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Mar-Apr, Year of Our Lord, 1993
Number 932

What's Inside

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

"He has chosen things low and contemptible, mere nothings, to overthrow the existing order."

1 Corinthians 1:28, New English Bible

The Assembly

Dear Friends,

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

1 Peter 4:12-13

The fire is getting hotter as the Holy War intensifies. As more evangelists are sent out to preach the Kingdom, the adversary is coming down harder. We have had a record number of reports of Heaven residents being hauled to jail. Last week, Fredrick, one of our new missionaries was passing through California. He had been preaching of the Kingdom at a restaurant and the next day the police came to the door of the apartment where he was visiting. The police asked if it was his Heaven vehicle parked outside. When the missionary said yes, the police arrested him and confiscated the Heaven vehicle plates. And he was not even driving!

Apparently our missionary was doing some powerful Kingdom preaching that aroused the local authorities. It was clear that someone did not like the message being preached.

The book of Acts records Christ's followers "acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king, one called Jesus." And the city authorities were troubled and jealous (Acts 17:7). Is it any different now?

What will happen if you are stopped with Heaven documents? That is something I cannot predict. We receive reports of police following behind Heaven vehicles and choosing not to stop them. Others report being stopped, warned and sent on their way without citations. Still others are stopped, arrested and the Heaven vehicle towed. Whatever action is taken, remain in your office of ambassador of Jesus Christ - don't let them talk you out of the liberty you have in Christ Jesus. And whatever ordeal they put you through, look on it as an opportunity to glorify Jesus. May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

God is raising up a new breed of warriors who know that making this stand for Christ's government will probably mean going to jail. These warriors know the futility of arguing about state statutes or making a defense. They align themselves with Jesus and stand until the end. They rely on no earthly support, but simply proclaim Christ's Kingdom and put themselves in the hands of the living God.

God is calling His people to do great exploits. If you hear His voice, don't turn away. God will work out the details - he just needs your commitment. Say yes to God and turn your fears into faith. You are not being asked to work out every detail. What God wants is your commitment. Once He has your commitment, then through your faith he can move those mountains that stand in your way.

The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

Daniel 11:32

Paul Revere, Pastor

Wilderness Retreats

Embassy of Heaven Retreat Again this year we are inviting all seekers of the Kingdom to join us for Heaven's summer retreats. Each retreat begins on a Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. Simple, wholesome meals and campsites are provided. We'll be discussing leaving citizenship with the world and becoming a citizen of Heaven. You will gain practical knowledge on driving under the authority of Heaven, what to do at police stops, tips for a profitable jail stay and how to handle the courts. Tentative retreat dates are:

July 30 - August 1

August 20 - 22

September 17 - 19

Mark your calendars and plan for fellowship with us this summer. Registration and more details in upcoming newsletters.

'Ambassador' to God faces a day in court

Wednesday, March 3, 1993
By Stephanie Banchero, Staff writer

Allen Wray's license plate reads "Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven." His driver's license and registration were issued by the Embassy of Heaven Church, a religious organization based in Oregon.

But even that spiritual proclamation, plus a claim of diplomatic immunity, wasn't enough to help Wray keep his van from being impounded. It lacked registration required by the State of North Carolina, a Union County sheriff's deputy says.

Wray, of Waxhaw, was stopped Friday by Deputy Pauline Lucore after she noticed his license plate. It reads "Heaven" across the top, "Ambassador" along the bottom, and "Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven" in the upper right hand corner.

When Lucore asked for identification and registration, Wray produced documents that had been issued through the Embassy of Heaven Church in Sublimity, Ore. When told those documents were unacceptable, Wray said he had complete diplomatic immunity because he was an ambassador for the Kingdom of God, Lucore said.

Unconvinced, Lucore impounded the van and charged Wray with improper registration of a vehicle, failure to have a valid driver's license and failure to have insurance. Wray is scheduled to appear in court today. Bryan Beatty, assistant attorney general, said Wray was clearly violating state law. He said only a state or territory of the United States can issue driver's licenses and register vehicles.

