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Jan-Feb, Year of Our Lord, 1994
Number 941

What's Inside

Anyone who says something is impossible is always being interrupted by someone doing it.

"If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."

Matthew 17:20

Dear Friends,

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. It finally happened. After five years of unhampered travel in Heaven vehicles, I was arrested by the police in Sublimity. Details are in the Road Report.

Five years is a long time. I was a little rusty. My mouth went dry. I was trying to pray and think. What could I say to them? What could I do? They just wouldn't listen. It was very frustrating. They went trucking right along, not recognizing that I am from the Kingdom of Heaven. And do you know why? Because as soon as they recognize the Kingdom of Heaven, they would have to let me go.

What impressed me is that the police are so full of their own imaginations, that they cannot see the present reality of God's government upon the earth. Their heads are full of man's statutes. They have no room for the Golden Rule. Heaven? Oh, that is somewhere after the grave. The only reality they see is the corporate State of Oregon and their Motor Vehicle code.

These people are so caught up in their own imaginations, that they cannot see the truth. Children are full of imagination, but as they grow up they put away the world of make believe. Not so with the state. They continue in their vain imaginings, worshiping and serving the things they created - their statutes, their judgements, their procedures. Man-made governments carry us away from the freedom that is in Christ and into the bondage of statutes made by the imaginations of man.

God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." (Genesis 1:26) But what happened to man? Every imagination of his heart was wicked continually. (Genesis 6:5) His whole focus was on what he imagined, not on conforming to the likeness of God. During Noah's time, God became so fed up that he destroyed the known world.

Now we are in a time like Noah's. Even though we seek to bear the image of the heavenly, all around us men are serving the imaginations they created. When they say, "Obey the law," they mean obey their vain imaginations. They do not seek out the Creator's eternal law. They imagine a world where there is no God except them. They imagine themselves sitting on God's throne.

We are made in God's image, but the world tries to make us conform to their image. With their imaginations they create a world apart from God. And they do harsh things to people's bodies who do not submit to these imaginations.

Here is something crazy. They claim we are only imagining God. That He is not real. Yet, it is their own vain imaginings that prevent them from seeing the present reality of God.

They are without excuse, inasmuch as when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, but grew full of vanities in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were blinded.

Romans 1:21 Tyndale

Paul Revere, Pastor

Notice of Trespass

Last month, Caleb Israel was in Whatcom County Jail because of his allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven. We sent the following letter to the court, district attorney and sheriff, hoping to rouse their conscience.

January 16, Year of our Lord, 1994
N O T I C E   O F   T R E S P A S S


May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

It has come to our attention that our Ambassador, Caleb Israel, is still being held in your jail. We have already notified you on December 29th of his diplomatic immunities. If you would acknowledge that he has been sent by God, you would have no cause to hold him.

Jesus Christ commanded us to go to all nations and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness. In response to that command, Caleb Israel uses the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your government has trespassed upon these Kingdom of Heaven highways in order to prevent Caleb Israel from performing his duties. As far as we know, Caleb Israel has not trespassed upon the State of Washington, but the State of Washington has trespassed upon the Kingdom of Heaven.

What you do to Caleb Israel, you do to the Embassy of Heaven and to the Kingdom of Heaven and to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

There is still time to repent. Have mercy upon your own soul and receive the Kingdom. As scripture says, "He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned." Mark 16:16

Today you may compel Caleb Israel to sit before your judgement seat. But in the final hour, you will sit before the judgement seat of our Father in Heaven. At that time you will be judged for what you did and did not do. That which you did to the least of His little ones, you did to Him.

We pray that you will return to our Father in Heaven and obey the One that gave you life.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor

Conversation with Sheriff

Sheriff of Whatcom County

Pastor Paul Revere of Embassy of Heaven Church

Date: January 21, 1994

We received the following telephone call from the Sheriff of Whatcom County after he received our NOTICE OF TRESPASS letter.

