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Jul-Aug, Year of Our Lord, 1994
Number 944

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What does separation of Church and State mean?



"We seem to be getting away from the separation of church and state."

Dear Friends,

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ who delivers us out of the hands of our enemies. Once again God called me to minister inside the Marion County jail. I was arrested on June 30th on an alleged arrest warrant stemming from my failure to appear in court last February. I was picked up at a grocery store in Sublimity and spent the next 14 days in fasting and prayer until released from jail on July 13th. But I am not yet finished with them. The court has ordered me to appear for a hearing on August 5th. They know I won't appear voluntarily so the court said when I do not appear, they would come out to arrest me. We're headed for round number three and the Lord is in control.

What is happening is that Marion County jail is running a lucrative business marketing the bodies and souls of men. This very profitable business goes out and grabs individuals who are just barely making it. All the earnings of these individuals are going toward rent and food. Then all of a sudden, they are captured and hauled to jail for a week.

I want you to meet some of the people I met in jail. I want you to see their lives and how they have been destroyed. Often these people have been in trouble with "the law" sometime in the past and they never can get their lives back together. Just when they are beginning to make a new start, they are captured by the State and entangled again in the court system.

What kind of men were in jail with me? The majority were parole violators. It is simple to violate parole. If they miss an appointment or cannot come up with enough money to pay the parole officer, a warrant is issued and the police come out and arrest them. Day and night the police pick up these men - it is big business.

Once the man spends a week in jail, he loses his job. He often loses his wife and family. His wife accuses him of being a common criminal. She complains that he cannot put food on the table. Meanwhile, the State offers the wife food stamps and low-income housing. The State becomes a better provider than the husband. Because of this activity, the State is a primary force in the destruction of families.

The State is trying to be our god. They are trying to be our lord, as if what we do is their business. What we do is none of their business, as long as we are not doing evil.

The solution is separation. "Come out from among them." (2 Corinthians 6:17) God ordains separation. If the State wants to go out and play "cops and robbers," then let them. But for us, they have no work to do and they should leave us alone.

The State has gone beyond "cops and robbers." They have now set up a business which involves monitoring everybody, whether you are a robber or not. The cops and robbers should stay away from those who are not hurting anybody.

In war, the army is supposed to leave the civilians alone because they are not part of the conflict. But now they bomb civilians. Why? Because the civilians are the government. All these countries are democracies. The people are the State and the State makes war. Therefore, when you bomb the civilians, you are actually bombing the State. If the people would have stayed separate from the State, as God has ordained, the people would be out of the State's jurisdiction and it would be unlawful to bomb them.

We all agree that man should not hurt man. But what the State has done is gone beyond one man hurting another man. They have become gods themselves, writing laws and demanding that we conform. The solution: "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues." Revelation 18:4

Paul Revere, Pastor

Wilderness Retreat

Embassy of Heaven retreat grounds.Again this year we are inviting all seekers of the Kingdom to join us for Heaven's last retreat before winter. Be with us for fellowship, music, songs and campfire chats.

The retreat begins informally on Thursday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon. Simple, wholesome meals and campsites are provided. Donations are appreciated.

Mark your calendar and plan to fellowship with us in the woods. Speakers and programs are being prepared. For further information, write for "RETREAT BROCHURE."

Inside the County Hotel

About 6:30 p.m., on June 30th, 1994, I looked up from bagging our groceries and noticed two Stayton Policemen standing at the door, just a few feet away. I looked at Rachel and quietly said, "I'm going to jail tonight."

Someone had apparently seen us at the store and phoned the police. I was grateful no car was involved in the incident. Rachel and the children rode back to the Embassy with a neighbor who was shopping at the store.

When I arrived at the jail, they put me in the drunk tank with only a hard bench to sleep on. The next morning four different jailers tried to persuade me to go to court. They threatened to "bugger up my face" if I did not go. I told the jailer, "My Kingdom is not of your world. Authorization denied," and each time he walked away.

Whenever the jailers wanted anything from me, I just said, "My Kingdom is not of your world. Authorization denied." That is all I said. A guard would say, "Step over here, we are going to take your picture." I would answer, "Authorization denied." When they wanted my fingerprints I said, "Authorization denied." One jailer said, "Are you disobeying a direct order?" I said, "If you were my master, then I would have to obey you. But since you are a stranger, I have an obligation to flee from you." And the jailer dropped the issue. They never did take my fingerprints or picture.