Lucore said she is not concerned with Wray's religious beliefs, but with the fact that he is driving an unlicensed vehicle without insurance. "It was the strangest stop I've ever made," Lucore said. "I thought it was a joke at first, but then I realized that he really believed he had immunity."

Wray has an unlisted phone number and could not be reached for comment. But the pastor of Embassy of Heaven, who identified himself as Paul Revere, said Wray's documents are legitimate.

"The Embassy of Heaven is an independent nation that has the power to bind, and issue its own documents," Revere said during a telephone interview Tuesday. "We do not answer to your government laws; we answer to a higher authority. Union County has taken a direct action against the Lord by impounding this vehicle and charging Mr. Wray."

Revere said his organization, which was officially organized in 1987, is dedicated to preaching the "Lord's word." He would not say how many people belong to the religious organization. He did say there is a small sprinkling in every state. To become a member, Revere said, one need only be "completely dedicated to the Lord." According to Revere, that means that members should give up their job and dedicate their life to preaching and selling pamphlets issued by the religious organization.

Once in the organization, Revere said members relinquish their driver's license, car registration and title to the Embassy of Heaven Church. In return, Revere said, the member will receive similar documents issued by the religious organization.

'Ambassador' convicted in traffic court

Thursday, March 4, 1993
By Stephanie Banchero, Staff Writer

MONROE - You could say Allen Wray, who calls himself an ambassador of heaven, got his way in Union County Traffic Court on Wednesday - he'll have a chance to plead his case to a higher authority. But it won't be the authority Wray wanted. Instead of taking his case to the Kingdom of Heaven, Wray will make his appeal before the Union County Superior Court.

Wray, of Waxhaw, was found guilty by Judge Michael Beale of driving without a valid driver's license, improper registration of a vehicle and driving while uninsured. Beale offered Wray three choices: pay a $110 fine, appeal the case, or go to jail for 30 days. After refusing several times to choose an option and being threatened with contempt of court, Wray grudgingly agreed to appeal his case.

"You can find me guilty, but I do not consider myself under the jurisdiction of North Carolina," Wray told Beale. "I am under the jurisdiction of a higher authority which is separate from any earthly government."

Wray's day in court stems from a routine traffic stop made last week. Wray was stopped by a sheriff's deputy for displaying an invalid license plate. The plate reads "Heaven" across the top and "Ambassador" along the bottom. When questioned by the deputy, Wray also presented a driver's license and registration that had been issued through the Embassy of Heaven Church, a religious organization based in Sublimity, Oregon.

Wray argued in court that he is an ambassador of God and, therefore, has diplomatic immunity from prosecution in North Carolina. He cited numerous passages from the Bible, hoping to convince Beale that N.C. laws could not encroach on the laws dictated by the Embassy of Heaven Church.

But Beale was just as quick with his Bible passages, and responded with equal eloquence to every one of Wray's contentions. "As a resident of North Carolina, you will answer to its laws," Beale said matter-of-factly. No date was set for the appeal.

Notice the judge claimed Wray was a resident of North Carolina. If Wray is a resident of Heaven, they have no jurisdiction.

I love it! They are saying we cannot be on the roads representing Heaven. That is about as direct a stand against the Kingdom of Heaven that you can make. PR

Answering the Judge

What do you do when you are hauled before the judge? It can be very intimidating. He is firing questions at you, expecting you to respond. If you answer "yes," to his questions, it is a trap. If you answer "no," it is also a trap. If you say nothing, your silence will be interpreted in whatever way benefits his agenda. While you stand mute, the judge makes decisions for you. He might assign you a public defender or enter a plea of "not guilty." And you haven't spoken a word. No, you can't just stand there. For if you do, the trap will spring and you will become one more of his victims.

