of our people panicked and fled. Most of us were strengthened in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not losing heart. We want to put out a message of hope to those who are feeling the loneliness of the battle. When you first start out, it can be very discouraging because you are the only one on the block. When you are tested, even those you trust and who shared your bread, kick up their heels against you (Psalm 41:9). Yet somehow you survive the attacks. You know it was not because of your own doings, but because of Something greater than yourself. Then you become a true believer.

Throughout this time of trial, we have felt the shaking of Heaven and earth and remembered that we are receiving a Kingdom which cannot be shaken. Let us therefore have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:28-29).

Paul Revere, Pastor

May 7, Year of our Lord, 1993

Timothy Fidel
U. S. Secret Service
121 SW Salmon, Suite 1330
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 326-2162

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heaven under the authority of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May His Grace and Peace be upon you.

On May 5th, you called to say that the Embassy of Heaven has been under investigation for possible violations of state and federal law. Your concern was that several states had contacted your office with questions as to the legality of the Heaven driver licenses, Heaven vehicle certificates of title, Heaven registrations and Heaven vehicle plates.

We believe there is no federal or state interest in our documents and, therefore, they are not subject to federal or state scrutiny. You concluded that since the Heaven documents are not purporting to be state or federal documents, there is no violation of federal law. You also said that the U. S. attorney for your district has decided not to prosecute and the investigation is closed.

The next time you receive a request for information regarding the Embassy of Heaven, please inform them that we represent the independent nation of Heaven. We are authorized by Jesus Christ to maintain a system of records for the Kingdom of Heaven. We issue driving and vehicle documents as evidence of our authorization to use the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

We do not grant the state or federal governments permission to arrest our citizens, issue citations, seize vehicles or confiscate documents. If any state or federal agency has a complaint against one of our citizens, they need to file a complaint with our office and we will investigate, and if necessary, set a hearing.

We thank you for your interest in the Embassy of Heaven. We have enclosed some books to help answer your questions on Heaven citizenship.

May you know the peace and joy of the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Paul Revere, Pastor


Heaven ambassador freed

Mount Shasta Calif. Herald, Wednesday, March 17, 1993

License plate from 'Heaven'

A man giving the name of Fredrick Gladson was jailed Friday morning after being charged with having a false license plate - a felony, a false driver's license, and refusing to identify himself to Mount Shasta police.

Gladson, who refused to give his age or confirm the name that was on a false driver's license issued by the "Embassy of Heaven," also had a license plate that was licensed by "Heaven." He gave an address of Sublimity, Ore.

He was booked at the Siskiyou County jail.

Mount Shasta Calif. Herald, Wednesday, March 24, 1993

Embassy of Heaven ambassador freed

Fredrick Gladson, an Embassy of Heaven Church representative who holds the office of Ambassador of Jesus Christ, had felony and misdemeanor charges regarding car registration and driver's license violations dropped in Siskiyou County courts last week.

Gladson was arrested by Mount Shasta police March 12th on a felony charge of having a false license plate, having a false driver's license, and refusing to identify himself to police. He was booked at the county jail and appeared in Yreka Justice Court where the felony was reduced to a misdemeanor before judge Roger Kosel.

The case was transferred to Weed Justice Court before judge Chris Stromsness, who dismissed the charges.

The judge ordered the Mount Shasta police not to return Gladson's impounded car until it is properly registered.

The police and court action goes against the orders of Paul Revere, pastor of Embassy of Heaven in Sublimity, Ore. In a statement issued by him on March 13th, he stated that Gladson has diplomatic immunity and "permission is not granted to seize, cite, act in behalf of, or judge driver" (Gladson).

Gladson had a license plate and driver's license issued by the Embassy of Heaven.

Revere's statement also said the vehicle Gladson was driving belongs to the church and that it is licensed by the church. "Permission is not granted to tow vehicle or seize documents."

The statement also says, "If you have any complaints against our ambassador, please file a complaint with our office and we will set a hearing."

DMV does not regulate Heaven

Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules?

Colossians 2:20 NIV

We have separated from the governments of the world and taken up residency with Heaven. Many of us have received new names. The marks of the old life - social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards and state driver licenses have fallen by the wayside. They are of no value in the Kingdom.