Sheriff Hello, this is the Sheriff of Whatcom County. I have received the NOTICE OF TRESPASS letter. I would like to know specifically how we trespassed upon you.
Revere It is quite simple. You took one of our ambassadors and threw him in jail. You had to enter upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to do what you did to Caleb Israel. He was on a mission and you removed him from the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff No, he was on the highways in the state of Washington.
Revere There is no way he was on the highways in the state of Washington. If he was on your highways, then it would be a trespass. But he was not. He was on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff But what do you do with, "Render to Caesar that which is Caesar's?"
Revere You are forgetting the other half of Christ's statement, "Render unto God that which is God's."
Sheriff The meaning of that statement is that you bear allegiance to God for what is His, but you submit to the earthly authorities for what is theirs, right?
Revere No, Jesus never promoted the Roman Empire. He only promoted the Kingdom of Heaven. When He came to earth He brought His own Kingdom and He wants us to give our entire allegiance to Him.
Sheriff But the meaning of the parable was the same.
Revere We are not talking about a parable. Jesus was responding to the Pharisees who were trying to entangle Him in His words.
Sheriff He submitted to the earthly authorities, did He not?
Revere No, He did not submit to the earthly authorities. He stated that if you belong to Caesar, then give to Caesar. But if you belong to God, then give to God.
We are a peculiar people, called out of the Kingdoms of the world. Jesus died to promote the Kingdom of Heaven as the government of God. Caleb Israel was on God's highways. He has all the proper documentation. He has made full declaration and allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, the government which has called him.
Sheriff Well we certainly have no problem with his spiritual beliefs and his relationship with God. But I guess we have a problem when he violates the criminal statutes of the state of Washington and trespasses against the state of Washington.
Revere But he is not trespassing upon the state of Washington because first, he is not a resident of the state of Washington; and second, he has not agreed to any of the decrees declared by the state of Washington.
Sheriff By virtue of the fact that he comes into the state of Washington, by his mere presence, he agrees to abide by the laws for the common good of the people of the state of Washington.
Revere But he is already under the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven and he is under the scope of that government. In other words, he is using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. He is not using the highways in the state of Washington. He is responding to the Great Commission, "Go to all nations." When Jesus gave that command, He opened up the highways for us. Our Father's highways have been here longer than the state of Washington highways. Jesus Christ established our highways 2,000 years ago.
Take a look at the highways. There are multiple jurisdictions claiming the same concrete. The postal service calls the roads, "post roads." Post roads were established by the United States Constitution. Those same roads are called military highways by the army. They are also called highways in the state of Washington. For our purposes, they are called highways within the Kingdom of Heaven. And the concrete that we use goes to everybody's doorstep.
That is all that Caleb was doing. He was fulfilling his duties as an ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven. He was preaching the Gospel as commanded by the Great Commission.
Sheriff I think again that the problem that we had was that he violated a traffic statute of the laws of the state of Washington.
Revere I am sorry, but how could he violate a traffic statute of the state of Washington? We are not commissioned by the state. We are commissioned by duty from God. Like I said, he is on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sheriff I guess we have a problem with that because they are not so designated.
Revere But they are designated. It is right there in the scriptures under the Great Commission. The highways have been opened up by Jesus, "Go to all nations preaching the Gospel."
Sheriff Okay, well apparently he has been released from the jail now.
Revere Oh he has.
Sheriff Yes. He is no longer in custody, so it is my understanding that he is on his way and he is free to do as he will.
Revere We appreciate that. We just pray that everyone will receive the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not a vile government. It is probably the most sound and honorable government on the face of the earth.
Sheriff I am sure we would certainly have no disagreement with that.
Revere I appreciate any glass of water that you can share with our people in any future contacts.
Sheriff Thank you for the letter and we will do that.
Revere Thank you Dave, and we appreciate your call.
Sheriff Thank you very much. Good bye.

All charges against Caleb Israel were dismissed and he was released from jail. All glory to Jesus.

Going to Jail


ROOOooooooh. . .SCREE-EE-EE-EE-EECH!!!