As a citizen of Heaven, when you are hauled into their legislative tribunals, answer their first question by saying, "I have no need to answer your charges because my Kingdom is not of your world."

When the judge ignores you and tries to move forward say, "Before I can answer your questions, I have a question for you, Are you circumcised?"

Think about it. If you were a judge and someone asked in open court if you were circumcised, how would that affect your day? How would such a question change the lofty, solemn mood of the courtroom? There are going to be prosecutors and public defenders ribbing you for the next year about being circumcised.

How is the judge going to respond? It is unlikely that he will entertain you with a "yes," or a "no" answer. If he does, tell him, "I don't know what you were thinking about, but I was asking whether your heart was circumcised."

If he says that it is none of your business, tell him, "That is correct and by the same authority, it is none of your business to have me answer the charges."

Why not have a little fun asking the judge if he or she is circumcised? Why can't we evangelize with joy? And while we're having fun, we will also be making our point that we are none of their business. I would not even be afraid of asking a woman judge if she has been circumcised. Remember, we are talking about circumcision of the heart and that applies to males and females.

We can be beaten up spiritually and physically simply because we do not understand how our actions are being interpreted. We don't realize we are giving tacit recognition of their authority over us merely by answering their questions. Tacit mean unspoken, but implied. Therefore, don't answer any of their questions lest they assume you are giving tacit recognition of their authority over you.

If the judge asks your birthdate and you tell him, you are recognizing his office and authority. Your birthdate is none of their business. What your name is, is none of their business. The judge is meddling when he asks these questions because he does not regulate Heaven. Everything you do is for the Lord and is none of their business. Similarly, our asking whether he is circumcised is none of our business.

What is happening is that we are being deceived into thinking there is justice in the courts. Some think they can win in court. You never win with Antichrist. The only way to overcome Antichrist is to separate, not to play their court games. "Get thee hence, Satan!" Our obligation is to tell them we do not belong to them and then stand. That is what Jesus did: "My Kingdom is not of your world" (John 18:36). He saw the futility of answering their questions and said, "If I tell you, you will not believe me; and if I ask questions, you will not answer" (Luke 22:68). Jesus did not answer their questions and neither should we.

Judge refuses to answer

Fredrick, an ambassador of Jesus Christ, was hauled in chains before a state of California judge. The judge asked how Fredrick pleaded - guilty, not-guilty, or no contest?

Fredrick replied, "Before I can answer your question, answer me, 'Are you circumcised?'"

The judge refused to answer. "Then upon the same authority, neither will I answer your question. I have no need to answer any of the charges."

The judge then tried to assign him a public defender. Fredrick refused, "Jesus is my only counsel." Fredrick was sent back to jail.

Two days later, on March 19, 1993, the judge dismissed all the charges and Fredrick was kicked out of jail.


The following letter was received in response to our story in the January-February newsletter entitled, "Leaving loved ones for the Kingdom." In the article, Eric and Kathy had been reading the Word of God about divorce and remarriage. After much prayer, they have decided to separate. Though they have a legal state marriage, they have decided their marriage is not lawful in God's eyes because their former spouses are still living.

Paul and Rachel,

Greetings. Just received your newsletter. My heart is troubled to read of the split-up of Kathy and Eric. Your false teaching in this matter of marriage and adultery is bearing its fruit.

In the pure sense, the man with whom a woman first had physical relations is her first "marriage." Your wife, Rachel, if applicable, would need to go back to this man if we followed your argument.

God forgives as we repent. Your false teaching is destroying Godly unions (children and spouses). It promotes public school as women are left alone to fumble in confusion, and the parents' actions turn children away from God as they live with and witness these confused parents.

Unless you publicly repent of this false teaching, please remove us from your mail list.

Carol Bisceglia

You stated that the man with whom a woman first had physical relations is her first "marriage." We disagree. Having sexual intercourse does not make you married. Marriage involves making a lifetime commitment to each other. When two unmarried people have sexual intercourse, each of them commits the sin of fornication. Fornication is a sin that God can forgive if we repent.