During my 14-day stay in the county hotel, I ate no food and drank only tap water. During the first few days, I had no Bible. I had neither paper nor pencil during the entire jail stay. I did not want to ask the jailers for anything.

Because I had been taken away from my usual responsibilities and my family, I had many uninterrupted hours to talk with our Father. This time my jail stay was easier. I didn't suffer depression.

I realized the Lord Jesus Christ is all I need. As I believe on Him, He provides the Way. A proper heart makes everything ready.

On the eighth day of jail, I was laying in bed when two jailers stormed into the cell and cried, "It's time to go to court, and this time you're going whether you like it or not." They threw off the bed covers and exposed my naked body. They could not find the jail clothes so they sent someone out to find clean ones. The jailers forced the jail uniform on me, chained my waist, handcuffed my wrists and shackled my ankles. Then they grabbed my upper arms and dragged me out of the cell, pulling me through several rooms and numerous halls and into the courtroom. In court, two guys picked me up and leaned my chest against the counter. My feet were left dangling in the air.

Though I was weak from fasting, my voice boomed out to the female judge, "My Kingdom is not of your world. I have no need to build a defense."

She tried to persuade me to move the case to a higher court. "I will not seek out the courts of men for God is my Judge, only Him will I seek for deliverance. Whether God delivers me or not, I will stand and remain in His Kingdom."

I told the judge, "The reason you don't understand the Kingdom of Heaven is because you have not been reborn. If you had been reborn, then you would understand what I speak. But as it is, it is all foolishness to you. The dark cannot perceive the light. Check out John 3:3 and you will understand what I am saying."

The court tried to claim I was a resident of Oregon because of an Oregon address. "I have no place to lay my head and that does not make me a resident of the State of Oregon. I am a citizen of Heaven and you know it. My passport, which is in the jail locker, contains my introductory papers and everything you need to know about my citizenship and mission."

According to their own laws, they have a duty to bring me expediently before the magistrate. It took them seven days to get me into a courtroom. When I arrived, they had charged me with two more "Failure to Appears" because I had not voluntarily gone to court while in their custody.

They attempted to assign a court-appointed attorney, but I refused her assistance. "I only have one Lawyer, one Counselor and one Advocate, that is the Lord Jesus Christ."

After the court session, I was dragged back to my cell. I told the jailers, "May the Peace of Christ be with you. I forgive you for your trespasses." As one of the jailers took off the chains from my legs, his hands started trembling. It reminded me of the day I was arrested. Chris Edin's hands had also been shaking as he held my upper arm while escorting me to the police car.

Back in the cell, I noticed they had taken some skin off my toes and I had burns on my knees. On my upper arms, bruises developed showing the marks of four fingers where they had grabbed me. Despite the minor discomfort, I felt at total peace. I prayed God would speak through me in the courtroom and my prayers were answered.

On the tenth day of my jail stay, I awoke out of a deep sleep, where I had received a message. The voice said, "Paul, you are not here to get out of jail. You are here to stand. And by standing until the end, you shall be saved." The dream really helped me surrender my body. I didn't have to struggle so much.

On the last day when a jailer was unable to take my finger prints, he said to me, "Jesus would not act this way. He would obey the higher authorities."

I said, "You are referring to Romans 13, be subject to the 'higher authorities.' The civil authorities are not the higher authorities."

"Oh yes they are."

"No, it was the civil authorities who put my Lord to death. Your forefathers crucified my Lord. Jesus said, `You cannot obey two masters.' (Matthew 6:24) A master is an authority. You cannot obey two authorities. I can only obey Jesus. I don't even know who you are. You may be an authority, but you are not an authority over me."

Another jailer said, "I am on duty. I am merely a Marion County Employee. I simply want to do my job. Please don't get me involved." He did not want to be affected emotionally, yet God was working on his conscience.

Higher Authorities

July 12, Year of our Lord, 1994


Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

For the past 12 days, Paul Revere has been laying down his life in prayer and fasting in the Marion County Jail. The State of Oregon is willfully ignoring the truth and pretending that Paul Revere is a State citizen. Paul Revere's Kingdom is not of their world, meaning that he is not of the State, nor has he any obligation to obey State law. He cannot violate State law because he is not under the State. The following chart shows the chain of authority:

Chain of Command

According to the above organizational chart, where does the district judge of the State of Oregon have any compelling interest over Paul Revere?