Going to JailThe red and blue lights are flashing. The siren is squealing. Guess what? A police officer just pulled you over. You talk with him, you plead, you pray - you just about have a heart attack. But the ending result is no matter what you say, no matter what you do, this time, you're going to jail.

Once you're in jail, you're going to have to make a decision on many things - and you won't have time to think about it. All of a sudden the guard says, "We're taking your fingerprints." How are you going to respond? Or the release officer says, "Just sign this agreement and you can go home." What are you going to do when you are confronted with these situations? What about Medical Questionnaires? Wearing Jail Clothes? Body Searches? Bailing Out? Fasting? Psychiatric Exams? Getting the Media Involved? Overcoming Bullies?

We want to take you through a guided tour of jail so that it isn't a total surprise if it ever happens to you. We'll run you through multiple scenarios and show you your options. Put on your seat belt, because you're in for the ride of your life. Hopefully, with this information, a little bit of the fear and scare will be taken out of going to jail.

View our book, Going to Jail, online.


An Arizona State Prisoner, Michael A. Nolt, has been fighting to receive Embassy of Heaven literature and tapes. The prison warden banned all Embassy materials, including personal letters to Michael, claiming they are inflammatory. Prison officials call the material, "anti-authority."

Michael recently won an injunction in federal court ordering the warden to make the Embassy of Heaven materials available when Michael requests them. Although Michael cannot have the tapes or literature in his cell, prison officials are to make them available to him when he needs to use them in the preparation of his court case. The court also determined that the warden's restriction on the Embassy of Heaven materials does not violate Michael's right to freedom of religion. If you would like to write, his address is: Michael A. Nolt; c/o ADC# 89621; Arizona State Prison; 2100 S Hwy 87; Winslow, Arizona 86047

Highways in Heaven

There is one argument that the state cannot overcome. Neither the officer who recently arrested me, nor the Sheriff who was holding Caleb Israel in jail could prevail on this point. They cannot overcome the fact that we are not using the highways in their state. We are using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Most people do not realize that the same stretch of concrete has multiple jurisdictions. State of Washington claims certain highways as their highways. But the Kingdom of Heaven claims these same highways for their purposes. And no one can deny that claim.

As soon as you raise the issue, you disable the state. You have raised the issue that there are highways that do not belong to the state, just as there are fish and deer and even people that do not belong to the state. There are some things that belong to God, not the state.

When a police officer stops you, he has authority to write citations if:

  1. You are a state resident; or
  2. You use the "highways in this state."

Several years ago, before we realized the futility of trying to win in their courts, one of our ambassadors filed an appeal stating that he did not need a state driver license because he was already licensed by the Kingdom of Heaven.

The state countered by saying that our ambassador did not claim to be using the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven." Therefore, since he was apparently using the "highways in this state," he was required to obtain a state driver license. This was the first time we realized it was not enough to claim that we were residents and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must also claim the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We used to think that the state could only rule over their own residents. But when it comes to using state highways, this is not true. Anyone who uses the "highways in this state," are subject to the decrees of the state.

Multiple jurisdictions use same highways

There are many jurisdictions claiming authority over the same highways. For instance, the United States Army has military highways for purposes of defense. The United States Postal Service has post roads for purposes of delivering mail. The state has "highways in this state" for purposes of regulating its drivers, and the Embassy of Heaven has "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven" for purposes of proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. All these authorities have "concurrent jurisdiction" over the same physical highways. But those of us claiming the Kingdom of Heaven highways have the paramount claim to the highways because our Father created them and His son commanded us to use them. (See Matthew 28:18-20)

The state and its political subdivisions are stewards for the maintenance of the highways. That does not mean they own the highways. Specific government entities are charged with the maintenance and construction of the highways. To identify the custodian of these highways, they are designated State Highway 22 or County Road 208. It may appear that the state or county owns the highways, but they are merely stewards.