As far as Kathy enrolling her children in public school, we do not approve. Just because she is separating from an ungodly relationship, is not an excuse to send the children back to the foreign schools of the state.

Carol, I will not recant the word of God. Therefore, we have removed you from our mailing list as you requested. If you desire to receive further newsletters, please contact us. PR

Marriage vs Adultery

The preaching of God's word on divorce and remarriage is bringing many to their knees in sorrow. They are opening their Bibles and finding that God has never approved a second marriage while their original spouse still lives.

Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate (Matthew 19:4-6).

The sin arises when you have become one flesh, separate, and then join with another. For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. If while her husband lives, she marries another man, she is called an adulteress (Romans 7:2,3). To live as man and wife when one or both partners have previous spouses that are still alive, is to live in adultery. You are building a new relationship on a false foundation that Jesus calls adultery (Luke 16:18).

You desire God to forgive your first marriage so that your second relationship will stand. But it will not stand because it is built on adultery. You cannot expect God to forgive your original marriage, because it was lawful in the eyes of God. To return to God's favor, you must repent of your second relationship and either remain single or be rejoined to your true spouse.

We are saddened by "families" being broken up over this issue. But if a "marriage" is being built on the foundation of adultery, instead of God's foundation of being married "until death do us part," then the foundation is sand and will not stand on judgement day. Your original marriage is the marriage recognized by God. God made you one flesh for life because He seeks Godly offspring:

The LORD has been witness between you and the wife of your youth, with whom you have dealt treacherously; yet she is your companion and your wife by covenant. But did He not make them one, having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously with the wife of his youth. For the LORD God of Israel says that He hates divorce, for it covers one's garments with violence.

Malachi 2:14-16

We urge you in Christ's name to examine your own marriage and see if it is based on the Biblical foundation of one man and one woman married for life.

If you find your marriage is not based on a Godly foundation because you formed a union while an original spouse was still alive, then you must repent of this "marriage." In God's eyes it is not a marriage. It is adultery. If children were born of this adulterous relationship, they are born out of wedlock and are bastards. However, you are still responsible for them. There are many other concerns that must also be worked out. But the first step is to acknowledge the sin and then ask God's forgiveness and guidance as you seek to return to His favor.

Scriptures on Divorce and Remarriage: Malachi 2:13-16; Matthew 5:31-32; Matthew 19:3-12; Mark 10:2-12; Luke 16:15-18; Romans 7:2-3; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7; Galatians 5:16-21.

One flesh for life



Joe and Lucy have sexual intercourse. Because neither Joe nor Lucy have ever been married, they commit the sin of fornication. If they repent, God will forgive them.


Joe and Janey get married and vow to love and cherish each other until death do they part. Joe and Janey have sexual intercourse and the marriage bed is undefiled. There is no sin in their sexual relationship because they are married. It is their commitment to each other for life that makes them married, not having sexual relations.


Joe and Janey obtain a divorce from the state. Later Rocky finds Janey, a divorced woman. They make vows promising to love and cherish each other until death do they part. Their "marriage" is legal under the state, but God sees them as adulterers. Janey has already made a lifetime commitment to love and cherish Joe. If she has sexual relations with another, she violates her marriage covenant and commits adultery.

Rocky also commits adultery when he marries Janey because she is divorced from her husband. Jesus says, "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery" (Luke 16:18).

Through the marriage vows, God has made Janey one flesh with Joe and what God has joined together let no man tear apart (Matthew 19:6). Janey was not free to marry Rocky. She is still married to Joe until Joe dies. If Janey and Rocky repent of their adulterous relationship and sin no more, God will forgive them.

If Janey wants to return to God's favor, she has two choices: remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband (1 Corinthians 7:11).