The district court judge is not in the chain of command of the Kingdom of Heaven. You do not have to obey orders from a court that does not have proper authority. Therefore, if you follow one who is blind, you sin with them.

We are praying that you will do what is right in the sight of our Heavenly Father. We love you in Christ Jesus.

In the authority of Jesus Christ,
Embassy of Heaven
Rachel Revere

Who is above the law?

When Michael Beach of the Stayton Police transported me to the Marion County jail, he violated their own laws by traveling 76 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. When I asked him why he was not wearing a seat belt, he said the police were exempt from the seat belt law. "You load men with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers." Luke 11:46

Letter to Stranger's Court

July 26, Year of our Lord, 1994

Pamela Abernethy
Marion County District Court
4000 Aumsville Highway
Salem, Oregon 97301

Re: Your Case No. 94 21042

Grace and Peace to all who love the truth. The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.

I, Paul Revere, a citizen and resident of the Kingdom of Heaven, sent not by men, but by Almighty God, make the following statements in response to your words and actions when I was dragged before you on July 13, 1994:

1. My Kingdom is still not of your world. No matter what decisions you render, positive or negative, your decisions are not binding on me, nor the Embassy of Heaven, nor the Kingdom of Heaven, because you are not a higher authority in our government. The kingdoms of this world do not rule over the Kingdom of Heaven. The State of Oregon does not rule over things outside of its own.

2. Your act of assigning a public defender by the name of Catherine Dixon is an act without authority. You do not have my authority or the Kingdom of Heaven's authority to assign any representation or counsel. Authorization denied to act for me.

3. You determined that I am a resident of the State of Oregon because of an address. If an address alone established residency, no one could enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Residency is not based solely on an address. One's citizenship and residency is declared by one's own beliefs. Authorization denied for you to declare my beliefs or my residency.

4. The records you rely upon to establish my name other than Paul Revere are obsolete. Authorization to call me by any name but my true name of Paul Revere is denied. PAUL REVERE fully capitalized is also not my name and authorization to use all capitals in the spelling of my name is denied.

5. If at any point I have given the State of Oregon power of attorney to act in my name, I hereby revoke such power of attorney. Authorization to do anything in my behalf is denied.

6. You stated that the State and Federal governments do not recognize the Embassy of Heaven of the Kingdom of Heaven, located approximately seven miles east of Sublimity, Oregon. The Kingdom of Heaven does not need world recognition to exist. We only need the recognition of Almighty God.

7. You are assuming that I use the highways in your State as a matter of privilege, and, therefore, must obtain a State driver license. This assumption is in error. I do not use the highways in your State. I travel exclusively on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven which my Heavenly Father has provided to do His work.

8. The State is attempting to bring charges against me for not having State driving papers. Any of your claims against me are fraudulent because I have openly declared that I am not one of yours. My citizenship is in Heaven. In support of my citizenship, the cars I use display Kingdom of Heaven identification plates and I carry a Kingdom of Heaven passport and driver license. The accusations made against me are not crimes in the Kingdom of Heaven. Nor have I harmed anyone. The accusations only apply to persons within your household. The only way you can continue to proceed against me is by fraudulently claiming I belong to you. Who are you to judge Someone Else's servant?

9. You attempted to enter a plea of "not guilty" in my behalf. To enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty" for me is outside of your authority. Since the court lacks jurisdiction from the start, there is no point in moving forward in the proceedings. Authorization denied.

10. You have set a pre-trial hearing for August 5 and a trial for August 9, 1994. Authorization denied. I have no obligation to make appearances on these dates. If you do not have jurisdiction, whether you set a court date or not, you cannot act. You, as a representative of the State of Oregon, cannot seize jurisdiction over what is not yours. You lack jurisdiction because you work for the State of Oregon, you do not work for the Kingdom of Heaven. We, who are of the Kingdom of Heaven, are excluded by our very nature from your godship. What communion has light with darkness? What agreement has the temple of God with idols?

11. You said that when I do not appear on August 5, you would issue a warrant and send someone out to arrest me. The Embassy of Heaven is a sanctuary of the Kingdom of Heaven. The land that the Embassy occupies is soil of the homeland and is separate and apart from the State of Oregon. If the State of Oregon enters the Embassy without permission, they violate sanctuary. Permission for you or your agents to enter the Embassy of Heaven is denied.