We have died and our lives are hid with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3) - yet there are institutions of men who still think it is their duty to lord over us. The state motor vehicles division (DMV) is a prime example. They send letters, under the authority of state statutes, claiming we are required to act in certain ways or we will be punished.

If you are participating with our Heaven licensing program and you receive such a letter from DMV attempting to suspend your license, or requiring you to file proof of financial responsibility, send the letter to us for a response.

We send out a letter, sealed and signed by the Church, objecting to their action. We tell them our records show you are a citizen and resident of Heaven and your driving record is being maintained under our system of records. We do not grant them authority to maintain records or impose their statutory requirements upon our citizens. If they are acting because of a statutory requirement or court decision, the action is void because they lack jurisdiction over residents of Heaven.

Since they acted without our authority, we cancel their action and send back their notice. We tell them if they have a complaint against one of our citizens, they need to file a complaint with our office and we will investigate, and, if necessary, set a hearing.

One of the primary ways the adversary has enslaved us is by maintaining a system of records. Because they are the ones keeping the records, they determine whether or not we are criminals. But they don't make our laws so why should they keep track of us? Let us take the record-keeping function away from them and put it where it belongs - under the government of Heaven. Let us entrust our records to those who declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and who do not lord over others, but serve one another in love.

We, as individuals, cannot cancel the action of DMV. We don't have authority. However, as the body of Christ, we have all the authority we need because DMV does not regulate citizens of Heaven.

If the courts ever try to enforce a DMV action that we have canceled, just present a copy of the letter from the Church showing the action was cancelled. This brings to issue that the state lacks authority to impose its rules and regulations over citizens of Heaven.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

Colossians 2:8 NIV

No Fair Trial

Answer, you rulers: are your judgements just? Do you decide impartially between man and man? Never! Your hearts devise all kinds of wickedness and survey the violence that you have done on earth.

Psalm 58:1-2 NEB

Imagine yourself standing in a courtroom pitted against the "best of darkness." You are a citizen of Heaven (Philippians 3:20). Your kingdom is not of their world (John 18:36). You tell the court they cannot judge you, but they insist that they can. No matter how persuasive your argument, they continue to grease the slide.

What we want to do is stop them in their tracks. We have found one challenge that captures their attention like no other. It attacks their very heartbeat. The challenge is that no court, from municipal to supreme, can give us a fair trial. The reason? The legislature does not make our laws. Yet, the courts belong to the legislature. Because of the courts' loyalty to the lawmakers, they cannot be impartial when deciding if someone is under their law.

Here is the problem. The "courts" look like courts, but they are not. They are creatures of the lawmakers. The courts are not free to render Godly decisions. They can only render decisions that uphold the will of the lawmakers.

The lawmakers gained control of the courts just by creating them. What one creates, one controls. As soon as the court is created by the lawmakers, they are biased toward the lawmakers because the lawmakers are their boss.

The courts ceased to be courts the moment they aligned themselves with the lawmakers. True courts must be impartial toward all parties directly involved with the controversy. The very definition of due process means that those who judge must remain separate from the controversy. Yet these courts are a party to it. They are hearing their own cause.

We thought judges would deny that they cannot render fair and impartial decisions, but we were wrong. We told one judge how the whole court structure was biased and prejudiced. He agreed and added, "But that is the way the people want it." Other judges have openly admitted they cannot decide against the lawmakers. "We are beholden to the legislature," they say.

If the legislature makes your laws, you are one with them and have waived the right to challenge the court's relationship to the legislature. If you are not one of their residents, then the court is biased, and that is a denial of due process.

The court's weakest link is that their boss is the legislature. A true republican form of government assumes that the judiciary is beholden to no one other than Almighty God - and that is a true court. If the judiciary is beholden to another branch of government - they have been bribed. Narrow is the way. The court needs to keep a pure, unbiased position to render fair and impartial decisions.

A court's decision-making power is based on providing due process. Due process is the heartbeat of the court. Their loyalty has to be to due process and to no other. They cannot be "married" to both due process and to the legislative assembly. They must be true to only one. In reality, the courts are committing adultery with the legislature because they are supposed to be married to due process.

Since these courts are legislative tribunals, they can only hear violations of statutes. We claim the legislature does not make laws for Heaven. We are raising an issue that is outside the scope of these legislative tribunals.