If Rocky wants to return to God's favor, he must separate from Janey. Assuming Rocky has never been married, he is free to marry another because his marriage to Janey was not marriage in God's eyes.


When Joe and Janey were married, they were young and foolish. Neither believed in Jesus Christ. Yet they did make a solemn commitment to be faithful to each other "until death do us part." There is a price to be paid on judgement day if that commitment is violated by marrying another.

Joe and Janey also bought a house and made a commitment to pay a 30-year mortgage. If the terms of that mortgage is not met, there is a price to be paid. They cannot just make the excuse that they were young and foolish and be relieved of their commitment. No, they will have to uphold their commitment or lose the house.

When we get married, it is not just a 30-year commitment. It is a commitment for life. As the years go by, we may find our spouse less than ideal. Many problems arise and we see other potential partners who are far better suited to our tastes. But unlike the 30-year mortgage, we cannot close out the first obligation (marriage) and step into a new one.

If you are married to an unbeliever, but they are willing to live with you, you are not to obtain a divorce (1 Corinthians 7:12-13). If the unbeliever departs, let them go. You are not forced to live with them (1 Corinthians 7:15). However, nowhere in scripture does it say that once they have departed, you are free to marry another.

Questions and Answers on Marriage

I know the scripture says, "What God has joined together, let man not separate," but I believe I was not married to my first husband. God did not join us, I was deceived into marrying him. I did it before I was a Christian. We are now divorced. Wouldn't I be free to remarry?

No. Marriage is marriage whether you are a Christian or not. The problem is that some people do not recognize their first marriage as a real marriage because they married before they knew Christ. If the only marriages God recognized were between Christians, then the whole world would be full of bastards. Children born out of the marriage of Hindus, Moslems and Humanists would all be bastards. This is preposterous. Look in the Bible. Many heathen marriages are mentioned. Jesus gave us no indication that these marriages were not recognized by God. When we get married, God considers us one flesh, regardless of our religious persuasions.

If my spouse quits walking with God, why am I obligated to stay married?

Marriage is for better or worse. Maybe the "worse" part is when your spouse falls away from God, but you are still married. Marriage does not end because times are rough.

God instituted marriage as a lifetime commitment. And it has been that way from the beginning. We become one flesh when we enter into the sacred institution of marriage. We are joined into wedlock until one partner dies. Only God can end marriages through death (Romans 7:2). Man cannot separate what God has joined (Matthew 19:6).

This is a hard word. When the apostles heard Christ's word on marriage, they said, "then it is better not to marry" (Matthew 19:10). I don't think the apostles would have said that, if Jesus' teaching had all the modern-day escape clauses. In reality, there is no escape from marriage, just as there is no escape from Christ.

If we will seek the Kingdom first, we will be more willing to accept this hard word on marriage. When we are seeking our own will, we try to interpret God's word to justify what we desire. If the marriage goes through bad times and the couple separates, they are not free to remarry. Very few want to believe that they are joined to one spouse for life.

Jesus admits that "all cannot accept this saying, but only those to whom it has been given" (Matthew 19:11). Nevertheless, this is the doctrine that our Lord preached.

Is man like a dog or is man like a dove?

Dogs have no loyalty, but doves mate for life.

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

John reports from Kansas:

My wife Mary and I spent 20 days on the road making a missionary journey spanning nine states. We traveled approximately 4,700 miles in a Heaven vehicle. We stopped along the way to fellowship with others interested in Heavenly citizenship. We started the journey on January 11th traveling through Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. We returned on January 30th and had no police encounters.

Arrested and Jailed

Just a few days after returning from the missionary journey, the police did a set-up and arrested me. Apparently a police bulletin had been issued after someone saw the Heaven vehicle parked at a lot where I often leave the vehicle. The police had called Oregon motor vehicles division and checked their facts prior to the set up.

Before I pulled out of the parking lot, I knew it was my time to see some action. But I thought, "If I am going to be traveling around here, I may as well assert my freedom to travel on the highway now as any other time."