There is one form of stewardship we do not recognize. That is when the state takes dominion over the highways, treating them as their own. They start regulating who can and who cannot use the highways through their licensing programs. They not only regulate their own people, but they regulate anybody who uses "their" highways. When these stewards claim the highways as their own, they have become wicked husbandmen. (See Matthew 21:33-46)

Kingdom highways marked in Bible

When the sheriff in Washington wondered where the designations were for the Kingdom of Heaven highways, he was expecting that we would have markers on the side of the road. We don't need road signs. Our highways have already been published in the Bible under the Great Commission. Christ said, "Go to all nations." And His command to "Go to all nations," means that all the highways and byways and paths leading up to everybody's doorstep are designated as Kingdom of Heaven highways. Wherever we go, we are on the Kingdom highways.

If we faithfully stay off the highways in the state and remain on the highways in the Kingdom, there is no way we can trespass upon the state. We cannot commit traffic crimes against the state because we are not using their highways. Some jurisdictions are beginning to understand this and are dismissing charges against our ambassadors.

State motor vehicle statutes mean absolutely nothing to us because they only apply to those using highways in the state. They do not write statutes for those using highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is outside their jurisdiction. State law enforcement must come onto the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to stop us. And if they cite us with violations of their statutes, they are trespassing. They do not supervise the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

Don't be deceived about where the battleground is. They want us to argue about their statutes. But if we play on their battleground, we will lose. The state makes decrees and controls those who are on their turf. We need to stay off their roads and stay on the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

When we are stopped by the police, we need to tell the police officer that we are not using the "highways in their state." We are using the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven." They do not supervise the "highways in the Kingdom of Heaven," nor do we seek their permission to travel upon them. Jesus Christ has given us all the authority we need through the Great Commission. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

Our strongest argument is that we are using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. They fear the Great Commission because it is the foundation which establishes the Kingdom of Heaven highways.

State Judge Judges Heaven

Normally, we do not ask the courts for anything. One of our ambassadors, however, decided to ask the judge for a written opinion on why he was subject to the motor vehicle laws. He received the following reply:


16th Judicial District
Justice Building
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

November 19, 1993

Re: Traffic Citations; 0931606, 0931607 and 0831349

Dear Sir:

I have considered the materials you left with me which you offered in support of your position that, as a member of the Kingdom of Heaven, you are not required to comply with Oregon's motor vehicle licensing laws. No doubt you are aware that the arguments you advance have been rejected by the courts previously. The State of Oregon, through the legitimate exercise of its police power, has the right to require those of its citizens who drive automobiles on premises open to the public to possess a license issued by the State. The State has the responsibility to make sure that only those who have demonstrated an appropriate level of competency drive automobiles on the public highway. The reason for this is the public highway is a place where much harm can be caused if those who drive do not possess the basic skills necessary to do so with safety. The requirement that drivers have in their possession a valid driver's license has been determined by the legislature to be an appropriate method by which to quickly identify those drivers who have demonstrated both the basic skills necessary to drive on the public highway, and the financial responsibility to compensate anyone they might injure through negligent driving. These kinds of laws have been held to be valid by our appellate judges, and the trial courts are required to follow their decisions in all instances.

I have therefore found you guilty and imposed fines on each of the offenses charged in each of the citations issued to you. You can get the details concerning the amounts on each ticket from the traffic court clerk at the courthouse.

The material you left with me at the time of your hearing and the tape brought in later will be left at the court clerk's desk downstairs and you can pick them up at your convenience.

Circuit Court Judge

Heaven Rebukes State Judge

December 8, Year of our Lord, 1993

Thomas W. Kolberg
Circuit Court Judge
Justice Building
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

Re: Traffic Citations: 0931606, 0931607 and 0831349

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. We reviewed your letter, dated November 19, 1993, wherein you passed judgement upon our ambassador for traffic violations. We hereby object.

In your letter, you wrote a lengthy paragraph on highway safety within your state. You also stated that the State of Oregon has the right to require its citizens, who drive automobiles, to possess a license issued by the state. We are also interested in highway safety and the entire paragraph may be true, but, your statement does not address the foundations.

You considered our materials as you would for any state citizen - to render judgement. These materials were not for that purpose, but rather to notify you of relevant foundational truths on why you cannot judge our ambassador.