Even though these courts have no jurisdiction over Heaven, they will still compel us to stand trial. It is not easy to stop these courts from moving ahead, unless you find a fatal flaw. The fatal flaw is that the courts cannot provide a fair trial to someone who claims to be a foreign entity outside the jurisdiction of the legislature.

As soon as we claim not to be under their law, the judge is disqualified to hear the matter because the court was created by the lawmakers. We have raised an issue that makes the court itself a party to the action. This automatically makes the court biased and prejudiced. It is the issue itself that disqualifies the court.

On your Mark - Get set - GO

Would you hire a concrete jack hammer man to take a cavity out of your tooth? No! He would smash in your head. Would you allow a judge with a log in his eye (Matthew 7:4) to render a decision? No! He cannot see. What do you do? We have found the following approach to be the most successful.

When you are brought before their legislative tribunals, the first statement out of your mouth is, "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF YOUR WORLD." This is basically the same challenge that Jesus made before the courts. It is equivalent to saying, "Your boss does not make my laws." Our activities in the Kingdom of Heaven are none of their business. We will not abide by any of their decisions, whether they give us a fair trial or not. But if they are going to proceed anyway, then we are going to expose their lack of due process.

Forget about all the other issues. Don't worry about your rights. Don't bother with the counsel issue. Get down to simply finding out one thing, "CAN YOU GIVE ME A FAIR TRIAL?" That is it, that is your only concern. Do not ask about anything else. Get the judge to say, "Yes." He has to give you a "yes" - he has no other choice. If he says, "No," you have something you can run with to the media. "Look, Judge So and So says I can't have a fair trial."

Let me tell you, the whole population will be on your side. Everybody believes that everyone should have a fair trial. That is a given - we do not have to work for that one. The judge might say, "What does a fair trial have to do with anything?"

"It has EVERYTHING to do with me being here. A decision without a fair trial, is no decision at all."

Put him on the hot seat. You have always been on the hot seat, but now it's his turn because he is the one who wants to do the trial. They always work with our admissions. They gather our admissions and use them against us. What we need to do is get the judge to make an admission that shows his court is defective. If the judge won't answer your questions, remind him you are only trying to determine whether or not you will be getting a fair trial.

Laying the axe to the root

Don't move forward until the judge says, "Yes, you will get a fair trial."


That statement is complete and introduces everything we need for the full challenge. The denial of due process is that the judge is trying to decide something that involves his boss. He cannot do it. He is biased and prejudiced - he loves his master. As long as he loves his master, he will not go against him (Matthew 6:24). This is an issue of LOYALTY. The judge is going to be loyal to the legislative assembly. He has to be.

There is no chance these legislative judges will rule against their boss. It is like expecting the dairymen to urge people to quit drinking milk. That would destroy the dairy industry. Neither will these judges, who work for the legislature, rule that someone is not subject to the legislature's laws. They won't do it. That would destroy the lawmaking industry.


If you have an honest judge, he might say, "This will have to be decided by the higher courts."

Now you have him right where you want. The appeals courts cannot hear your issue either. They have a log in their eye, just like the lower courts. They were also created by the lawmakers.

If the judge tries to move ahead over your objections, ask, "HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY MOVING FORWARD WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS I AM BEING DENIED DUE PROCESS?" Just stay on that single issue. You might make the judge mad - you have caught him with his pants down. They are farther down than they have ever been. And he will know you are exposing him. He will realize exactly what you are saying - and he will know it is all true.

Don't participate in unfair trial

When you show them it is impossible for them to give you due process, you are in a beautiful position, but you need to know how to benefit from this truth. A few years ago we submitted a Notice of Court Deficiencies exposing the court's inability to render fair, impartial decisions. The judge carefully read the Notice and said, "I agree with you 100 percent, but I am going to proceed anyway."

Right there we had her admission. All we had to say was, "You mean you are going to hear this matter even though this court is biased and prejudiced?"

Don't let them proceed. Keep asking the judge, "Wait a minute, don't you think I should have a fair trial before an impartial tribunal?" It is something the judge cannot deny. The judge has to say yes. If you cannot get a "yes," from the judge then say, "If you don't think that I should have a fair trial, then let's forego all the formalities and take me straight to jail." Be ready to lose your life, because that is the only way you are going to call them on it.