I simply drove out and the policeman followed me. I traveled more than half way home, about four miles, with the officer following me with his red lights on. The last part of the way he had on his siren. Finally there was another police car parked across the road so I pulled onto private property. The Heaven vehicle was immediately towed and I was taken to jail.

No participation in trial

I was released after 24-hours on a technicality, but then when I did not voluntarily make a court appearance, I was again arrested and held for trial. On the day of the trial, a police officer brought me into the courtroom and took me to a table near the front. The judge was already on the bench. When the judge told the prosecutor to begin his presentation of the case, I realized I did not belong at that table. They were starting the trial without getting any response from me. I stood up and moved back to the middle of the room where the audience sits. They didn't seem to care. They just plowed along without me.

There was no jury, it was just a judge's trial. The police officer testified that when he stopped me I said I was John Steward of Jesus. I had also insisted in the written statement given to the judge at arraignment that I was John Steward of Jesus and that was the way I needed to be addressed. However, the judge called me by another name and I never responded in any way. I did not even look at the judge, I just looked ahead. I remained seated through the remainder of the proceedings.

There were so many ways where I thought they violated their own rules. At the arraignment the judge never asked me if I understood the charges. Before they began their trial I had expected questions such as, "Are you ready to proceed?" But they went into the trial without asking me anything.

I anticipated that they would try to dig up some evidence linking me and the state of Kansas. They presented no evidence of any kind other than their naked assertion on the face of the traffic citation which listed my old state name, a street address and city and state of Kansas. They did not present one shred of evidence linking the body with the name, other than the police officer's statement at the beginning of the arraignment when he said, "This is the man recognized by the Hutchinson police department as (state name), even though he does not respond to that name." That was the only statement linking the body they had before them with the state name.

Finally, the judge summarily announced a verdict of guilty on all charges. When they were discussing sentencing the prosecutor said that in view of my actions on that day and previously, it would probably be futile to impose any kind of fine. He recommended prison time. I already had been in jail for thirteen days, so the judge sentenced me to fourteen days and I was taken back to jail.

The police chief who took me back to the jail proceeded to give me a long lecture from the point of view of the fundamentalist Christian who believes that the Bible says that you should obey all government. He said that I was being deceived and misled and there were satanic influences coming at me. He sincerely hoped that I would see the error of my way.

Back in the jail cell as I was reading a passage in the New Testament, I came to realize that even if we are trampled on, and even if we are abused, and even if they violate their own rules, that is what we must expect. It is not something exceptional to be treated in this way. That has been the rule as we look at how these world systems have come at Christians throughout all of history.

No more written statements

I have reflected further on the value of presenting written statements to the court. Many of us have been delivered from the need of doing any research of their laws or presenting case history and related legal work. And it has been a great relief. I think I am now being brought to the further point of being relieved of having to prepare written statements for the court. I will probably not take along a prepared statement for three reasons:

The first reason is the clear instructions of Jesus, "Don't worry in advance about what you are going to say" (Luke 12:11).

The second reason is that every situation is so different. The judges can change each time you appear in court. Each judge has different methods and they don't follow their own rules anyway. You cannot depend upon them asking you any particular questions. The whole situation is totally unpredictable. The judge never asked me the questions I expected.

The third reason is that written statements proved to be more of a handicap than an advantage. It was just too difficult to try to insert written statements at the appropriate time.

My most effective witness and speaking during the whole process was the first 24 hours which I spent in the holding tank. I had no pencil or paper with me. All I was doing was speaking from the Spirit.

His grace and strength were certainly there. The whole experience over the last two weeks was really not as stressful as that first 24 hours. The greatest challenges are at the beginning. The most crucial moments are how we respond to the arrest and booking at the jail and to the first thing the judge says to us. We need to be prepared in Spirit for those moments whenever they come to us.