These truths include the facts that our ambassador is a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and he was using a Heaven vehicle on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Since he is not a citizen of your state and he does not use the highways in your state, there is nothing for you to decide. He is not a "person" in the contexts of your state statutes.

We are an independent nation with Jesus Christ as our only sovereign. The State of Oregon legislature does not make laws for the Kingdom of Heaven. Our laws have already been established in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. It is outside of your jurisdiction to judge citizens of Heaven traveling in Heaven vehicles on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.

You were hired by the State to judge your own people. Please stay within those limits, rather than judging individuals within the Kingdom of Heaven. We find that your judgement is void and, therefore, not binding. It is so ordered in Heaven and on earth.

Thank you for writing. We thank God for men like you who serve the state as vigorously as we try to serve Jesus Christ. It is good to know where you stand. May God use you for His good purpose.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Paul Revere, Pastor

News from those traveling in Heaven vehicles.

"All rise for the King of Heaven"

Heaven court report
Ambassador: Glen Stoll
Mission field: United States district court
Date: October 4, 1993

I was arrested on a federal warrant in Las Vegas and released on the condition that I would appear for trial in United States District court for the Western District of Washington on the Fort Lewis incident. I verbally agreed.

On the day of the trial, we packed the courtroom with 18 supporters of the Kingdom of Heaven. I would not go into the bar area, but remained seated in the pews with the audience. When the bailiff called for us to rise because the judge was entering, not one of us stood. The judge made no comment about us not rising for him, nor did he say a word about my being out in the audience, instead of at the defendant's table.

I began by telling the judge that I was not on trial and that I would not build a defense. "Yes, there is going to be a trial today - but I am not on trial. You are on trial. You and the whole court system is on trial."

Then I said, "At this point I think it would be appropriate to address the Judge in this case." As soon as I said that, I proclaimed, "All rise for the King of Heaven."

The 18 Kingdom supporters rose, as well as all three attorneys and one witness for the prosecution. Only three or four people in the courtroom remained seated.

Then I began praying aloud to the only Lawgiver and Judge (James 4:12). When I finished, the judge reprimanded me. He referred to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. "This is a secular court. Religion is not to be brought up in my courtroom."

"I am not in your courtroom. As I stand before you here, I am in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you do not want the Kingdom of Heaven to be in your presence, then do not expect me to be in your presence. My job is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and if you want me to come here, that is what I am going to be doing."

They went ahead and held a trial, without a jury. Apparently, they do not have juries for misdemeanors in federal court. I said, "That is another example of why I will not have any part in your process. You people do not know what due process of law is."

During the entire so-called "trial," I remained outside the bar area. I stayed out in the pews with the spectators. At one point, the prosecutor was presenting evidence and he brought out the HEAVEN license plates that had been confiscated. He had the license plates in a plastic bag, tagged as an exhibit. In order for him to present the exhibit, he needed to know if I had any objections.

As he handed me the HEAVEN plates to examine, I took them and said, "Thank you very much for the return of stolen property." Then I put the HEAVEN plates in my briefcase with my other things.

The judge warned me that I better give the plates back. "Are you the gatekeeper to my soul?" I asked. He just ignored my question and went on to something else.

"You haven't answered my question, Are you the gatekeeper to my soul?"

"I don't have to answer your question," he snapped.

"I do not give you permission to trespass upon the Kingdom of Heaven," I replied.

This incident took place while the officer who had authorized the confiscation of the plates was on the stand. When he finished testifying, he turned to the judge. "Your honor, what about those plates? I am responsible for them. I am going to get in trouble if I don't bring those plates back."

The judge said, "I am taking responsibility for them now."

The distressed officer replied, "Well, okay, I will tell them," and he left.

A couple thugs came into the courtroom in plain clothes. My mother, who was in the courtroom, asked them if they were policemen and they said they were. We believe they expected to be ordered to wrestle those HEAVEN plates back from me.