12. If you issue a warrant for my arrest, you are lying to your people because you lack authority to take action against those who are outside of your realm. Authorization denied.

This letter is not to be construed as a motion. It is merely a statement of truth so that you will no longer stand guiltless before my Father in Heaven.

I do not believe in your god, nor do I worship your god. It appears you are prejudiced against me because of my loyalty to Jesus Christ. Apparently, you are willfully refusing to acknowledge my allegiance to Almighty God and the Kingdom of Heaven. You do not enter the Kingdom yourself and you hinder those who are trying to enter.

You hold a position of shepherd over those in your sheepfold. You are not a shepherd over all sheep, for some sheep belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, of which I am one. If you were the shepherd over God's sheep, then I must obey you. But if you are not my shepherd, then I am obligated to flee from you because you are a stranger. (See John, Chapter 10) Nor do I have any obligation to obey any of the court's orders, or the orders of the jail, or the police under your charge. We are of separate kingdoms. Even though you are in a position of authority, you are not in a position of authority over me. I cannot obey two authorities, for I would love the one and hate the other.

You made a comment in court that if everybody did what I was doing, no one would be under your authority. The State of Oregon and Marion County is not the only government in town. People have a right to choose their government. The Kingdom of Heaven is God's government for those who desire to submit to the Highest Authority. These people are not lawless, they are under the Supreme Law of the Land, known as the Golden Rule. They love God above all else and they love their neighbor as themselves.

Therefore, if people were doing what I am doing, as you fear, you would definitely have no work to do because these people would have fulfilled not only all your laws, but they would have fulfilled all of God's laws, too.

What you are struggling with is that you cannot bear the idea that if everyone gave their allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, you would not be able to lord over others. (See Luke 22:25) Maybe then you would have to find a job where you served one another.

I have written many words, and I pray you will not resist the Spirit of our Heavenly Father. If you truly want to do His will, you will know whether I write from God or whether I speak on my own authority. The decision is up to you to reject or accept the Kingdom of Heaven. What you do to me, as His representative, you do to Jesus Christ. Regardless of your decision, you will know those who belong to Him because we lay our lives down in the hope that you may see the Light and be delivered out of the power of darkness into the glorious Kingdom of His dear Son, in whom we have forgiveness of sins and life eternal.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Embassy of Heaven
Paul Revere, Pastor

Make my day!

Christian Radio Talk Show

Rachel Revere doing radio interviewKHPE Christian Radio

Lifetime Ministries
Albany, Oregon
Talk Show Host: Rod Mills
6:30 p.m. July 7, 1994

While I was in jail, my wife, Rachel, was a guest on Lifetime Ministries talk show. During the first part of the 30-minute interview, they discussed the reasons for my jail fast and why we do not obtain Caesar's licenses. Then the topic turned to why we consider most churches harlots:

Rod Rachel, a lot of us may not fully understand or even agree with what you and your husband are doing. But I think we do have to respect you because you have made a lot of sacrifice for what you believe in, I think a lot more than what I have made for what I believe in, so I appreciate this stand that you are taking.
Can you tell us a little about your Church, the Embassy of Heaven Church? How is it different from say, the Baptist Church on the corner?
Rachel We don't emphasize so much that we are a church, but that we are a government. And that may help you understand a little bit better. We get our authority to exist directly from Jesus Christ. He bestowed a Kingdom upon the apostles. It's recorded in Luke, Chapter 22, and we are executing His government on earth. His government is based on the Golden Rule, love God and love your neighbor as yourself.
Now the typical churches in America today will tell you they get their authority to exist from Jesus Christ. But in reality they get their authority from the State because they have gone to the State and become incorporated. We feel we must be separate from the State. We cannot incorporate with the State because we are called not to yoke ourselves with unbelievers.
Rod What about your doctrine? Who is Jesus Christ in the Embassy of Heaven?
Rachel He is the Son of God. He is the Center, the entire focus of our lives.
Rod But to you, is He God incarnate? God in the flesh?
Rachel Yes. You won't find a lot of strange doctrines here. We are trying to return to the basic teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He preached on the Kingdom of Heaven. He announced the Kingdom and urged people to repent, and that is the same thing we are doing. Our emphasis is on living in the Kingdom of Heaven now.
Rod So you believe that He is, of course, the Son of God, that He is God incarnate and that we are saved by His blood.
Rachel That's right.
Rod It sounds like you folks are just brothers and sisters in the Lord with us.
Rachel I pray we are brothers and sisters. The problem we have with the State Christian Churches --
Rod You're talking about Assembly of God, or Baptist, or Methodist?
Rachel Right. I urge those who are members of those churches to find out why their church leaders have incorporated with the State because we are called to be separate, we are the "called-out ones."
Rod We do it to save a buck anywhere we can. I mean, that seems legitimate.
Rachel If you ask most churches the reason they incorporate, it is for liability, for insurance purposes. God is our insurance, He is going to protect us. There is no better insurance than the Rock of Jesus Christ.
Rod Would you tell us just a little bit more about your belief of the State churches.
Rachel It may seem rather insulting for those that are members of those churches.
Rod That's OK, because most of us just aren't sure, you know, what's going on with the State churches, a lot of goofy stuff is going on. So maybe you can . . .
Rachel We believe the state incorporated churches are harlots.
Rod I didn't know we were that goofy, but continue.
Rachel The church should be exclusively under the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven. As the State shows its position stronger and stronger, it becomes obvious they are against Christ everywhere you turn - in the schools and in the courts. I would not want to be a member of a church that was a State corporation. They are beholden to the State. In fact, you can't be a State corporation unless you agree to abide by all the laws of the State. I think the State Christian churches must come out from among them - come out of the beast system.
Rod But right now I don't really see where those restrictions are hurting us. But is that irrelevant? I think every pastor that is listening is going to just bail out of the State system once they stop them from preaching the Gospel.
Rachel You know what? The pastors are going to have a log in their eye because they are getting benefits from the State. That log will keep them from seeing what the State is doing. The State is encroaching right now with more and more little things.
Rod I don't see it in my church. All it has to do with is income tax deductions and that kind of stuff. I don't really see where they are stopping us from doing what Jesus has told us to do and in some aspects it might be helping us.
Rachel How do you think it's helping you?
Rod As far as making church income, I don't understand it because I've never incorporated the church, but a church doesn't have to pay income tax on the income that comes to it. Just the pastor does on his salary, but the church is free from that. What's wrong with that?
Rachel Are you serving God or money?
Rod The more money you have the more Bible tracts you can get out and the more radio time you can buy, at least that's the way I look at it.
Rachel If the means aren't correct, you're not going to get correct results.
Rod Rachel, we have to go. This was a fun interview. And thanks for calling, and say "Hi" to your husband for us, OK?
Rachel OK. And may His peace be upon you and your audience.

Church leader jailed, vows fast

Statesman Journal, Salem, Ore., Sunday, July 3, 1994

The Sublimity minister is held in Marion County on a charge of failing to obtain a driver's license

The Associated Press

Paul Revere, the leader of the Embassy of Heaven Church, vowed Saturday from the Marion County jail that he would "fast until the Lord Jesus Christ releases him."

Revere repeatedly has refused to obtain an Oregon driver's license. "Our authority comes from Jesus Christ rather than the state of Oregon," said Revere's wife, Rachel. "We're not citizens of the state. We're citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We drive on the king's highways that our father has provided for us."

Revere's church, near the rural town of Sublimity, issues its own driver's licenses and registration plates, which read: "Heaven."

Revere, known in court records as Paul De Revoire, was arrested Thursday night and held under $100,000 bail. He was jailed earlier this year for failing to obtain a driver's license but was released after fasting for 11 days. An arrest warrant was issued when he failed to show up for a court date on the charge.

Revere's wife said she did not worry about her husband's health despite the fast. "His purpose is not to save his life, but preach the gospel," she said. "The state has to decide if this is an issue worthy enough to let him die."

She noted the timing of her husband's arrest: "I think it's rather ironic that Paul Revere's going to be sitting in jail for the Fourth of July where we celebrate freedom from British tyranny."

Letter to the Editor

Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon - Week of July 10, 1994

Persecuted Countryman Deserves Christian Help

I have one question, only one, for you Oregonians who call yourselves Americans, patriots, and Christians. There is a small man, not well, a firmly committed Christian servant of Jesus Christ in the Marion County jail. He has broken no laws, none whatsoever. His crime is refusing to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the State of Oregon, a private corporation, above that of His Lord Jesus Christ. He refuses to worship the State rather than God.