Everybody that is in this battle needs to be aware of both sides of the issue. We cannot pretend that residency in Heaven is a guaranteed way to find instant liberty. In fact, people better not get that impression or we will be in trouble.

I am more committed than ever. I look on this as a great learning experience. It was also an opportunity to witness because I was able to plant a seed in a word of witness in the lives of several inmates and to some extent in some of the officials. I have received lessons of the Spirit.

During the trial John witnessed no evidence being presented that established his residency in Kansas. They could not address these issues or they would lose. I believe the trial was just an illusion. They did nothing but trample on John's liberty. They tried to make it appear that John was one of theirs, hoping he would try to save his life by entering into their proceedings. By John not bowing down to them and making a defense, he helped establish that his residency was in Heaven and not the state.

These people are salesmen who use force and violence hoping to persuade us to leave the Heavenly government and return to theirs. By incurring pain and suffering upon us, they hope to undermine our beliefs so that we will change our course.

John was released after 14 days in jail. He is happy to be back on the roads evangelizing for the Kingdom.

We praise God for John who did not succumb to their threats, but instead let God use him to bear witness of the Heavenly government. PR

Ken reports from California:

I just had a highway patrolman stop me and say that the Heaven license plates and my driver license is not recognized in California.

I said, "I don't belong to California. I belong to the Kingdom of Heaven."

He said, "I've never heard of what you are doing."

"That is no sign that it is not right," I answered.

He stopped me because he was curious about the plates. He claimed that the Heaven plates were not legal. He is going to check with Sacramento to find out if the Heaven licenses are legal. His opinion is that they are not legal.

I told him, "Your opinion does not make that much difference unless you are an officer of the Church. You don't even know us. What right have you to dictate whether what the Church is doing is right or wrong."

He became a little huffy, it was the Heaven plates that got him. What the Church is doing is out of their realm. Why should the state dictate what we can or cannot do?

They don't want us to believe in the Kingdom because they want us to be participants in the state of California and their programs. Just because they don't recognize us, does not mean we are not right.

The traffic stop ended and I was given no citations.

When they say the state does not recognize the Heaven documents, they are just giving you their sales pitch. They are residents of California and they believe in their government. We are residents of Heaven and believe in the Kingdom of Heaven. Whether they believe in the Kingdom or not, we still continue bearing fruit unto Christ's government.

We are not alone. There are many others who also believe. It is just a matter of evangelizing. These Heaven documents are not based on someone else's beliefs. They are based on our beliefs. PR

No citations

On January 19th, Caleb Israel set out on a mission and filed the following incident report. In his encounter with the Oregon state police, Caleb stayed in the office of ambassador of Jesus and the Lord delivered him out of their hands.

Caleb traveled up from California driving a truck and travel trailer bound for the Embassy. Both the truck and trailer were licensed by Heaven. While parked along the Oregon coast, the truck rolled over an embankment. No one was hurt, but Caleb was delayed several hours while two tow trucks tried to pull his truck back up on the road. While Caleb was waiting, a state trooper arrived.

He walked over to the back of the trailer and flicked the license plate, "What's this?" he said sarcastically.

"That's the license plate from where I am a resident," answered Caleb.

"In the state of Oregon, you can't have that kind of license plate. You must have a license plate from one of the fifty states."

"My license is from the state of Heaven where I am a resident."

The officer said the license wasn't any good and began asking questions about Caleb's date of birth and name. The officer didn't care about Caleb's new birth and his new name. He wanted to know the name his mother gave him and the date he came out of her womb.

Caleb decided to call the Embassy for help. Paul Revere advised him to remain in the office Jesus Christ had set him in and just stand on Jesus.

Then Paul asked to talk with the officer. Paul verified the data contained on the Heaven documents with the Church's System of Records. The officer questioned Caleb's name and Paul offered to send him a copy of the book, RENAMED BY HEAVEN.