A little later my mother came up to me and pleaded, "Oh Glen, give the plates back. Please give them back." She was afraid I was going to be thrown in jail.

Never was another word brought up about the HEAVEN plates. I still have them, complete with the exhibit labels on them.

Earlier in the proceedings, I told the court, "I am willing to discuss this matter with you in a civil and amicable manner if you will agree not to bring violence upon our people. All you seem to know is violence." We tried to get them to commit to nonviolence, but they did not want to talk about it.

I described the rape of the sanctuary when the Embassy of Heaven was raided. The judge said, "That is irrelevant to this case and I do not want to hear about it."

I spoke whatever information I wanted them to know and the judge listened, even though he did not want to hear it.

Three of the charges were dismissed prior to the so-called "trial." The dismissed charges were "failure to obey officer," "refusing to provide authorities with proper information," and "possessing fictitious identification card." I was found, "not guilty" of trespassing. The judge concluded the matter by saying he found me "guilty" on four counts - no driver license, no registration, no vehicle license and no proof of insurance. "That will be fifty dollars for each count, and I don't want to hear anymore of this case."

We find that his judgement is void on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction over the Kingdom of Heaven. We have cancelled all penalties. P.R.

Traveling ambassador loses home

Jail Report
Date of Arrest: October 24, 1993
Ambassadors: Caleb Israel and Ezra Shlemon
Mission field: California

Ezra and I were on a mission in a Heaven van when we were stopped by a forest ranger west of Redding, California. The Ranger held us and called the California Highway Patrol. By the time the Highway Patrol arrived about an hour later, I believe the forest ranger was beginning to see the Kingdom of Heaven and had a change of heart, but by then it was too late. The machinery was set in motion and I was arrested and the Heaven van confiscated.

Nearby store owners were kind enough to allow Ezra to unload the goods from the van and store them. They also gave Ezra, who was left stranded in the woods, a travel trailer to sleep in until he could make other arrangements. It is those acts of kindness that give us such a refreshing glass of cold water in the midst of persecution.

When I went to court, they appointed an attorney above my objections. The attorney refused to believe me when I told him the Kingdom of Heaven has existed long before the state of California. Just because someone puts some political boundary lines on a map, and says everyone who lives within those boundaries is a resident of the state, does not make it so. I said I was a resident in the Kingdom of Heaven, and as far as I was concerned, the U.S. Forest Service, the state of California, and the County of Trinity were trespassing on the Kingdom of Heaven. When they hauled me to court, the judge would not listen either. When I told him the court-appointed attorney did not represent me, that Jesus Christ did, I was not allowed to say anything further.

On the day that was scheduled for trial, I intended to stand on what I had already stated and not enter into their territory. They never held a trial. I was released from jail and all charges were dismissed. Their reason for dismissing the charges was that they were concerned about the constitutional ramifications.

Caleb Israel spent 23 days in jail. Even though all charges were dismissed, Trinity County still has possession of the Heaven van. They will not release the van until it is licensed in one of the fifty states. Since Caleb is a traveling ambassador, when they took the van, they also took Caleb's home.

The confiscation of vehicles can be heartbreaking. How do we respond to these law enforcement officials who hold a man in jail for 23 days, drop the charges, yet keep his most valuable material possession?

We know we cannot set our hearts on the things of this world. Whatever material goods God has given us to be stewards over, we must hold lightly and not be attached to them. One ambassador said, "When the adversary takes our goods, just consider it a loan to the Heavenly Father." There is nothing they can take from us, that our Father cannot restore. Even when persecutions come, we continue to rejoice, for we know we have greater treasures in Heaven.

You sympathized with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. Hebrews 10:34 NIV

Caleb was provided with another Heaven vehicle and he headed North to Washington. In December, he was again arrested and the Heaven vehicle towed. Caleb was held in jail over a month and, again, all the charges were dismissed. The state is apparently hesitant to prosecute Heaven. We look to the day when they won't want to jail us either. P.R.

