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Midnight Rider Newsletter

Mar-Apr, Year of Our Lord, 1996
Number 962

What's Inside

Decisions on the wrong path are still wrong.

Dear Friends,

Love, Joy and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. Our simple message is that the Kingdom of Heaven is now and you choose whom you shall serve. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot serve both the State and Jesus Christ. We must separate and live under God's government.

The Statists think they have a monopoly on government. But why can't there be more than a single government within the same territory? For instance, why can't the State and a separate Christian government occupy the same land mass, each taking care of their own people? Right now that is not the case. Statism is the only government that is allowed. All other bodies must be subservient to the State or be persecuted.

Statists have their government by consent of the people. Upon a Higher authority, we have a government of Christianity. Why must we submit to a government that is foreign to us? They are not promoting the Golden Rule. They are not serving one another as Christ commanded. They are a conquering class, lording over the people.

The evidence I see is that Jesus came to set up His government, even though Satan's government had a foothold on the earth. And Christ sent His people to promote His government, in the midst of bigger and more wicked governments already in existence.

I believe that our objective is to come out from among the governments of the world and bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven. And we are to do so in spite of persecution from the existing governments. No matter what they do to us, we are to still continue bearing fruit unto the