Paul said, "Caleb has the absolute right to do what he is doing. He does not need to seek out any state authority for his name. The book contains the information you need. Even the world cannot deny that Caleb is who he says he is."

"By the way, the state of Oregon doesn't recognize your documents," the officer said.

"I don't care whether the state of Oregon recognizes them or not," said Paul. "Whether Oregon believes or not does not change the fact that Heaven is a proper authority. Our authority does not depend upon what Oregon believes."

About that time the computerized lady on the phone wanted more coins. The officer handed the phone back to Caleb and said, "I don't want to talk with him anymore" and the phone conversation ended.

Caleb took Paul's advice and stood on Jesus, no matter what threats the police made. Caleb didn't try to build a defense or justify his actions. He did not feel obligated to satisfy the demands of the officer. There was no communion between the two. One had a mission from the state, the other from Heaven.

The officer was insistent about knowing when Caleb was born. "I can tell you when I was reborn into the Kingdom of Heaven, but I cannot tell you the date I came out of my mother's womb."

The officer complained. "Your answers are painting me into a corner."

"Your questions are painting me into a corner and I don't like being painted into a corner anymore than you do."

The officer kept insisting upon a birth date. "If you do not give me your date of birth, you are going to jail."

Caleb said, "Jesus Christ is my King and you people are not going to take me out from underneath my covering. That is what all your questions are about. You just want me to leave my covering with Jesus Christ and the Embassy of Heaven and get under the state covering. I'm not going to do that."

The officer ran computer checks on Caleb Israel and they came back blank. He was intent on finding out who Caleb was according to their records, and he finally succeeded. As the dialog progressed, the officer warned Caleb, "You and that Embassy of Heaven are going to get in a lot of trouble."

Caleb shrugged his shoulders, "I have wasted my whole life living as a sinner in the state. Now I am spending the rest of my life evangelizing for the Kingdom of Heaven. I have probably sinned more than you, but now Jesus is my King and I am not letting go of Him."

The officer had Caleb sit in the patrol car while he took his thumb print. Caleb was relieved because he knew if the officer would settle for a thumb print, he would not be hauled to jail for fingerprinting. The officer decided not to issue any citations. Nor were the vehicles towed.

As they parted, the officer said, "Do me a favor. Don't get in your truck and drive off right away. Let me get on down the road a ways and then you can go. I don't want to see this truck on the highway."

Once the officer realized Caleb was not going to step out of the office of ambassador of Jesus Christ, there wasn't much he could do except let him go.

Caleb recommends to other ambassadors that they just stand on Jesus and let the Holy Spirit guide them. "It paid off for me. I didn't have to go to jail."

The tow trucks were already on the scene. It would have been easy to tow away the Heaven truck and trailer and haul Caleb to jail. But Someone prevented it. There were no citations, no jail and no confiscation of property.

The next day the police officer called the Embassy and asked if Caleb had left a Coleman ice chest. They had found the chest near where Caleb had his encounter and were willing to ship it up to him. It was an act of good will on their part. It turned out that the chest belonged to someone else.

We could not help reflecting on what the officer had been thinking since he ran into Caleb. It is not every day that you run into someone from Heaven. Just possibly because Caleb's belief in the Kingdom was so strong, the officer's heart softened and he began to realize the Kingdom truly is at hand. Who knows how much Caleb's allegiance to the Kingdom will affect this officer in the days and years ahead.

Caleb comments: "I think the Kingdom of Heaven is already here. I think we just have to start living like it's here and stop obeying Caesar. Let those who belong to Caesar render unto Caesar and let those of us who belong to God render unto God." "My hope is that He gives me enough life left to try to show people the way into the Kingdom. When I changed my name and obtained Kingdom of Heaven license plates, people really took notice. When I left California, my goal was to get all the information possible to help people get into the Kingdom of Heaven. People sure do need it."

Caleb is what I have been looking for all along - a believer. Heaven cannot come to your aid unless you believe. Belief activates Jesus. PR