What you are doing is playing it out. You are saying, "Okay, if I am being denied due process, there is nothing more to do. We do not need a judge. We do not need a jury. We do not even need this court room. All you have to do is simply hand me over to the officer and the officer put me in jail. Nothing more is needed."

If you do end up in the lockup, you have something to tell the inmates. Word will spread fast that the courts are a sham. Then they won't want you in their jails anymore.

Stay on Fair Trial issue

I like to keep these things simple, very simple. If you have too many issues involved, then you have too many items to juggle. Keep it on a single issue - no fair trial. Stay on it like glue. As long as they cannot get past their fair trial problem, they cannot move ahead.

You don't need to learn any court procedures. Your only purpose is to demonstrate a denial of due process. That is all. Don't discuss the charges. Forget about wrangling in the courts. Just expose the darkness, and darkness will flee, lest it be reproved (John 3:20).

The purpose of exposing their denial of due process is not for us. It is for them. We have no need to build a defense before these people. They are meddling in the affairs of Heaven. Nevertheless they want to judge us and they will, unless we can expose the log in their eye.

Do not fear them, no matter what kind of threats they make. They are only bullies. If you don't expose them, they will keep holding you in their power. They are the lower powers. They are not the higher powers. They are mere men. Don't let them intimidate you into believing you must build a defense before them. Take Apostle Paul's attitude, "I care very little if I am judged by you or by any human court" (1 Corinthians 4:3 NIV).

Keep your hands on the plow. Ask if you are going to get a fair trial. Tell them that your Kingdom is not of their world and that their boss does not make your laws. Then ask how they can make a fair decision on this issue when they must be loyal to their boss? These questions and their answers demonstrate that the court is hearing its own cause. It is impossible to receive due process because the court is beholden to the legislative assembly. Due process is more important than the law itself. A decision without due process is no decision at all.

The gold prize is that our Kingdom is not of their world. Everything we present must revolve around this single issue. Tell the court, "SINCE YOU BELONG TO THE WORLD AND ARE SUBJECT TO ITS LAWS, YOU HAVE A LOG IN YOUR EYE THAT PREVENTS YOU FROM DECIDING THIS ISSUE. FOR WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVANT?" (Romans 14:4). They cannot decide whether we are subject to the legislature because they are ONE with them. That makes them biased and prejudiced.

After you have exposed them, be ready to lay down your life and be defrauded, rather than submitting to their biased and prejudiced court.

No escape from marriage

The family kingdom is part of God's Kingdom. When you destroy the family kingdom, you are destroying God's Kingdom. The state cannot tolerate a Godly family. The state promotes divorce and instability in the family for the sole purpose of maintaining power over the people.

We have been flooded with books and pamphlets attempting to justify divorce and remarriage. They try to say the word "divorce" does not really mean "divorce." They attempt to undo the simple words of Christ with sophisticated arguments. These arguments sell books and tell people what their itching ears want to hear. But the Spirit of God's Word is not honored by these books.

The authors of these books are looking for loopholes in the Word of God, rather than seeking the Father's will. Jesus' words are plain, but even the apostles had difficulty accepting them. They said, "If such is the case of the man with his wife, it is better not to marry" (Matthew 19:10).

If we marry, divorce, and remarry, we are no better than the world - even the state sanctions such behavior. And look at the mess they have created with staged polygamy. Children do not even have the security of one father and one mother.

Jesus expresses the Father's will at Matthew 19:3-12. The permanency of marriage is confirmed at Matthew 19:12 when Christ speaks of eunuchs. A eunuch is a castrated male. Once castrated, a eunuch cannot go back. Once two become one flesh in marriage, they cannot be unmarried except through death. Marriage is not a civil contract. It is a permanent covenant.

Jesus knows this is a hard saying and adds, "all will not be able to receive it." There are many on the wide way to destruction, but narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and few there are who find it (Matthew 7:13-14). Let us seek the narrow gate.

Our hearts go out to all of you who are no longer in a Godly marriage. We are praying that no matter how difficult it looks, that your marriage status be restored to that which God intended from the beginning. Nothing is impossible with God.