This man is fasting to ask forgiveness for his captors for their persecution of him. He is chained, arms, legs and waist and brutally dragged into court, with bruises and abrasions, unable to stand freely. Any doctrinal or theological differences notwithstanding, he is your countryman and brethren being persecuted for Christ.

My question, are you going to honor your commitment to Christ and stop this, or are you going to turn away?

Joe Schaffer, Brooks, Oregon

State Imprisons Heaven Citizens

Please pray for our ambassadors who are now suffering in jail because of their allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don Christsman was arrested on an alleged warrant on July 9th. His wife Helen writes, "Don's faith is rock-firm, and from all indications he has no inner struggles. He must be about his Father's business, as must we all, and our Heavenly Father determines what that business will be, not us. I feel privileged to be married to a man who is fearless before men and dedicated to being totally subject to the will of Yahweh. Even so, it will be good when he is home again." Write to Don Christsman; c/o Benewah County Jail; St. Maries, Idaho 83861. Also, Bonner County Court; Courthouse; Sandpoint, Idaho 83864.

Fredrick Gladson has been incarcerated since July 17th. Most of that time he has been fasting and now he has been called to even abstain from water. Fredrick said, "Our Savior has living water and that is exactly what I am living on. For me to cooperate on any level, including drinking water, goes against the will of my Father at this point." Write to Fredrick Gladson; c/o Okanogan County Jail; P. O. Box 32; Okanogan, Washington 98840. Also, Okanogan County Superior Court; PO Box 980; Okanogan, Washington 98840. (Released Aug 4, 1994)

Prisoners take the Cleanse

Dear Paul Revere, Pastor

With much love from my heart may I say, "aloha," to you. I pray all is very well and somewhat peaceful in your neck of the woods. All is fine here in Texas and thank you very much for sending the book, Renamed By Heaven. It's very very good.

The first book, Cleansing or Surgery is a huge hit on this compound of 1200 guys. Although I'm afraid there's probably a lot more "copies" of it rather than orders from your church. Well, where there's a will, a way always seems to appear. I hope you don't mind. Personally I'm amazed at how many guys have completed the apple juice and oil cleanse! A lot! All with very positive results, including new attitudes toward what they eat afterward.

A few have gone for 10 days on the Lemonade Diet and had good smiles at the end. I did one more Gallstone Cleanse just to see if my third round would produce any more of those little buggers. I had a clean bill of health at the end, and new spiritual beginnings to the highest degree experienced for me thus far in my short life. Thank you Paul Revere, I thank you, and so do quite a few people around here.

Well, that's all for now and again thanks so much and with complete love, good night.

Britt Reynolds
Three Rivers Federal Prison

P.S. I just finished speaking with a friend here who ended the lemonade diet yesterday. He has suffered from an ulcer for 25 years. He never could go for longer than 3 days without pain and never with total relief. After the first day on the fast, the pain was gone completely! Today when I asked him how he felt, he said, "Great! No more ulcers and that's that!" He knows his ulcer is gone. He sends his thanks!

Click here for more information.

For the Children's Sake

What do we tell the children when their Dad goes to jail for his allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven? The Paul Revere of 1776 risked his life helping to establish a country without a worldly king, a country where all men could be free. He knew if he were caught, he would be shot or hanged. On the night of Paul Revere's most famous ride, he is said to have told his 14-year old, "Son, make the younger children understand. They have more sense than you think. They must understand. What we are doing won't make any sense unless the children remember it. It's not worth doing if they don't understand. I leave you that, as your part of the work. Do it.

"Never forget, it's something to be proud of, all your life - and happy about - that we have the chance to fight for what we think is right. There's something for me to do in this fight. So I'm a happy and a proud man this night - even if I am scared."

My last two jail stays have been troubling for our 14-year old daughter Brooke. It is not because she does not understand what is happening - it is because she does understand. She knows in a few short years she, too, must count the cost of following in her parents' footsteps. She knows a true citizen of Heaven will probably lose worldly possessions and spend time in jail. All the world will hate her because of her allegiance to Jesus Christ. The cost is high and the decision is not easy.

One of our fellow ambassadors and a dear brother in Christ wrote the following letter of encouragement to Brooke while her Dad was in jail.