No Citations

Date of Incident: January 1, 1994
Ambassador: Edward C. Knittel
Mission field: Ohio

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

I am writing to report my first road stop. On New Year's Day, I was moving from Youngstown, Ohio to Milan, Tennessee, with the Heaven travel trailer in tow. I was stopped by an Ohio State Patrolman north of Columbus. He asked for my license and registration which I gave to him. He then asked if I was from Oregon. I said that was where my Embassy was located. He asked if I was some kind of traveling evangelist and I said, "Yes, I am." He wanted to know if I was allowed to travel on these documents. I affirmed that I was authorized to use them.

He said that he stopped me because the Heaven trailer was swaying. We discussed the cause and solution to the problem. I agreed to travel at a lower speed until the present wind subsided. He then returned my Heaven documents, and I gave him a Gospel tract which he accepted. I was on my way with no problems.

I thank God for a chance to witness through the tract of my Savior. God's grace was sufficient in time of trial, small though it turned out to be. Living by faith beats the fear of man.

In Christian love,
Ed Knittel

America is conquered land

Police Stop
Date of Incident: January 6, 1994
Ambassador: Paul Revere
Mission field: Oregon

We finished writing the book Going to Jail, and the next day I was stopped by the police. It was the first time in five years. I forgot everything that we had written. When the police officer, Quinn Stutheit, asked, "May I see your driver license and registration," all I could think to say was, "I am an ambassador for Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of Heaven and I am of a foreign jurisdiction."

Quinn was unsure how to respond and consulted with the Stayton Police Chief, Michael Healy, who arrived in an unmarked vehicle. I told Quinn that I had identification from the Kingdom of Heaven, but he said he would refuse to recognize it. I did not show him any Church documents. Since I showed him no identification, he arrested me and took me to the local jail.

As Quinn was booking me, we spent about an hour discussing the Kingdom of Heaven as the nation of Jesus Christ upon the earth.

"I am not part of your family and if you believed that, you would let me go on my way. But you are not convinced. For some reason, you still think I am a state resident."

Quinn said, "No, you are not a state resident. I believe that. But you are using our roads."

"No, I am not using the highways in the state of Oregon. You are trying to cite me with a trespass, but I have committed no trespass because I am not using your highways. I travel upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a lot of difference. Even though it is the same concrete, it is a different jurisdiction. I use the highways that Jesus has established. Even the paths going up to everybody's door are my Father's highways. You had to trespass upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to issue a citation."

Quinn could not deny it. He said, "That is pretty interesting, a trespass on a trespass."

It was obvious that Quinn was already briefed on how to answer my statements. He readily accepted my citizenship in Heaven and that I was not a resident of the state of Oregon. When it came to using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven, rather than using the highways in the state, he had no words. I could tell he had not been briefed on the claim of using the Kingdom highways.

Quinn constantly tried to put words in my mouth and intent to my actions. He claimed I was eluding because he saw me turn down one street and then down another. At that time, he was not following me, just observing from a distance. Facts can be deceiving. Facts look identical between one who is eluding and one who is just going about his Father's business.

Quinn was intent on telling me that America is a conquered land. Not only did they conquer the Indians, but they also conquered the Kingdom of Heaven. The states are the conquerors and anybody who wants to use the roads, must obtain their permission. Quinn suggested that if I wanted to live in the Kingdom of Heaven, I should find some island out in the Pacific. America has already been conquered, and they are not going to share it with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Quinn took my fingerprints and picture. He wanted me to sign the fingerprints, but I refused. He tried to hand me the citations, but I would not take them. The citations were not made out to Paul Revere. They had a different name on them.

I would have preferred to stay in jail until they were finished with me, but they released me after about three and a half hours. I told them I would not go to court and I made no agreements.

If I would have been in jail longer, I would be saying, "I am here to testify of the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness. It is your decision what you are going to do. What you have done to me, you have done to Him. It is up to you. The Kingdom of Heaven is now available to all those who believe. This is your hour to reject or accept the Kingdom of Heaven."

As we were going to press on this newsletter, I was stopped two more times in the local area. The police failed to serve me with any citations and no arrests were made.

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