Questions and Answers on Marriage

I admit that I committed adultery by marrying a divorced woman, but we have repented of that sin. Aren't all things new in Christ and the old things have passed away?

(2 Corinthians 5:17)

Yes, all things are new in Christ. But unless you depart from iniquity, you will die in your sins. To repent means to quit doing the sin. Scripture says that if you marry a divorced woman, you are living in a state of adultery. The only way out of that state is to separate from the adulterous relationship. 2 Corinthians 5:17 talks about the fruit of someone who is truly in Christ:

  1. He is a new creation." He will not be what he once was. He will be producing the fruit of the Spirit.
  2. "Old things have passed away." If anyone is in Christ, he will have put aside the old ways and the sin that bound him.
  3. "Behold all things are become new." New creatures in Christ would not remain in adulterous relationships. They would go and sin no more. If you haven't done that, you are not a New Creature. Remember the woman caught in adultery? Jesus forgave her, but He also said, "Go and sin no more" (John 8:11).

Wilderness Retreats

Again this year we are inviting all seekers of the Kingdom to join us for Heaven's summer retreats. Each retreat begins on a Thursday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. Simple, wholesome meals and campsites are provided. We'll be discussing leaving citizenship with the world and becoming a citizen of Heaven. You will gain practical knowledge on driving under the authority of Heaven, what to do at police stops, tips for a profitable jail stay and how to handle the courts. God willing, retreat dates are:

July 29 - August 1

September 16 - 19

Mark your calendars and plan for fellowship with us in the woods this summer. For further information, write for our "RETREAT PACKET."

Embassy of Heaven Retreat

Stopped by police

Preaching to a cop

Witnessing to a "Christian" police officer

When you are stopped by the police, they are the ones who issue citations, haul you to jail or just send you on your way. It stands to reason that if they hear the word of God, they may be saved from eternal damnation. And we may save ourselves a lot of trouble with their courts.

When a police officer has signaled you to pull over and is approaching your car door, he has his agenda firmly in mind. He's going to ask you for a driver license, check the information you give him against the state's computer records and issue appropriate citations for any violations of state statutes.

As representatives of God's government, we also have an agenda - to preach the good news of God's government to all nations.

When the police officer approaches us, take the lead and speak first. Introduce yourself, offer your hand in friendship, and start talking about the Kingdom:

Paul: Peace to you. I am Brother Paul, representing the Kingdom of Heaven. Are you a brother in Christ?
Officer: Yes, I, too, am a Christian.
Paul: Then God be with you. I am off to find the lost. (Starts up the engine and begins to drive away).
Officer: Wait a minute. I need to see your driver license.
Paul: But brother, are you not a fellow servant of the Lord Jesus Christ? Why do you lord over men, when Jesus has called us to serve one another?
Officer: I have a job to do. Have you not read Romans 13? Be subject to the governing authorities.
Paul: I am subject to the governing authorities. My governing authority is the Church with Jesus Christ as the Head.
Officer: We're not talking about religious obligations. We're talking about your obligation to the civil authorities. Haven't you heard of render unto Caesar. Caesar demands that everyone who drives upon the highways have a valid driver license. May I see your driver license?
Paul: If you were my brother, you would not be demanding that I submit to you, for brothers do not rule over brothers.
Officer: I'm sorry brother, I did not understand what I was doing. You have given me something to think about. Be on your way and may God be with you.

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

Date of incident: approximately 4-5-93
Ambassador: Caleb
Mission field: Washington

Greetings to all at the Embassy. I am sending you the title to another vehicle, my new home on wheels. I would like to register it with the Kingdom of Heaven, so I will not be mistaken for a Citizen of Washington state.

Well, it finally happened: I was stopped by Washington state patrol and cited. The officer said he was being lenient with me this time, and that he could take me to jail. He wrote the citation for an invalid driver license. He said if I did not show up for court, a warrant would be issued and the next time I was stopped, I would go to jail.

I told him if Jesus wanted me in jail, nothing I could do would prevent it. I have no control over where Jesus wants me to be. When he gave me the citation to sign, I told him: "I suppose you realize that what I do, I do not do by myself; the whole Body of Christ does it with me." He said, "Yes." Then I signed the citation, "The Embassy of Heaven Church." That really disturbed him, "Is that the way you are going to sign it!" he cried.