Dear Brooke,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our King. Brooke, I know this is a stressful time for you while your Father is in jail. But I want you to realize one thing. What your Father is doing is glorifying our King, Jesus Christ, and our heavenly Father.

There is nothing that anyone can do which is more rewarding than serving our King. As you grow older, you will come to see this more and more.

Jesus may at some time require your service to proclaim that the Kingdom does exist in the earth, even if men do not see it now.

The reason they do not see the Kingdom is because they have not been born again. Jesus said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." John 3:3

I pray you will overcome these trying times and rejoice that your father has been chosen by God to proclaim the Kingdom to millions of people by the small task of suffering with Jesus Christ, our Savior and King. God bless you all with His Love, grace and peace through Jesus Christ our King. Amen.

Caleb Israel, Washington

Readers Respond

Readers RespondDear Friends in Christ,

Enclosed is a vehicle registration for my Heaven Travel Trailer. It has been sold. God has opened a door here for me to buy land and settle in this area so I will no longer be moving about.

I continue to use my Heaven pickup truck in my work for the Lord here. Of late, I have been holding Sunday morning church services with some other men at the county jail. My Heaven pick-up truck parked among the patrol cars is a sight to behold. So far no one has said anything.

The month of July makes one year of traveling under Heaven's authority. No breakdowns, no accidents, no tickets or arrests. I have had only one police stop and there were no problems or citations issued. Praise the Lord!

May God bless you. Stay in the fight. Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

Love in Christ,
Ed Knittel, Tennessee

Dear Paul Revere,

The Mexican doctor's advice in Issue No. 943 that ice cream, coffee, and margarine are the three worst foods was interesting. I am a retired biochemist having done research at the University of California. I predicted 20 years ago that margarine would be found just as harmful, if not more so, than butter. Adding water to margarine is just a sham. Why pay for the water?

I predicted that large quantities of dairy products (milk, cheese and butter) would be found to be harmful. Nature intended for milk to nourish the baby cow, not people.

I have also predicted for over 30 years that common table salt would be found harmful, but that unrefined salt would not be harmful in reasonable amounts. My theory is that since 1923 salt has been adulterated so severely by manufacturing that it leads to addiction. Salt deprivation to alleviate hypertension is also harmful. Dow Chemical started refining salt in 1923 to make it pure and not cake up with moisture. All the essential minerals were removed except sodium chloride. Why were there sporadic epidemics of thyroid problems and manic depressive psychoses? Sea water contains lithium, but there is no lithium in refined salt (Mortons). Lithium is commonly prescribed to regulate manic-depressive individuals.

At least 50 minerals are removed from table salt before it gets to the grocery shelf. I avoid table salt as much as possible, but supplement with sea water and make my own sea salt.

Frank Turpin, Washington

Real SaltCommon table salt usually contains dextrose (sugar) to stabilize it and sodium bicarbonate to keep it white. Chemical anticaking agents are also added to keep it "free-flowing." Watch out for salt marked "sea salt," commonly found in bulk at supermarkets and health food stores. Being labeled "sea salt" does not mean it is free from additives, or that it contains trace minerals from sea water. Nor does being labeled "sea salt" mean it is free from heating, refining, and extensive processing. Being labeled "sea salt" means nothing more than that it came from the sea! It is no more an assurance of a natural, wholesome product than it is to say that white refined flour is healthful because it came from a farm.

Don't be fooled by "Kosher salt." "Kosher salt" is as highly refined as ordinary table salt and is treated with the same chemicals as table salt during manufacturing to remove mineral "impurities."

Look on the salt label for a mineral analysis and check to see if chemicals have been added. The brand we use is REAL SALT from American Orsa, Inc. Health food stores carry it or can usually order it for you. REAL SALT is salt from an ancient sea bed. There are no additives and it has not been heated. It has a pinkish tinge from the trace minerals.

Some people think the answer is to avoid all salt. Jesus tells us, "Salt is good." (Luke 14:34) Our cells need the naturally occurring minerals found in unrefined salt. What we want to avoid is common table salt which has been perverted into a refined product with chemical additives. Certain vegetables such as celery, carrots and beets are high in natural sodium. Kelp, which is a seaweed available in powdered form, is high in sodium and trace minerals and can be used in place of salt. We like to sprinkle kelp on popcorn. P.R.

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"Because I belong to another abomination."