As he was about to leave I said, "God bless you. I do not plan on going to court. I cannot figure it out anyway." That was the end of the stop.

The officer did not take the Heaven plates or tow the vehicle.

My question is, if my Heaven registration and plates were valid, why is he claiming my Heaven driver license is not valid? I guess only the Lord can answer that one.

Blessings of joy and peace to you all from Jesus Christ our King. Amen.

Date of incident: 4-6-93
Ambassador: Blanche
Mission Field: Southern California

We commend Blanche for her courage in proclaiming the Kingdom to the eight law enforcement officers who were at the scene. Blanche, who is 77 years old, is our oldest female ambassador.

The police just cited me for driving without a license and having unlicensed plates on my car. They also impounded the car. They didn't take any money, or charge me any fees. I think they also took my Heaven driver license. The sheriff was looking at the license and vehicle title and now they are both missing.

I don't have anyone here to help me. My son thinks I'm crazy, so he is not going to help. I don't know if he would be equipped to do it anyway.

The sheriff's department authorized the tow. I don't know how to play their games, except to be mute. Santa Barbara is a relatively small city and I think mine was the first one from Heaven they ever stopped. And they had to call in eight policemen to find out what to do. Eight of them! And I thought, here I am almost 80 years old and it is taking eight policemen to figure out what to do with me. I was amazed! Ha, ha, ha. It didn't bother me because I wasn't afraid of them. They weren't hurting me. Each one of them was trying to get a little information. Well, I am prepared to go to jail if I have to.

They left me stranded. I could not walk because I have no knee joint and I have to walk with a cane.

I told my son to come and get me. Yes, those deputies just left me sitting there. And they jerked off the license plates the first thing. I don't know where they took them.

Up until today, I have been driving the Heaven car up to the restaurant where I eat. I can't cook for myself. Lots of people would pull into that place to eat. And those license plates attracted everybody. I would go out there and talk with them. Three or four people would be looking. They would check inside the car to see if I had anything different in the car. I really enjoyed it.

I am a 77 year old driver. Besides going out to eat, I sometimes go to the store to buy food. I have all my marbles. I am in good standing with the state DMV. I have always been able to get my driver license and have had no suspensions.

I am in the fight because I believe that if they don't have any opposition, they will just go crazy. God has to intervene and if we go to sleep on that, we are just going to be taken down.

This is the first time I have had anything to do with the law and I am learning fast on that. I sure appreciate your help.

I can see what they are trying to do. They are trying to get me to come back into their fold.

They took the Embassy driver license and they didn't recognize it at all. They recognized an old state license that I had that was not in force anymore. They put everything down as if I belonged to the state.

I have been reading your book, LICENSED BY HEAVEN. I have read it and reread it. It makes sense. The state doesn't have anything to say. It is not their document. But how are we going to convince them? I guess you just don't.

You just stand, that is how you convince them. You have no need to answer their charges. The only reason to go to court is to get the vehicle and the documents back. But don't ask the judge to decide anything. You take control and say, "I am a representative of the Embassy of Heaven and we want our property back. I am not here for any decisions. I am not going to answer to the charges. I have nothing to say here. If you have a complaint, you need to file it with Embassy of Heaven."

They are going to try to convince you that you need to follow their procedures. Just say, "That is your problem, not mine. I am telling you the state does not regulate the Embassy of Heaven Church and you need to return the Church property." That is your entire stand. Don't fear them. If God be for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31). PR

Date of incident: On or about 3-24-93
Ambassador: Winston
Mission Field: Kansas

I was stopped by the local city police as I left the service station on my way to the grocery store. When I looked up, I saw a police car with its lights on. I drove on down and parked for the groceries. When I looked up again, there were two more of them. Three of them jumped all over me - a full set up. It was a typical manhunt just like Paul spoke about on one of his tapes.

They wanted some more information. They took my Heaven license and they asked for my registration and I gave it to them. Then they asked if I had insurance. That is where I made one mistake. I previously had insurance. I was stupid enough to have it with me so they got my birthdate and other information.

They wanted to know if I lived out at the Embassy and if I had friends there. Then they asked how I obtained the Heaven driver license. I said I sent for it and that they could call the Church and ask all about the requirements. I said I knew Paul Revere and they could talk to him.

Then they started saying the Heaven license wasn't good in their state and that I needed to obtain another one. I told them I was an ambassador for Jesus Christ, a representative of the Church. I witnessed to them and we discussed it and then they went back to their car to do more checking.

When they came back, they claimed I was a resident of Kansas.

"No, I am not a resident here. Residency has nothing to do with my mailing address." I explained it very plainly to them.

I finally asked, "Will you show me the statute that says that the Embassy of Heaven Church has to obtain licenses from the state?"

The officer said, "Well, the supreme court came down on it." I said, "All right, will you show me the case and the citing numbers." Of course they could not tell me that.

Then they tried to push me a little more about my residency. They said I had illegal plates and an illegal license and that the state does not recognize them. I explained, "I am an ambassador and your state legislature has no jurisdiction over me." I told them that they were in the same position as if they were talking to an ambassador of the country of Japan or France or anywhere else.

Then they said, "We are going to have to take your license and registration because they are not legal and we are going to give you a citation. You are to appear in a magistrate court." They gave me two citations, one for a fictitious license and the other for an invalid license plate. They asked me to sign the citations and I signed them, "Embassy of Heaven Church."

I said, "I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I am His ambassador and am subject to His rules and His regulations. Jesus Christ has the final jurisdiction over me."

They said that they were going to keep the license and the registration and were going to take the tags off the car. I went into the store and they went ahead and took the plates off the car. That is where it stands right now. I still have the car, but they took the tags off of it. It was a little bit different twist. They didn't tow the car or take me to jail.

My only mistake was showing them that insurance card, but we live and learn. I am not a resident of Kansas. I do not have a social security number, voter registration, birth certificate or any of their state documents.

When the three of them were ganged up around me, I remained under the covering of the Church. I gave them the good witness and bid them peace and let them do their thing.

By their actions, the police are acknowledging that the Heaven license is a "license." It has to be. Otherwise, it is just a business card. For some reason they are claiming the license is frivolous or invalid. But who is the state of Kansas to determine the validity of a Church-issued document? It is not theirs. It is none of their business. It demonstrates that they hate us. PR

Date of incident: April, 1993
Ambassador: Rich
Mission field: Oregon

I was stopped in Bend the other day and wanted to share with you what happened during the stop. I think you'll find it interesting.

After I was pulled over, I greeted the officer with, "Hello officer, I am an Ambassador of the Embassy of Heaven Church." To which the officer replied, "I have never seen Heaven plates before. Can I see your driver license and registration?" I said, "Yes officer, here you are."

The officer took the documents to his patrol car and called in the information. Then he returned to my car with the documents and asked for my birthdate. I responded with, "No, it is none of your business."

He then returned to his car and came back again and said he found that my Oregon driver license was suspended. The officer mentioned Romans 13 to me and I responded with, "Well, who was Romans written to?" He stated that it was written to the Romans. I then said, "I am not a Roman. Are you?"

During the stop I had my wallet on the passenger seat and the officer asked to see it. I asked him if he had a search warrant. He said, "no." Then I said, "no."

After the citation was issued, he wanted to take a picture of me and I asked him if he would use it against me in a court of law. He said he would and I told him that the Fifth Amendment protected me and that he could not take my picture. He didn't.

The officer did not confiscate the Heaven driver license, registration, plates or Heaven vehicle. Nor did I go to jail.

The glory of God reigns! It is His presence that surrounds us and protects us from evildoers and gives us the strength to face them. May we all continue to "Go out therefore, . . ."

I like Rich's answer when the officer asked for a date of birth. "No, it is none of your business." We have been reborn into the Kingdom and our physical birthdate means nothing.

If we give a birthdate other than the date they show on their criminal records, we could be charged with giving false information to a police officer. One judge told us there is no law requiring us to give a birthdate, but if we do give a date of birth, we could be convicted of giving false information.

Rich wrote a letter to the court returning the citation saying it did not apply to him in particular as an ambassador for Heaven. He said, "Please tell me where in the law (ORS or otherwise) the state of Oregon has jurisdiction over the Kingdom of Heaven? Also tell me how I could possibly have an impartial decision rendered when the accuser (the state) is the Plaintiff?"